Event 15 - Gromenkova Wins!

Svetlana Gromenkova has won the $1,000 Ladies No Limit Hold'em World Championship. The dour New Yorker, clearly the class of the tournament, has defeated Anh Lee in heads-up play to claim the title and $224,702 in spending money.

Here's how Gromenkova won the title:

Lee Doubles!

Gromenkova entered heads-up play with the chip lead and got Lee to commit her stack with the worst hand, holding A K to Lee's A 5. The flop came 7 5 2 and Gromenkova looked visibly upset as her rival flopped a pair of fives. The board finished out 2 9 and Lee doubled through Gromenkova.

Gromenkova Regains The Lead

Gromenkova then retook the chip lead with a number of timely all-in reraises and steals to take chips from her opponent without showing down a hand.

Gromenkova Wins!

Eventually, though, something had to give and after Gromenkova put Lee all-in once again preflop, Lee called off her stack with A 6 to find herself up against a pocket pair of kings from Gromenkova.

The flop came T 8 7 and Lee flopped a gutshot straight draw to go with her overcard, but the K on the turn gave Gromenkova the set and removed all of Lee's outs but the four eights in the deck.

The river card was the A and Lee missed her draw, giving the pot and the match to Gromenkova, who takes down her first WSOP bracelet with the victory. Lee takes $144,567 for her second runner-up finish in a WSOP Ladies event (her first was to Jennifer Tilly in 2005).

Stay tuned for an exclusive interview and recap from the floor of the Amazon Room!

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Event 15 - Not exactly Mano-A-Mano

The ladies have certainly sped things up in the race for female supremacy here at the 2008 WSOP. We've had four eliminations in this last level, the lead changed hands several times and suddenly we are heads up.

Mitchell Mastered (6th)

We were down to just five players after Debbie Mitchell's stack was pushed across the table to Svetlana Gromenkova.

Debbie Mitchell
Mitchell jacked!

Debbie called all in with A 9 after Glum Girl shoved with J 7 and looked good to double until two jacks flopped. Gromenkova allowed herself a sheepish smile as Mitchell headed for the door. She'll take $47,106 for sixth.

Kings Crumpled (5th)

We hit just four remaining when Marla Crumpler got it in with kings but couldn't fade Anh Le's one over.

Marla Crumpler
Crumpler cracked!

She'll take home $60,101 after Le's A 9 beat her on a A 10 5 2 5 board.

Le Loses Lead

The runner up in this event in 2005, Anh Le had worked her way into the lead, but when she ran A-10 into Chris Priday's A-Q she gave it up. Priday was the leading lady until she doubled up Gromenkova with Q-10 against a smiling Glum Girl's aces.

Priday Fridayed (4th)

There were then just three ladies left at the final table after Chris Priday stacked off. She got it in with A 7 but could not improve against Le's A J.

Christine Priday
Priday plucked.

Priday will go home with $73,637 for fourth and then there were three.

Till Robbed (3rd)

After playing very few hands throughout the day Patty Till finally made a stand with K-6 off suit. Unfortunately for Patty, Svetlana Gromenkova had nines and setted up on the flop.

She'll grab $87,715 for third and we head to heads up with Gromenkova holding $1.47 million to Anh Le's $890k.

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Event 15 - Ladies, My Mercedes, Fits Four In The Back!

We are down to just six lovely ladies at the final table and play has tightened up considerably since our last elimination. Here's how that played out inside the Amazon Room just a short time ago:

Roz Ripped (7th)

Roz Quarto was eliminated in 7th place and will cash $36,277 after running into some big trouble with Chris Priday. Roz limped before Marla Crumpler raised it up to $100,000.

Roslyn Quarto
Quarto Quits!

Priday promptly shoved and Quarto called all in for her last $157,000. Crumpler folded her hand and Quarto needed queens to hold versus A-K.

The flop was enough to leave her drawing to just two outs as the A 3 2 fell. The J turn and K river only made things worse and we went down to six.

Counting Crowes

Here's how the last six stack up according to WorldSeriesOfPoker.com:

Chris Priday
Svetlana Gromenkova
Anh Le
Debbie Mitchell$411,000
Patty Till $380,000
Marla Crumpler
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Event 15 - Debbie Does Doubles

The Ladies have a new leader as the hits keep on coming for Glum Girl. Over the last level we've seen one lady railed and the others trade jabs as the cat fight for the bracelet continues from inside the Amazon Room.

Garcia Gone (8th)

Yesenia Garcia is our 8th place finisher after getting it in dominated and failing to catch her myriad of draws. Marla Crumpler raised it up to $38k and Garcia pushed in for just under $60k total. Crumpler made the obvious call and had Garcia's A 10 crushed with her own A J.

