Freddy Deeb: $50K HORSE Champion!

Freddy Deed has done it! Defeating Bruno Fitoussi in a long and drawn out heads-up match, Deeb takes one of the most prestigious titles in poker as well as more than $2 million! After trading small pots back and forth for a long while, Deeb built up a commanding chip lead and dealt Fitoussi a one-two punch, crippling him and sending him home in second on the very next hand.

(Seven-Stud Eight or Better)

The Crippler

Deeb brought it in with the 5 and Fitoussi made the call with the 6 showing. Deeb picked up the 7 and bet out and Fitoussie announced raise after receiving the 2. Deeb looked once more at his hole cards and re-raised to $750,000. Bruno made the call and the two players went to fifth street.

Deeb took the 6 and bet out $500K. Fitoussi picks up the 2 and makes the call. Deeb bets sixth street and after Fitoussi makes the call the players are showing the following going to the river:

Deeb: (X-X)-5 7 6 J

Fitoussi: (X-X)-6 2 2 9

Deeb bet out again on the river and after a lot of time in the tank, Bruno opts to fold. Deeb does him the courtesy of showing down his hand, 5-7 for two pair. "That was a tough laydown, good for you!" Deeb says sincerely.

#img: headsup_9655.jpg:left: Head to head.#

The Death Blow

After Bruno brought it in, Deeb completes to $250,000 and Fitoussi calls all-in. The players show:

Deeb: (A 7)-4

Fitoussi: (Tc-3)-2

When all the cards were out the two players showed:

Deeb: (A 7)-4 5 5 9-(8)

Fitoussi: (Tc-3)-2 J A 8-(9)

Deeb takes the high with a pair of fives and makes an 8-7 low on the river to scoop the pot and eliminate Bruno Fitoussi in second. Bruno takes $1,278,720 in runner-up cash and Freddy Deeb takes the title, the prestige, the bracelet, a brand new Corum watch and $2,276,832!

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No More Miracles for Hanson

John Hanson has seen his last river and, unlike the previous two times Freddy Deeb had him on the ropes, this one was unable to save him.

Hanson completed with an 8 and got a call from Deeb who was showing a 6. Deeb picked up an Ace and bet out. Hanson called with a 7. Hanson took the lead, betting after taking a 3 and Deeb made the call with a Jack.

The river gave Hanson a 5 and he bet out. Deeb raised after getting a four and Hansen called with hardly anything left behind. The river was dealt and Deeb bet out. Hanson called for his tournament.

Deeb turned over 2-5 for a 6-5 low and Hanson mucked his hand. With that death blow, John Hanson is out in third and will take home a not-too-shabby $852,480.

And now for the heads-up extravaganza. We can only hope it will be a little shorter than the one last year!

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We were all looking forward to Razz and Seven-Stud since they at least hold the hope of some action that may get this three-way stalemate moving. We've been on Razz for a few hands and already we're seeing things begin to pick up.


Hanson Takes one Down

Bruno Fitoussi completed to $250,000 with the 8 and John Hanson raised to $500K with the 8. Hanson picks up the 2 and bets out $250K. Bruno calls with the A. Hanson takes the 5 and puts in another half million bet. Fitoussi looks at the 9 and opts to fold. Hanson rakes a nice pot.

One for Fitoussi

Bruno Fitoussi completes to $250,000 with the 6 and John Hanson raises to $500,000 with the 6. Bruno calls and gets the 4 on fourth street. Hanson picks up the 8 and both players check. Fitoussi bets after receiving the 5 and after a bit of thought Hanson lays it down.

Deeb Gets Some

Nver one to be left out, Freddy Deeb took down a nice pot of his own on the next hand. John Hanson completes to $250K with the A and Deeb calls with the J. Hanson bets out after getting the 9 and Freddy makes the call after receiving the 8. Hanson bets again, this time $500K after getting the T and Deeb raises to a coll million when he takes the 2. The dealer pitches sixth street and the hands are:

Deeb: (X-X)-Jh-8 2 A

Hanson: (X-X)-A 9 T 8

Freddy puts in a $500K bet and after some thought Hanson decides to fold. Deeb rakes in the biggest pot we've seen in the last few orbits.

Freddy's got the Right Idea

Bruno Fitoussi completes to $250,000 with the 6 and Hanson calls with the 9. Deeb calls with the J and says to the crowd, "Maybe I can eliminate them both in one hand!" Word to that Freddy Deeb.

Unfortunately it was not to be as Deeb would be pushed out of the hand by a John Hanson bet on fifth street. At that point the players were showing:

Deeb: (X-X)-J 8 Q

Fitoussi: (X-X)-6 2 8

Hanson: (X-X)-9 3 Q

Bruno put in a $500K bet and after everyone had folded he showed K-J in the hole for an impressive K-Q low!

The Count:



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So Close...Again

Much like the Hansen Hit Mmm-Bop, this Hanson refuses to go away. All-in and behind once again against Freddy Deeb, John Hanson rivered a straight...again.

