Event 34 - Flack is Back!

This tournament is over! The 34th bracelet of this WSOP is out of the display case and on Layne Flack’s wrist. The sixth of Layne’s illustrious career, this one has earned him $577,725. Flack is a fixture on the tournament circuit and this win shows everyone that he’s still a force to be reckoned with.

Before Flack went heads-up with Dan Makowsky we saw Fernando Jacobo go broke in third. Read on for the final hand as well as that previous bustication.

Flack Stacks Mak

Dan Makowsky is no longer, falling victim to the steamroller also known as Layne Flack. On the final hand Flack potted from the button and Makowsky re-potted from the big blind. Flack re-raised again and Makowsky called all-in.

Flack: K K J 2

Makowsky: A K 4 4

The board ran T 7 5 6 K and Flack’s top set is more than enough to seal the deal and end this short-lived match. Makowsky is out as runner-up for $355,050 while Flack gets the big money and the trophy.

Fernandez Funked (3rd)

Jacobo Fernandez has been sent packing third and will grab $222,659 after running in to the Layne Flack machine. Daniel Makowsky limped and Fernandez made it $200,000 from the small blind. Flack called from the big blind and Makowsky said goodnight.

The flop fell 10 10 6 and after Flack potted it Fernandez shoved. Flack made the call with 6 6 4 2 for the flopped boat against Fernandez’ A A K 8. No surprises on the 4 turn or K river and Fernandez goes out third and, oh by the way, he’ll take over top spot in the Player Of The Year race.

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Event 34 - Can I Still Rebuy

The action has been serious with two casualties falling over the past hour. Layne Flack has taken control, looks relaxed and the WSOP staff looks like they are starting to fit him for number six.

Forrest Fired! (5th)

Ted Forrest is gone and can be found right now picking up $144,427 from the cage after getting picked off by Daniel Makowsky. Forrst bet out $130k and when it folded to Makowsky in the small blind he made the call. Jacobo Fernandez came along for the ride and when the J 7 4 flop hit Makowsky bet pot. Fernandez dropped out but Forrest called all in for his last few chips.

Makowsky had hit the flop hard with J J 5 5 while Forrest was in huge trouble holding A K 9 8. The 5 turn and 8 river ended all hope for Ted.

Taking Flack

Dario Alioto gets it all in against Layne Flack on a Q 10 6 A board after the turn with Alioto potting, Flack raising and Alioto calling all in.

Layne's got way more chips and A 9 3 2 for a pair of aces and the nut flush draw while Alioto's got K 10 Q for two pair and a straight draw. But when the 9 brick falls down on the river Alioto survives doubling through Flack.

Layne is still over $2 million but Alioto is now a threat with $1.2 million himself.

Alioto Allotted (4th)

A few hands after doubling through Flack, the two got it all in again with Flack holding A A 5 6 on a Q 8 7 flop. Alioto had the flush draw with 6 5 4 3 but when the J turn and Q river came down he was gone.

Out fourth Alioto cashes $180,543.

Three handed Flack has $3,095,000, Jacobo Fernandez has $1,235,000 and brining up the rear is Dan Makowsky with $705,000.


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Event 34 - Final Table - The Layne Show

It's becoming a real two-horse race now, as Dario Alioto and Layne Flack are way ahead of the rest of the pack, yet this hasn't stopped the two from tangling, as they both know that the demise of the other would almost guarantee bracelet success.

Ted Forrest, Kyle Kloeckner and Jacobo Fernandez are all in the 10BB's area and must know that without a lot of luck, their time is short. Even Daniel Makowsky in third is far from making that place a lock for himself, he's got around 15BB's.

Not Kloeck-ing Off Yet

Kyle Kloeckner was set all-in by a middle-position raise from Layne Flack, Kloeckner made the call and showed A J J T and Flack produced A 3 Q 4. The flop came out A K 5 and Flack took the lead albeit very temporarily when the 2 came on the turn, giving Kloeckner the nut flush, and Flack, the losing second-nut flush.

