Event 22 Over! Jens Voertmann Riding High!

This HORSE event is over and it was Doug Ganger bucked off its back in runner-up position. In the closing hands Jens Voertmann, our champion, took the match by the throat with two big scooped pots during a round of Stud 8.

Going into the final hand Voertmann had his opponent on the ropes. In another hand of Stud 8 the last of Ganger's chips were in the middle by third street. Both players began the hand with pairs in the hole, fives for Voertmann and eights for Ganger.

By the time all seven cards were out both players had made two pair but it was Voertmann's that were best. Jacks and fives for our champ were enough to send Gangers eights and nines into the muck.

Jens Voertmann takes the bracelet and $298,227 while Ganger settles for second and $182,822.

We had a chance to talk with Jens after his win - check out the interview, or suffer the consequences! 

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Event 22 - Heads-Up Play Begins

A grueling three-handed match has finally ended, as the crowd favorite Marcel Luske has finally met his end. 

Marcel Luske
Luske can't hold on, takes third.

Luske Loosened! (3rd)

Marcel Luske has battled valiantly for several hours, but his final table run has finally ended.

It was clear that Marcel was the crowd favorite. Every time the other players won a pot, there was either no reaction or light applause. Whenever the Dutchman won a pot, however, there was always hearty clapping - even when he was just stealing the blinds or antes.

After a brutal ound of Razz that saw him forced to put up the bring-in on half the hands, Luske was down to his last $200,000. All that got in the middle by fourth street on a Stud hand against Jens Voertmann, with the boards reading:

Voertmann: (J 9) A 7
Luske: (9 5) 9 Q

Luske’s pair of nines held up all the way to the river, when Voertmann flipped up the A and dealt the death blow to he Dutchman’s tournament life. The crowd applauded and Luske shook his opponents’ hands. He walked over to get paid with a bittersweet smile and shake of his head; it’s obvious he wanted this bracelet badly, but tonight was not his night.

Luske finishes in third place, earning $110,264.

Kick Out the Chip Counts

Here are the heads-up starting chip counts as posted by WorldSeriesOfPoker.com:

Jens Voertmann $1,630,000
Doug Ganger
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Event 22 - Three Is a Magic Number

Amazingly (or not, depending on your outlook), we are still three-handed in the $3,000 HORSE. Every time someone gets knocked against the wall, he comes fighting back. With the blinds, antes, and limits getting into stratospheric territory, all it takes is two or three bad pots to send you to the rail.

We've just begun Level 26. It's worth noting there are only 28 levels on the structure sheet.

The Tale of Marcel

After the close of the last level of play, Marcel Luske was in serious danger. But the big limits meant just a small handful of pots could swing him back into contention, and that’s exactly what happened.

He took one hold’em pot away from Jens Voertmann through sheer determination. Luske opened on the button and was called by both his opponents. When the action checked to him on the K J 4 flop Luske bet out; Doug Ganger folded but Voertmann came in for the check-raise. Luske then made it three bets, which Voertmann called. When the turn came the 5, Voertmann checked and Luske fired out again. The German mucked his cards and Luske showed Q 6 for a whole lotta nothin’.

Then a strange Razz hand came along that put Luske into the chip lead. Voertmann led the entire way with a board reading 3-6-K-10, and Luske called down with K-3-J-10. On seventh street Luske showed (A-A-5) in the hole for a jack-low; Voertmann turned up (6-9-Q) for queen-low, claiming to have misread his hand. That mental lapse gave Luske just over $1,000,000 in chips, while Voertmann was down to $780,000.

Marcel Luske
Big swings for the Flying Dutchman.

Holding Down the Voert-mann

Jens Voertmann ran into trouble against Luske during Razz, but he made up some of the lost ground when Stud came back around. He reclaimed the chip lead after taking down pots against each of his opponents. Shortly after that, however, Voertmann dropped two Stud pots to his Dutch rival’s trip jacks and two pair, sending the lead back to Luske.

Gangers and Mash

Doug Ganger is a virtual unknown to all of us here at the WSOP. A friend of his from back home in Fort Wayne, Ind., is hanging out by the final table and shared a little info with us.

Ganger, who is in his 40s with two daughters, plays mostly Stud-8 cash games and HORSE tournaments online. Last year he was one of two online qualifiers on Full Tilt Poker for the $50,000 HORSE tournament, but he decided to keep the cash rather than play in the big one.

