$2.5k Seven-Card Razz - Lisandro Wins!

Jeffrey Lisandro has defeated Michael Craig heads-up to take down the $2,500 Razz tournament and his third World Series of Poker bracelet of the summer.

Lisandro joins Phil Ivey, Phil Hellmuth, Ted Forrest and Puggy Pearson as the only players to win three bracelets in one year.

The super stud entered heads-up play with Craig holding a 10:1 advantage in chips and wasted little time in assimiliating the poker author's stack into his own.

The final hand saw Craig bet all-in on Fifth Street and Lisandro make the call, with the hands playing out as follows:

Lisandro: (10-8) 4-4-9-7 (J)

Craig: (8-6) A-A-8-J (K)

Lisandro's 10-9 was good enough as Craig bricked out and the Aussie-Italian continues his dominance in Stud games, winning another gold WSOP bracelet and $188,370 in prize money.

It's his fourth bracelet in total and all have come in Stud games.

Craig takes $116,405 for his second-place finish.

Congratulations to both finalists!

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$2.5k Seven-Card Razz - Heads-Up for the Bracelet!

Three more bustouts and we find ourselves heads-up for the bracelet!

Whilst Jeffrey Lisandro remains well chipped-up and seemingly invincible though, there is a feeling of inevitabilty that everyone is just counting time till Lisandro is given his third bracelet of the series.

Will that prove the case?

Things Get Hairy for Rodawig (5th)

Rodawig took on Lisandro - yes, crazy, we agree - holding a rather weak K-5-5 for the paltry remainder of his chips.

Lisandro had Q-9-7 and improved to a ten low by sixth, leaving Rodawig with no options but to leave the tournament in 5th and go and buy a T-shirt saying "Lisandro's a stud-muffin!"

He still picks up a nice payout of $38,471 for 5th so he can't be too disconsolate.

#img: warwick-mirzikinian_27034.jpg:left: Only a 7-6 low Jeff. You run so bad! #

Mirzikinian Feels Sick Again (4th)

Disaster struck for Warwick Mirzikinian, who held out as long as he could but was crippled in a three-way pot with Lisandro and Michael Craig.

Obviously Lisandro won, his T-8 low just out-pipping Mirzikinian's T-9 low. Must be nice. Anyway Mirzikinian was left with dust which was hoovered up by, yes you guessed it, Jeffrey Lisandro's 7-6-5-4-2.

$52,773 for Mirzikinian's 4th place will be of some solace.

Fisler Fizzles Out (3rd)

Then all of a sudden, we were heads-up!

Fisler was ridiculously short and called all-in on third showing an eight. Craig had 6-4-2 in the hole and made a powerful six low to send Fisler to the rail, with $76,261 in his pocket.

So heads-up for the bracelet, can Michael Craig kill the Stud-muffin?

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$2.5k Seven-Card Razz - Three Down!

It took an age to go from 9 players to 8, but the arrival of the official final table has opened the floodgates, and three more Razz warriors have been slain over the last hour.

The players are on a twenty-minute break right this second, but here's news of those bust-outs just prior to the break.

Allen Doesn't Have the Key (8th)

Allen Bari was the first to fall, having to bring in with a queen, he was pot committted to play out his hand versus Ryan Fisler's three.

His board ran out with a queen-low, but Fisler ran better, making a nine to send one of the young guns at the final on his way.

Fisler collects $19,880 for his eight-place finish.

Diano's Out on the Razz (7th)

There are lots of shortstacks now as Lisandro takes pot after pot after pot. Moments ago Kenna James likened it to playing Tiger Woods at golf.

Lisandro is steamrolling the table, but it was Warwick Mirzikinian who took out Steve Diano, running his 8-7-4 versus Diano's 4-7-6 and running better than him, making an eight low to defeat Diano, who could only table an inferior jack-low.

7th place was good for $23,669, which Diano will be glad to pick up from the cashier shortly after an energy-sapping Razz battle.

