Event 33 - It's Over!

Runs better than Jesus!
Runs better than Jesus!

After a veritable epic of a heads-up contest, we finally have our Stud Hi-Lo World Champion and it's not Chris Ferguson.

No bracelet for Jesus; instead a new star is crowned, young German Sebastian Ruthenberg, who bested his more experienced opponent in a grueling heads-up encounter.

Ruthenberg will take home the $328,756 first-place prize and the bracelet after making two pair against Jesus' pair of aces in the final hand.

Ferguson grabs $202,406 for second. He headed over to play in the Omaha Split Championship, where he still has a few chips.

You can read our exclusive interview with Ruthenberg over here a little later but for now, that's all folks!



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Event 33 - Final Table - The Long Kiss Goodnight

And still the two warriors continue to battle on.

They are like two boxers going into round 10, both showing just a few signs of wear, but not yielding to their foe yet.

Ferguson was on the ropes and was taking some heavy shots earlier but then right out of nowhere, BAM he hits Ruthenberg with an jaw-crushin uppercut to even things out a little.

Since then Ferguson has been jabbing away, bobbing and weaving and keeping his guard up, throwing out the odd crippling punch to the kidneys when Ruthenberg least expects it.

Ruthenberg has a tasty right cross though and will be looking to land this on the later streets. Where Ferguson picks up more of the small pots, Ruthenberg appears to be getting the better of him in the big pots.

Both men are battered and weary and at times they are just holding on to each other, but a regular supply of liquid refreshment is keeping them hydrated, and whenever either fighter takes down a big pot, a raucous uproar is heard from the crowd that raises their spirits and gives them the energy to throw one more devastating punch to the head.

It's going to the wire, but only one man can emerge victorious.

Who will that be?

Will it be soon?

Will they shout "ADRIAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!!!!" as they win?

Stay tuned to find out!

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Event 33 - Final Table - The Battle Continues...

The two players continue to swap and split pots, with a boisterous crowd egging them on at every key moment.

Jesus Risen

He still maintains a chip disadvantage but Jesus has been picking up slightly more of the pots in recent times, and has chipped up 50% more of his stack, back to $900,000 or so now.

It is a war of attrition and Jesus is not going down quietly.

As he scooped one recent pot, a railer was heard yelling from the crowd, "Rise Again Jesus, Rise Again" to much laughter.

Ferguson momentarily snapped out of his focused concentration to peer over and give the enthusiastic supporter a cheesy grin and a double thumbs up!

Andy Cap

The rail has more than a couple of familiar and illustrious faces in it. One of those is the permanently hatted figure of Andy Bloch.

Andy was seen chatting with a rail bird, who was keen for him to speak with his friend on his cellphone. Andy kindly obliged and was asked by the unknown if he could have his hat. He laughed and said that if he wins a bracelet he might sell it on e-bay!

That would stir up some interest for sure!

The battle continues for now. In fact at the latest count the sheer number of little pots Ferguson has taken down have moved him into the lead.

Here are the current chip counts, courtesy of worldseriesofpoker.com

Chris Ferguson $1,625,000
Sebastian Ruthenberg


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Event 33 - Final Table - Heads Up!

Yes, we are now heads up with the bracelet lying between the players. A massive rail has gathered and are whooping and cheering every time a pot is taken down.

Though Chris is the more recognizable face out of the two players left, Ruthenberg has his fair contingent of supporters too and they are making as much noise as Jesus' in the run in for the bracelet.

Here's what precipitated this.

No Gloria For Lauria (OUT - 3rd)

As predicted Bob Lauria was the most likely to be eliminated and indeed he has been, although in somewhat unfortunate circumstances.

His last few thousnad chips went in on fourth street against Chis Ferguson.

Ferguson brought a strong pair of Kings to the table, but Lauria looked in great shape to double through as he held trip eights.

Unfortunately for him, Chris made two pair and boated up on the river, his full house sending Bob bobbing out of the competition.

Bob Lauria is eliminated in 3rd spot, winning $125,737 for his performance.

So we are down to two players, Chris Ferguson and Sebastian Ruthenberg to decide who will be the latest player to pick up the bracelet and glory!

First Blood To The German

Ferguson has just had a big whole carved into his stack.

Showing two fives on the board, Chris put in multiple bets, but when Ruthenberg hit an Ace pairing up on sixth street he may have feared the worst about his opponent's hidden hole cards.

Indeed as they turned them over, his fears were realised as Chris' trip fives had been outdrawn by Ruthenberg's trip Aces.

A $1.4 million chip pot, the biggest yet seen in the tournament heads toward the plucky German and Chris is on the ropes a little at this stage.