All that online experience appears to have paid off, as Ganger has made it through a big field and has a shot at a bracelet. Whether he takes it down or not, however, is for anyone to guess.

Ye Olde Chip Counts

Here are the current chip counts, as reported by WorldSeriesOfPoker.com:

Doug Ganger $1,050,000
Marcel Luske
Jens Voertmann


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Event 22 - HORSE Still Three-Handed

The atmosphere around the final table changed a bit just after Hoyt Corkins busted out in 4th place. More people came to the rail to cheer on Marcel Luske - there’s a string of them 20 long and two deep in some spots close to the table. Another 15 people or so are standing inside the ropes, one table length back, to follow the action.

This definitely feels more like a WSOP final table now. It’s not glitzy at all, being off to the side of the ESPN set, but that’s fitting of a grinding game like HORSE, isn’t it?

Marcel Luske
Luske has a stack like an accordion, always expanding and contracting.

Double Dutch

Marcel Luske has been the center of most of the chip swings at this table in the last hour, especially during the stud games. If he were to come back and win he would be the first Dutchman ever to win a bracelet, and it’s obvious he knows that as well as everyone else.

He stacked up quite a bit during Razz and Stud before losing a critical pot in Stud-8 that shipped the chip lead to Jens Voertmann. All three players were in to the river, and Voertmann’s bet was called in both spots. He showed trip 7s to scoop the pot, since there were no made low hands.

After that debacle Luske was down to $225,000 in chips, but he chipped up in the next O8,  Razz, and Stud rounds to find himself hovering around $700,000. He then chased a draw in Stud and fell to Voertmann’s two pair, leaving him back under $500,000 again.

If Luske doesn’t win, it certainly won’t be for lack of trying. He’s fighting with everything he has right now.

Mammas, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Chip Counts

Here are the current stacks according to WorldSeriesOfPoker.com:

Jens Voertmann
Doug Ganger
Marcel Luske
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Event 22 - Another One Bites the Dust

We've lost one of the two remaining well-known pros in the field. Marcel Luske is the last hope both for name pros and the Dutch, but he's got some work to do to catch up.


Hoyt Corkin’d! (4th)

When the game came back to Hold’em it was time for a true showdown between Marcel Luske and Hoyt Corkins. The preflop betting was capped, and three bets was all it took to get Corkins all-in on the A K 10 board. Corkins had K Q for second pair and a gutshot straight draw, but Luske was ahead with A 9.

The Dutchamn picked up trips with the A on the turn, and the 3 on the river resigned Corkins to 4th place. He wins $$81,698.

Luske in Trouble

The Flying Dutchman’s sails have taken a beating since he knocked out Hoyt Corkins.

First he called all the way down to the river and folded in a hand where Jens Voertmann hit a flush and Doug Ganger called the river. Then Luske took a hit in an O8 hand where he hit the king-high flush but was outdone by Ganger’s sixes full of eights.

Two more big pots went against Luske, one each to Voertmann (O8) and Ganger (Stud). He found himself down to just $265,000, in big danger of being eliminated with the limits moving up to $25,000-$50,000. Luckily for him, the cards after returning from the break have been good to him in the Stud round, bringing him back up to $400,000 in chips.

Lift Yr Skinny Chip Counts Like Antennas to Heaven

Here are the current chip counts, according to WorldSeriesOfPoker.com:

Doug Ganger $1,145,000
Jens Voertmann
Marcel Luske


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Event 22 - Two Down, Three to Go

You might expect a limit game to go slower, but we’ve been moving along at a pretty good clip today. Only four players now remain in this HORSE race.

Zolotow Zonked! (6th)

Finding himself short-stacked, Steve Zolotow got himself all-in on a Stud hand on fourth street with a split pair of nines. By that point Hoyt Corkins already had four cards to a spade flush:

Zolotow: (3 9) 9 A
Corkins: (K 6) 5 8

Hoyt bricked on fifth and sixth streets but caught the A on the river to send Steve Z to the rail in 6th place. He takes home $47,990.

Davis Demolished! (5th)

On the same round of Stud as Zolotow’s elimination, Jared Davis tangled with Jens Voertmann. He bet his Q 6 10 6 board and was raised all-in by Voertmann, who showed A 8 5 6. Davis called, only to find out that Voertmann had locked up the pot with three aces.