Yesenia Garcia
Once, twice, three times a lady!

Things got a little sweaty when the J 9 8 flop gave Garcia a nut flush straight draw with an open ender, but the combo didn't come through. The 2 turn and 10 river sealed the young Garcia's fate. She'll take home $28,155 for 8th.

Debbie Doubles

Looking quite glum, Svetlana Gromenkova made a $42k raise preflop and looked even less happy when Debbie Mitchell shoved for her last $125k.

Svetlana decided to make the call, but frowned again when she saw her 4 4 needed a miracle against the 8 8 of Mitchell. This post would have a different title if that miracle actually hit.

Mitchell had it up to $280k and got it it again against Gromenkova with queens versus Glum Girl's big slick pre flop. The board came blanks and she's our new leader.

Here's the updated chip counts according to WorldSeriesOfPoker.com:

Debbie Mitchell $600,000
Marla Crumpler
Patty Till
Anh Le
Christine Priday
Svetllana Gromenkova
Roslyn Quarto


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Event 15 - It's Ladies Night

Welcome to Ladies night at the Rio, otherwise known asd the World Championship Ladies Event Final Table.

Things got going just a short while ago but we've already had a bit of action and lost our first player. We got going with Patty Till, who finished 2nd in Ladies Event at Caesars Indiana this year, in seat one holding on to $312k. Seat two is occupied by Roslyn, a New Jersey attorney with just $73k.

Floridian financial planner Marla Crumpler is in the third seat with $163,000 while Russia’s Svetlana Gromenkova, who made seventh in the guys and gals U.S. Poker Championship this year is in seat four with $553,000 and the chip lead.

Houston’s Sue Porter is in seat five sitting on $211,000 and Debbie Mitchell from Miramar, Florida has $224k in seat six. Denver accountant Chris Priday has $448,000 in seat seven while 26-year-old Yesenia Garcia, a full time student from Modesto, California has $210,000 in seat eight.

Finally, it’s Anh Le, who finished runner-up to Jennifer Tilly in this very event back in 2005 sitting in the nine seat with $191,000.

Here's the first few big hands:

Getting Crump

After Chris Priday made a $45,000 raise, both Patty Till and Marla Crumpler call. Crumpler then shoves on the K 4 3 flop. Priday made the call while Till folded. Crumpler had Priday crushed with A K against herm pocket jacks and top pair held when the turn and river bricked.

Porter Pounces

Marla Crumpler raised it up $35k and Sue Porter called from the big blind. On the Q 8 5 flop Porter shoved all all in and Crumpler called. This time it was Porter with the A K ahead of Crumpler's A 4 and when the turn and river blanked she doubled up.

Porter Plucked (9th)

Roz Quarto raised it up to $42,000 and both Marla Crumpler and Sue Porter called.

Everyone checked the A K 5 flop, but Quarto moved in on the 7 turn. Porter was the only caller with A 7, but for the third time in three big hands at the final table someone held big slick. Quarto turned over A K and when the 8 river fell, so did Porter. She'll take $20,034 down with her.

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Event Name Event 15, World Championship Ladies Event No-Limit Hold'em
Venue Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas
Date 8 June 2008
Final Day 10 June 2008
Buy In $1,000
Entrants 1190
Prize Pool $1,082,900
First Prize $224,702
Level Ante Blinds
Level 1 0 25/50
Level 2 0 50/100
Level 3 0 100/200
Level 4 25 100/200
Level 5 25 150/300
Level 6 50 200/400
Level 7 75 300/600
Level 8 100 400/800
Level 9 100 500/1000
Level 10 100 600/1200
Level 11 200 800/1600
Level 12 300 1000/2000
Level 13 400 1500/3000
Level 14 500 2000/4000
Level 15 500 3000/6000
Level 16 1000 4000/8000
Level 17 1000 5000/10000
Level 18 1000 6000/12000
Level 19 2000 8000/16000
Level 20 3000 10000/20000
Level 21 3000 12000/24000
Level 22 4000 15000/30000
Level 23 5000 20000/40000
Level 24 5000 25000/50000
Level 25 5000 30000/60000
Level 26 10000 40000/80000
Level 27 10000 50000/100000
Level 28 15000 60000/120000

Svetlana Gromenkova

Event 15, World Championship Ladies Event No-Limit Hold'em

Top Money Finishers Prize
1. Svetlana Gromenkova $224,702
2. Anh Le $144,567
3. Patty Till $87,715
4. Christine Priday $73,367
5. Marla Crumpler $60,101
6. Debbie Mitchell $47,106
7. Roslyn Quarto $36,277
8. Yesenia Garcia $28,155
9. Sue Porter $20,034
10. Tina Dubowy $12,887