Here are the current chip counts, courtesy of worldseriesofpoker.com

Sebastian Ruthenberg $1,925,000
Chris Ferguson


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Event 33 - Final Table - Three Handed...For Now!

The players are on a twenty minute break to re-gather their energy. 

The event has continued three handed, although one of our competitors has become dangerously short and faces elimination soon unless he can turn things round.

Here's the low-down on the climax to the race for this WSOP Stud bracelet.

The Jesus Bob Face Off

Jesus has taken two big pots off Bob Lauria, both times making two pair, the second time with his two pair showing and Bob presumably chasing a low and straight draw but mucking to a single bet from Chris on the river.

Bob Lauria was left very short on $50,000 and although he doubled through twice soon after this, he is on life support at the moment and is very likely to be our next eliminee.

Other than these pots, much of the last hour has consisted of pot after pot being split, the players quietly and methodically stacking up their chips, whilst plotting a way to get through the defences of their opposition.

#img: sebastian-ruthenberg_13207.jpg:left: Ruthenburg: Chasin' Jesus! #

Here are the current chip counts, courtesy of worldseriesofpoker.com. 

Chris Ferguson $1,270,000
Sebastian Ruthenberg$1,150,000
Bob Lauria



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Event 33 - Final Table - Jesus Loves You, Stud!

The bracelet is tantalisingly close now, with Chris Ferguson leading the charge for glory, much to the delight of his many fans on the rail.

Here's the breakdown from the felt.

Annie - Forget Your Gun?

The short-stacked Annie Duke committed all her remaining chips holding pocket Tens in the hole, but when she picked up action from Chris Ferguson, it turned out she had brought a knife to a gun fight as he flipped a couple of cowboys lurking in his down cards.

Needing help the dealer failed to oblige, meaning Ferguson grabs another scalp and Annie Duke is OUT, eliminated in 5th place, winning $73,602. A great performance in a tough field from Annie.

Luske Runs Out

#img: annie-duke_21601.jpg:left: Annie's Got Thinner, Her Wallet's Got Fatter! #

Marcel Luske has been allin multiple times today and the latest time he ran into Bob Lauria's A-2-3 which made a low and a pair of sevens by seventh street.

Marcel could only table a pair of fives and with all his chips in the pot, Bob had done the job and Marcel Luske is OUT, eliminated in 4th spot, winning $95,069.

Pokerlistings.com passes out congratulations on to the flying dutchman for going so close!

Here are the chips counts 3 handed, showing Ferguson has the advantage at present.

Chris Ferguson $1,075,000
Bob Lauria
Sebastian Ruthenberg



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Event 33 - Final Table - And Then There Were Five

One more player fell during the last hour at the Stud table. Jesus has expanded his chip lead and has over $1,000,000. 

Duke Lorded Over

Ever since Steve Sung got eliminated, Annie Duke has been heading in the wrong direction. She decided to go up against Chris Ferguson. Ferguson made trip sixes and Duke failed to miss a low draw. Jesus rose to over $1,000,000 in chips and if things keep going his way, Ferguson might have another bracelet in his collection before the stroke of midnight.

Bobbing To The Top

Bob Lauria is making a run at it. Isaia, Ruthenberg, and all paid the bring in and the three hung in until fifth street. Isaia folded to a bet from Ruthenberg on sixth street but Lauria wanted one more card. Lauria had an open pair of tens against Ruthenberg's showing pair of aces. Even though Lauria made a flush on seventh street Lauria erred on the side of caution in case Ruthenberg held a boat. He didn't and Lauria dragged the whole pot.

Alessio Is-aia Out

Alessio Isaia was on life support and picked a hand to go with against Sebastian Ruthenberg. Isaia was all in on fifth street with a low but Ruthenberg had a better one. Neither had a pair so Isaia was still very much alive. Ruthenberg snagged an ace on the turn to make a pair of aces and Isaia was down to four outs to hit a gutshot. He flipped over his seventh street card but it was a blank and Isaia was off to the payout line to collect his $58,268.

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Event 33 - Final Table - Down to Six

The Seven Card H/L is going at a much more rapid pace than anticipated. Two eliminations occurred during the last level (more on those later). Marcel Luske was down to the felt a few times but battled his way back to the middle of the pack.

Chris Ferguson has moved up to the top of the leader board. He is taking his usual sweet time on every decision but it seems to be paying off. Chips are funneling in Ferguson's direction and Luske and Ruthenberg are picking up the scraps.

Luske Resurrected

After getting off to a rocky start and losing a large percentage of his chips, Marcel Luske has managed to fight his way back to the middle of the pack. After his first double up against Chris Ferguson, Luske kept his momentum going. A few minutes later he took down half of a threeway pot that had Luske and Ferguson splitting up Bob Beveridge's chips. Just a few hands after that Luske prevailed against Sebastian Ruthenberg - for the whole pot that time. Luske is back in business with almost $300,000.