Davis takes 5th place for $61,702.

The Not-So-Feature Table

The feel of this HORSE final table is very different from that of the NLHE events held on the ESPN set. All of the nearby tables are empty, save one where the tournament staff is doing its thing. The rail is set quite a bit further back than some of the other final tables, and there are fewer railbirds than you would've found at, say, yesterday's PLO final table won by Vanessa Selbst.

With all the cushion around the table, the feel is almost that of a home game. The players are all without distractions, focused on the task at hand, and looking for a way to take down the bracelet.

Everybody Wants to Rule the Chip Counts

Here are the current standings according to WorldSeriesOfPoker.com:

Doug Ganger $825,000
Marcel Luske
Jens Voertmann
Hoyt Corkins


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Event 22 – Final Table – Harman (Eighth) and Tsodikov (Seventh) Take a Hike

Little more than an hour into the actual final table of Event 22 and we have our first two casualties. Unfortunately one of the biggest names at the final table – Full Tilt Poker’s Jennifer Harman is among the eliminated.

Meanwhile there has been a three way battle between Hoyt Corkins, Marcel Luske and Doug Granger for the chip lead with Granger winning the battle thus far. Here’s a closer look at the happenings in Event 22:

Harman Harmed (Eighth)

One of the world’s best female poker players is the first player out of this final table. It was two hands with Doug Ganger that did her in. The first one was in Omaha-8 and her final hand was in Razz. In the hand Ganger hit a seven-low which was apparently good enough because Harman mucked. She will receive $30,851 for coming in eighth.

Tsodikov Molotov’ed (Seventh)

Rostislav Tsodikov (check out that name!) has been bumped off in seventh place. While playing stud he managed to get it all-in with a pair of nines against Jans Voertmann but Voertmann made a pair of queens to send Tsodikov to the rail. Back to Russia (Make that California) for Tsodikov. He will receive $36,564 for his poker efforts.

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Event 22 - Final Table - Zimbler Fails, Final Table Set

Paul Zimbler will be missing out on the final table. Zimbler was eliminated in a hand against Jennifer Harman and although we're still trying to track down the details of the hand it's clear that he's out. On the plus side he's getting a cool $25,138 for getting as far as he did.

We're now down to the final table and the chip counts (courtesy of www.worldseriesofpoker.com) are as follows:

1. Hoyt Corkins $595,000
2. Marcel Luske
3. Jens Voertmann
4. Doug Ganger
5. Jennifer Harman
6. Jared Davis
7. Steve Zolotow
8. Rostislav Tsodikov $140,000


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Event 22 – Final Table – One More Elimination till Final Table

We’re down to the final nine at Event 22. Just one more elimination and we’ll have our actual final table of eight (this event was supposed to start with eight today but was pushed back because of a late night on Day 2). We’ve had several more big names so read on to see how it all went down.

Brunson Burner (12th)

The younger Brunson, we’re talking Todd here, was one of the marquee poker players left in this event but has been knocked to the rail in a recent hand of Hold’em.

In the hand Brunson shipped it all-in with A T on a board of K Q 7 but Marcel “Flying Dutchman” Luske made the call K 9. The board bricked out and Brunson will be picking up $19,424 for finishing 12th.

Froehlich Now Free to Frolic (11th)

Eric Froehlich, winner of two WSOP bracelets in the 2006 WSOP, will not be adding a third in this event. Froehlich was crippled in a previous hand of Omaha-8 and was then forced to go all-in on the first hand of Hold’em with 9 8 and Jared Davis made the call with J 9.

Froehlich missed the board and had to settle for the $19,424 that comes with 11th place. Better luck next time, E-Fro.

Blair Witched (10th)

The blinds caught up with Blair Rodman and he was forced all-in with 9 7 and Jens Voertmann called with Q Q.

The board ran T 5 2 T 2 and Rodman got his walking papers. Rodman will receive $25,138 for coming in 10th.

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Event 22 – Final Day – Look at All Those Railbirds

The first round of the day was Hold’em and right on schedule there was a large number of railbirds checking out the action at the final two tables of Event 22. Names like Jennifer Harman, Marcel Luske, Todd Brunson and Hoyt Corkins are bringing poker fans out of the nooks and crannies of the Rio and by the time this thing is over we could very well have another big-name professional poker player putting on some wrist candy.