#img: kenna-james_22021.jpg:left: Back to chugging whiskey at the saloon for this cowboy! #

Cowboy Ratio Decreased (James - 6th)

Kenna James has ridden his luck today but it ran out a few moments ago.

Crippled in a hand against Lisandro where he made a 9-7 low, only to run into Lisandro's 9-5 low, he was allin shortly afterwards, Michael Craig making a 7-low which was too good for James to best.

A good performance from the last cowboy in the field, James collects $29,473 for finishing 6th.

Five-handed for the bracelet, can anyone stop Lisandro's march on history?

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$2.5k Seven-Card Razz - The Final Table!

Well it's taken an inordinately long time to arrive but we finally have our final table for this event!

As expected it is still Jeffrey Lisandro who is dominating, with a huge stack that will make him very difficult to beat.

Here's how we got to our final table.

Don Bustione! (Zewin - 9th)

Don Zewin has narrowly avoided elimination several times, just about keeping his shortstack's head above water, but he took one shot too many and has finally been laid to rest.

He completed showing a six to Diano's deuce and Fisler's trey and when Fisler raised, he three-bet.

He couldn't lose Diano though, who stuck around as did Fisler, who in fact four-bet - enough to set Zewin all-in.

He called all-in and his board ran out [x,x]-6-K-A-J-[x], which turned out to be no good versus the 8-7 low Fisler made.

Good game, Don Zewin bust in 9th spot for $15,570.

#img: jeffrey-lisandro_32020.jpg:left: Maybe I shoulda made a few bracelet bets myself? #

History Beckons for Lisandro

No one has won more than three bracelets in a series and if Lisandro can add his third here, he will join Puggy Pearson, Phil Hellmuth, Phil Ivey and Ted Forrest as the only five men to have ever won three.

He'll then be freerolling for the rest of the series for the outright lead in bracelets won for one series. 

Stick with PokerListings to find out if he can write another chapter into the poker history books!

The Final Eight!

That meant we had reached our official final table and here are the chip counts as the players prepare to low-ball their way to the bracelet. Thanks to worldseriesofpoker.com for the counts.

Jeff Lisandro
Michael Craig
Warwick Mirzikinian
Ryan Fisler
Kenna James
Eric Rodawig
Steve Diano
Allen Bari


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$2.5k Seven-Card Razz - The Nine Barnacles

This is amazing. It's been close to three hours since the last bustout.This is tough Razz, with little dead money at the table.

One aspect of the last hour has been the rise of Jeffrey Lisandro. Already flirting with the top spot prior to this hour, Lisandro has shown an amazing ability to never lose a pot in recent times, his smile broadening with every leap in chips he makes.

The action is taking place on the feature table now  and here's the best of it.

Hat vs Hat: Lisandro vs James Part One

Lots of players sport iconic pieces of clothing and for Lisandro and Kenna James it is their hats. So far James' stetson is losing out to Lisandro's headgear on this final table.

First off Lisandro's hat delivered a nasty-looking jab to James' hat, sending it askew with a A-2-3-4-6 low for the 2nd nuts.

#img: jeffrey-lisandro_31900.jpg:left: When it comes to seven cards, this man's unstoppable!#

Hat vs Hat Part Two!

Lisandro can't seem to lose no matter how bad his board looks it seems.

He called a bet on 6th street from Kenna James' [x,x]-A-6-J-K, showing no less than trip aces!

Come 7th though Lisandro led out, having scraped a nine-low and a pot-committed Kenna had to make the call, only to muck when he saw Lisandro had taken him to value-town.

That hand and several smaller wins for Lisandro have seen his chip stack soar to the summit. He now has 800k or so, which is close to a third of the chips in play!

The Cuban Revolution

Looking bad for James, he had to be quick on the draw, and stuck in a big hand with Eric Rodawig, he found himself with a difficult decision on 7th, facing a bet holding just a jack-low.

He pulled out a big cuban cigar and took some puffs on it. Don't worry, they haven't introduced smoking to the Amazon Room - it was unlit.