Kloeckner was still in, but only just.


Sadly for Kyle, it wasn't for long, he saw a three-way flop against Makowsky and Flack. All three players checked the 6-2-2 flop, and on the K turn Kloeckner check/raised all-in against's Flack's be, with Makowsky folding in the middle. Flack made the call, and Kyle showed him K-8-5-2, but he was drawing to two kings and the case deuce as Flack showed 7-6-6-5 for the flopped house. The river was a blank and Kyle's attempts to delay the inevitable had failed.

Chip Counts. Courtesy of www.worldseriesofpoker.com

Layne Flack
Dario Alioto
Daniel Makowsky
Jacobo Fernandez
Ted Forrest


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Event 34 - Final Table - The Dude Abides

Michael Guzzardi has valiantly fought to stave off execution over the last hour, but just as he was getting into a decent position, he's finally been eliminated from the event in 7th place.

Taking The Mickey

Guzzardi was all-in with A Q 4 4 and looking in not great shape against Dan Makowsky's A K J 7, but the board came 2 3 5 6 9. Guzzardi had manaeged to flop a wheel and staved off the flush draw threat on the turn, doubling up and crippling Makowsky at the same time.

Makowsky's Turn

Makowsky shortly afterwards proceeded to limp/reraise all-in with A 3 Q 7 and was in a really terrible spot and against Kyle Kloeckner's A Q Q 7 which called him after a moment's thought.

Makowsky needed a black flop to turn up, or a three, preferably with one of his other cards that wasn't the case queen. Somehow, he got his wish when the board ended up 3 6 7 9 4 and the lowly sevens and threes were good enough to scoop.

Michael's Guzzard Is Down

Layne Flack limp-called Michael Guzzardi's raise from the blinds where they saw a 7 5 2 flop, Guzzardi put his last few chips and Flack quickly called with K Q 6 4 for the big draw.

In fact, he was actually ahead as his king-high was currently ahed. Guzzardi could only show queen high and a gutshot with his Q J 9 8 and when Flack turned the 6, it was all over for Michael, who takes home $90,267.

Ye Counts De La Chippy (courtesy of www.worldseriesofpoker.com)

Dario Alioto
Layne Flack
Daniel Makowsky 
Ted Forrest
Jacobo Fernandez
Kyle Kloeckner 
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Event 34 - Final Table - Sometimes There's A Man...

Still 8 players remain in this $1,500 PLO rebuy event, the chip lead is being almost passed between the players with every hand, so as you may guess, it's all incredibly tight around here.


Layne Flack raised from the button and Michael Guzzardi moved all-in with A K T 4, Flack called sharpish with his K 9 K 8.

The flop came out Q J 2 giving Flack an unmakeable gutshot straight flush draw, whilst Guzzardi hit a wrap with nut flush draw, at this point, any ace, king, ten or diamond would be good enough to scoop. The turn was the T and despite Flack still looking strong, he was in fact drawing dead, and the 3 on the river confirmed it.

4-Bet FTW

After a few pots for Kyle Kloeckner to take him back to chip leader, he then re-raised Layne Flack's $75,000 initial bet to a total of $245,000. Flack then re-raised to $759,000, almost his entire stack, Kloeckner realised he was going to have to blink first, and then folded, Layne Flack was over $1,000,000 and regained the chip lead.

Italian Rags Take Out American Ladies

Dario Alioto, who looks really dangerous, despite not being the biggest stack here, just knocked out the seemingly permanet short stack, Tim West. Alioto raised with T-9-7-3 and West made the shove with Q-Q-9-6. Committed, the Italian made the call. The board came T-2-T-6-2 and West was out, but taking home a $72,000 payoff with him.