JJ Hazen Eliminated by JJ

JJ Hazen, one of the shorter stacks going into the final 16, has been busted. Hazen opened and Corkins raised. Hazen decided to ship it and Corkins made the call. The players flipped over their cards:

Corkins: J J

Hazen: 3 3

Was Hazen about to lay a nasty beat on Corkins? Not with the 9 9 2 J 9 board. Hazen takes 16th place and a check for $10,283.

Levi and Smith Join the Departed

David Levi (15th) and Mallory Smith (14th) both hit the rail during the Omaha-8 portion of today’s action. Levi has been a regular on the poker circuit since the mid-90s while Smith first cashed in the 2000 WSOP. Ironically Smith has already had two cashes at Omaha split events at this year’s WSOP. Perhaps he got over confident when it changed to his preferred game.

Harman busts Appleman

Mickey Appleman, who has some of the best hair in all of poker, has been eliminated by Full Tilter Jennifer Harman. The game was Razz and Appleman got all-in on sixth street with a ten-low while Harman had a nine-low. Appleman couldn’t improve on seventh street and was eliminated 13th. Appleman placed 11th at last year’s Razz event.

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Event 22 - Final Day - Quit H.O.R.S.E.ing Around So Much

Welcome to the final day of the 2008 WSOP Event 22 $3,000 H.O.R.S.E. There are still 16 players left and we will be playing down to a winner today so it could be an extremely long night. Jennifer Harman and Marcel Luske are among the chip leaders so there is plenty of well-known pros still gunning for first in this thing.

Here's a look at the chip counts courtesy of www.worldseriesofpoker.com:

1. Marcel Luske $350,000
2. Jared Davis
3. Jennifer Harman
4. Doug Ganger
5. Hoyt Corkins
6. Jens Voertmann
7. Blair Rodman
8. Steve Zolotow
9. Todd Brunson
10. Eric Froehlich
11. Rostislav Tsodikov
12. Paul Zimbler
13. Mickey Appleman
14. Mallory Smith
15. JJ Hazen
16. David Levi


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Event Name Event 22, H.O.R.S.E.
Venue Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas
Date 11 June 2008
Final Day 13 June 2008
Buy In $3,000
Entrants 414
Prize Pool $1,142,640
First Prize $298,227
Level Ante Blinds
Level 1 0 50/75
Level 1 25 0/0
Level 2 0 50/100
Level 2 25 0/0
Level 3 0 75/150
Level 3 25 0/0
Level 4 50 0/0
Level 4 0 100/200
Level 5 0 150/300
Level 5 75 0/0
Level 6 0 200/400
Level 6 100 0/0
Level 7 0 300/500
Level 7 100 0/0
Level 8 100 0/0
Level 8 0 300/600
Level 9 0 400/800
Level 9 200 0/0
Level 10 0 500/1000
Level 10 200 0/0
Level 11 0 600/1200
Level 11 300 0/0
Level 12 300 0/0
Level 12 0 800/1500
Level 13 0 1000/2000
Level 13 500 0/0
Level 14 0 1300/2500
Level 14 500 0/0
Level 15 700 0/0
Level 15 0 1500/3000
Level 16 0 2000/4000
Level 16 1000 0/0
Level 17 0 2500/5000
Level 17 1000 0/0
Level 18 0 3000/6000
Level 18 1500 0/0
Level 19 2000 0/0
Level 19 0 4000/8000
Level 20 0 5000/10000
Level 20 2000 0/0
Level 21 0 6000/12000
Level 21 3000 0/0
Level 22 3000 0/0
Level 22 0 8000/15000
Level 23 0 10000/20000
Level 23 5000 0/0
Level 24 0 13000/25000
Level 24 5000 0/0
Level 25 7000 0/0
Level 25 0 15000/30000
Level 26 0 20000/40000
Level 26 10000 0/0
Level 27 0 25000/50000
Level 27 10000 0/0
Level 28 0 30000/60000
Level 28 15000 0/0

Jens Voertmann

Event 22, H.O.R.S.E.

Top Money Finishers Prize
1. Jens Voertmann $298,227
2. Doug Ganger $182,822
3. Marcel Luske $110,265
4. Hoyt Corkins $81,699
5. Jared Davis $61,703
6. Steve Zolotow $47,991
7. Rostislav Tsodikov $36,564
8. Jennifer Harman $30,851
9. Paul Zimbler $25,138
10. Blair Rodman $25,138