Whatever powers he drew from the cigar seemed to work as he made the call and was good - meaning he close to doubled-up, just in the nick of time.

He hugged a friend on the rail and cracked a big grin as he raked in what was a crucial pot for him.

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$2.5k Seven-Card Razz - Who Will Miss Out?

The spate of early eliminations has been followed by a level where no one has been removed from contention.

All the short stacks are valiantly staving off dismissal, keen to sneak into that final table and give themselves a shot at the bracelet.

Nine remain and here's what's been happening.

Lisandro is Human!

Jeffrey Lisandro may be god's gift to Stud, but he showed he was not entirely invincible, doubling up Eric Rodawig in a three-way pot.

Showing (x,x)-8-6-J-5-(x) , Lisandro check-called 4th,5th,6th and 7th versus the dangerous-looking (x,x)-6-A-2-3-(x) of Rodawig.

On 7th Rodawig flipped up an A-2-3-4-6 low for almost the nuts, whilst Lisandro shrugged and mucked his hand.

The Wheel of Fortune

Kenna James is another big stack to take a hit, the cowboy-hatted veteran calling Steve Diano on every street with (x,x)-J-3-6-6-(x)showing.

Kenna's holding looked potentially pretty weak, though nothing much was going to beat Diano's stone cold cojones, his ace-to-five wheel crushing James' hand.

Nice hand!

On the Brink of Greatness!

We are close to discovering our final table line-up but for now, the remaining nine players are battling tenaciously. Here's how they are stacked right now.

Ryan Fisler
Jeff Lisandro
Kenna James
Allen Bari
Eric Rodawig
Steve Diano
Michael Craig
Don Zewin
Warwick Mirzikinian


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$2.5k Seven-Card Razz - Lisandro Again?!

It seems as though Jeffrey Lisandro has a stranglehold on the seven-card poker variants at the moment. Having already collected two Stud bracelets this series - three in total - he has once more negotiated his way through to the latter stages of a WSOP 7-card event.

It seems the Australian is unstoppable right now, although there are some talented players snapping at his heels ready to take advantage should he falter.

The early stages have been full of action so without further ado, here's news from the felt.

Evdakov, Wahlbeck, Cole Gone!

Fast and furious has been the pace thus far and Nikolay Evdakov, Ville Wahlbeck and William Cole are all victims of the early stages.

Wahlbeck will be particularly disappointed to be knocked out here, given that he is contending the Player of the Series title with Keffrey Lisandro, who is likely to pull away in their personal battle as a result of this tournament.

#img: al-barbieri_32018.jpg:left: Four WSOP 2009 cashes for Barbieri. #

That's Al Folks! (Barbieri - 10th)

Al "Sugar Bear" Barbieri has had a successful series so far with three cashes and one final table appearance to his name.

He adds one more cash to that list here, busted in 10th place for $15,570 when he was unable to best Ryan Fisler's 7-6-5-4-3 low. No second final table for "Sugar Bear".

The Count

Here's how the players are stacking up right, Lisandro clear in first, though there is a long way to go before he picks up bracelet number three. Thanks to worldseriesofpoker.com for the counts.

Jeff Lisandro
Kenna James
Ryan Fisler
Warwick Mirzikinian
Eric Rodawig
Steve Diano
Don Zewin
Michael Craig
Allen Bari
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Event Name Event 44 - $2,500 Seven-Card Razz
Venue Rio All-Suites Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas
Date 22 June 2009
Final Day 24 June 2009
Buy In $2,500
Entrants 315
Prize Pool $724,500
First Prize $188,370

Jeffrey Lisandro

Event 44 - $2,500 Seven-Card Razz

Top Money Finishers Prize
1. Jeffrey Lisandro $188,370
2. Michael Craig $116,405
3. Ryan Fisler $76,261
4. Warwick Mirzikinian $52,773
5. Eric Rodawig $38,471
6. Kenna James $29,473
7. Steve Diano $23,669
8. Allen Bari $19,880
9. Don Zewin $15,570
10. Al Barbieri $15,570