Chip Counts Courtesy of www.worldseriesofpoker.com

Dario Alioto
Layne Flack
Jacobo Fernandez
Ted Forrest
Kyle Kloeckner
Daniel Makowsky
Michael Guzzardi
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Event 34 - Final Table - Vis A Vis Vizza

It didn't take long for the action to begin on the feature table final. Tim West had been the short stack, but he's not the one who has gone surprisingly. Layne Flack has been fairly active and gradually chipping his way upwards, Ted Forrest lost a chunk of his stack trying to steal a pot, but has since recovered some of it.

Viz Is Mis-erable 

Frank Vizza limp-called Dario Alioto's hijack raise. The saw a 9 T 2 flop, Vizza immediately moved all-in, and the WSOP-E PLO winner called just as fast. Vizza showed 6 4 4 3 but was drawing to runner runner against Alioto's K 9 J#3. The turn was the A sealing Vizza's doom, and the river A was meaningless.

Go West

Tim West, who looked like he was in the mood to just slowly ladder his way up, has finally woken up and decided to give it a gamble. Michael Guzzardi gave him a spin.

West: A 4 K T

Guzzardi: K K Q 5

The 9#65 A board meant that Guzzardi had to hit one of his four cards or the short stack would double. It was the J though and Tim West was alive once more.

But I Haz Da Trip Acez

After that loss, Michael Guzzardi found himself being the short stack, and opted to limp re-raise all-in after Dario Alioto had raised. The Italian made the call with a double suited J-7-5-4 against A-A-A-K, which meant Dario was not in terrible shape. A Q-9-6-2-Q board later though, meant that without being involved. Layne Flack was now the chip leader.

Chip Counts Courtesy of www.worldseriesofpoker.com 

Layne Flack $844,000
Kyle Kloeckner$813,000
Dario Alioto$743,000
Daniel Makowsky
Jacobo Fernandez
Ted Forrest
Michael Guzzardi
Tim West $258,000


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Event 34 - Final Table - This Isn't Nebraska!

Play is just about to get under way in the final of the $1,500 PLO w/Rebuys event. With a heavyweight final table including Ted Forrest, Layne Flack and WSOPE PLO winner Dario Alioto, it's sure to be an action-packed confrontation!

Kyle Kloeckner leads the way with $845,000, but in a highly volatile game like Omaha, things can change at the turn of a card.

Kyle Kloeckner$845,000
Ted Forrest
Michael Guzzardi
Dario Alioto$653,000
Layne Flack
Daniel Makowsky
Frank Vizza
Jacobo Fernandez$348,000
Tim West



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Event Name Event 34, Pot-Limit Omaha w/re-buys
Venue Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas
Date 18 June 2008
Final Day 20 June 2008
Buy In $1,500
Entrants 320
Prize Pool $2,407,125
First Prize $577,725
Level Ante Blinds
Level 1 0 50/100
Level 2 0 75/150
Level 3 0 100/200
Level 4 0 150/300
Level 5 0 200/400
Level 6 0 300/600
Level 7 0 400/800
Level 8 0 500/1000
Level 9 0 600/1200
Level 10 0 800/1600
Level 11 0 1000/2000
Level 12 0 1500/3000
Level 13 0 2000/4000
Level 14 0 3000/6000
Level 15 0 4000/8000
Level 16 0 5000/10000
Level 17 0 6000/12000
Level 18 0 8000/16000
Level 19 0 10000/20000
Level 20 0 12000/24000
Level 21 0 15000/30000
Level 22 0 20000/40000
Level 23 0 25000/50000
Level 24 0 30000/60000
Level 25 0 40000/80000
Level 26 0 50000/100000
Level 27 0 60000/120000
Level 28 0 80000/160000

Layne Flack

Event 34, Pot-Limit Omaha w/re-buys

Top Money Finishers Prize
1. Layne Flack $577,725
2. Daniel Makowsky $355,050
3. Jacobo Fernandez $222,659
4. Dario Alioto $180,534
5. Ted Forrest $144,427
6. Kyle Kloeckner $114,338
7. Michael Guzzardi $90,267
8. Tim West $72,213
9. Frank Vizza $54,160
10. Kevin O'Donnell $36,106