Flat Beveridge

Marcel Luske continued his rampage by knocking out Bob Beveridge. Beveridge was wounded and very low on chips when Luske came after him. Beveridge got the last of his chips in on third street with Luske showing A-K-6 to Beveridge's A-2-5. Luske immediately took the lead by pairing up his five on fourth. Miraculously, by the end Luske's pair of fives was good enough to win the high pot. Beveridge had maded a low but Luske's was better! Bob Beveridge finished in eigth place and will take home $36,801 for his first WSOP Final Table appearance.

Steve Sunk

Steve Sung fell at the hands of Annie Duke. Sung had enough ammunition to make it to seventh street and he fired the whole way. We'll never know what he had because he mucked his hand immediately, but he had a pair of sevens in his 7-6-7-K upcards. Perhaps Sung had a 6-7 low to go along with his pair of sevens but Duke made a 6-4 low on seventh to go along with her pair of kings which was best hand. Sung will pocket $46,001 for seventh place.
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Event 33 - Final Table - And They're Off!

The Seven Card Stud H/L championship is currently in progress. They were scheduled to start at 3 p.m. but decided due to the late night that it would be pushed forward a couple of hours. As has been the case this year in the championship events, the final table has some familiar faces at it. Marcel Luske, Steve Sung, Annie Duke, and Chris Ferguson are all there ready to do battle.

Round 1

Sebastian Ruthenberg, Annie Duke, and Marcel Luske played a big hand just a few minutes into the final table. Luske hung around until sixth street when Duke and Ruthenberg each got in four bets.

Duke: 5 6 7 3

Ruthenberg: J 2 2 3

Duke fired on sixth and Ruthenberg raised. Luske sensed some fireworks coming and stepped aside. Duke reraised and Ruthenberg raised right back. The rest of Duke's chips went in on seventh street. Duke turned over a seven high straight which was good for the low but Ruthenberg's jacks full took down the high half. Luske took a big hit in that pot.

"Nice hand SIR!" said Annie Duke.

Round 2

Just a few minutes after the Duke-Ruthenberg hand, Luske was up against Chris Ferguson. This time Luske got all of his chips in by sixth street.

Ferguson: A K J 4

Luske: 5 A T 5

On fourth street when Luske caught a ten he said,"Ten I hit."

He wasn't being truthful though. Luske turned up an ace in the hole to show aces and fives. Ferguson was drawing dead for the high but could catch a low card to retrieve half the pot. The dealer gave Ferguson his last card and Ferguson took about 90 seconds to squeeze it. Unfortunately for Ferguson it didn't help his hand but Luske didn't mind,he scooped the pot worth about $130,000.

Eight Stud Players

Chip counts courtesy of www.worldseriesofpoker.com

Chris Ferguson $670,000
Sebastian Ruthenberg
Annie Duke
Robert Beveridge
Bob Lauria$190,000
Alessio Isaia
Steve Sung
Marcel Luske


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Event Name Event 33, World Championship Seven-Card Stud Hi-Lo Split Eight-or-Better
Venue Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas
Date 17 June 2008
Final Day 19 June 2008
Buy In $5,000
Entrants 261
Prize Pool $1,226,700
First Prize $328,756
Level Ante Blinds
Level 1 25 0/0
Level 2 25 0/0
Level 3 50 0/0
Level 4 50 0/0
Level 5 75 0/0
Level 6 100 0/0
Level 7 100 0/0
Level 8 100 0/0
Level 9 200 0/0
Level 10 200 0/0
Level 11 300 0/0
Level 12 300 0/0
Level 13 500 0/0
Level 14 500 0/0
Level 15 700 0/0
Level 16 1000 0/0
Level 17 1000 0/0
Level 18 1500 0/0
Level 19 2000 0/0
Level 20 2000 0/0
Level 21 3000 0/0
Level 22 3000 0/0
Level 23 5000 0/0
Level 24 5000 0/0
Level 25 7000 0/0
Level 26 10000 0/0
Level 27 10000 0/0
Level 28 15000 0/0

Sebastian Ruthenberg

Event 33, World Championship Seven-Card Stud Hi-Lo Split Eight-or-Better

Top Money Finishers Prize
1. Sebastian Ruthenberg $328,756
2. Chris Ferguson $202,406
3. Robert Lauria $125,737
4. Marcel Luske $95,069
5. Annie Duke $73,602
6. Alessio Isaia $58,268
7. Steve Sung $46,001
8. Robert Beveridge $36,801
9. Howard Lederer $30,668
10. David Benyamine $30,668