(Omaha Hi-Lo)

Freddy Deeb raises to $400K from the button and after Bruno Fitoussi gets out of the way, Hanson makes the call. The flop comes J 8 4 and after a check from Hanson, Deeb bets $200,000. Hanson calls and the turn is the 7. Deeb bets out again, this time at the $400K limit, and Hanson calls all-in.

The players turn over their hands and it's Deeb in the lead once again, very reminiscent of the last clash these two had, with Q Q 7 3. Hanson needs some help with his K 9 7 6. The players await the river with Hanson's tournament on the line and the dealer flips over a ten, completing the straight for Hanson. Freddy is clearly frustrated by his repeated failure to knock Hanson out and quickly tells the dealer, "Next hand!"

Super Chop!

In unbelievable turn of events, there has been another chop pot! Sarcasm aside, this chop was noteworthy since both Freddy Deeb and Bruno Fitoussi held the nut high and low hand!

Hanson got the action started with a raise from the button to $400K, getting calls from both other players. The flop came 5 3 2 and it was checked to Hanson who put in a bet. Two calls later and the turn brought the 8.

#img: hanson-survives_9651.jpg:left: ZOMG!#

It was checked all the way around and the river was the 8. Bruno bet out $400K and Hanson released his hand. Deeb announced raise and made it $800K. Bruno re-raised to $1.2 million and Deeb made it $1.6 million. Fitoussi capped it at $2 million and Deeb made the call.

Freddy turned over A-4 for the nut low and high. Bruno turned over A-4 for the nut low and high. The two chop the pot and I think to myself, "If I didn't love poker so much I would probably kill myself!"

Brand Spanking New Counts

The latest:


Counts provided by www.worldseriesofpoker.com

Black humor provided by PokerListings.com


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So Close!

We were one card away from a heads-up match as John Hanson and Freddy Deeb got into a massive pot, with Hansen drawing on the river for his tournament life.

(Stud Eight or Better) 

It began with Bruno bringing it in and Hanson completing to $180,000 with the 8. Deeb then re-raised to $360K with the K and after Bruno folded, Hanson made the call. Deeb bet after getting the 7 and Hanson called with the 7

On fifth street the real raising war began. Deeb took the 5 and bet out. Hanson received the 9 and raised. Deeb made it three bets to go and Hanson called all-in. They turned over their hands and we saw it was Deeb out in front:

Deeb: (K 7)-K 7 5 J

Hanson: (T T)-8 J 9 8

Deeb was in the lead with two pair, kings and sevens, and Hanson needed some help with two pair, tens and eights, and an open-ended straight draw. The river was dealt and Hanson turned over a queen, making his straight and giving him the double-up. Freddy could only shake his head as the massive $4.4 million pot was dragged away from him.

Requisite Chop

Only a few hands later Deeb and Hanson got into another big pot but, like so many in these hi-lo games, it ended up being chopped. Hanson brought it in with the 3 and Deeb completes to $180,000 with the 9. Bruno Fitoussi calls with the 4 and so does Freddy. The betting continues with Fitoussi ducking out on fifth street and the two remaining players showing the following on sixth street:

Hanson: (X-X)-3 2 T 8 

Deeb: (X-X)-9 T 6 4

Hanson puts in one last bet and gets looked up by Freddy. Hanson shows 5-7 for the low and Deeb takes the high with two pair, nine and sixes.

Feeling Chipper?

After more than twelve hours of play we have arrived at the following chip counts, courtesy of www.worldseriesofpoker.com of course.


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The Three-Way Continues


Three in a row for Deeb

Freddy Deeb has continued to build his stack, taking three pots in a row a few minutes ago. The first two he picked up the bring-in and antes and in the third he was able to push Bruno Fitoussi off his hand on fifth street, picking up a bet for each previous street.

Two big ones for Fitoussi

Bruno Fitoussi has lost a significant portion of his chip lead in the last few levels but managed to pick up two nice ones a few minutes ago. The first began with Deeb bringing it in with the 7 and getting a call from Fitoussi who had the A. John Hanson completed to $180K with the 2 and Freddy got out of the way. Bruno made the call though and the hand proceeded with Hanson betting fourth and fifth street. They both checked sixth and on the river Fitoussi put in a bet. The two players had:

Fitoussi: (X-X)-A 5 4 9

Hanson: (X-X)-2 8 T J

Hanson tanked for a few moments before releasing the hand and conceding the pot.

#img: bruno-fitoussi_9574.jpg:left: King Bruno.#

The next pot for Fitoussi started with Hanson bringing it in with the 9 and getting a call from Freddy who was showing the 4. Fitoussi completed to $180K with the 6 and after Hanson had folded, Deeb made the call.

Freddy bet each street and was looked up. On sixth street the players were showing:

Fitoussi: (X-X)-6 9 9 5

Deeb: (X-X)-4 8 9 J

Deeb called Fitoussi's bet and the river was dealt. Both players checked and Fitoussi showed 2-7 to make 9-7-6-5-2 which was good against Deeb's 9-8 low.

Stack it Up!


Chip counts provided by www.worldseriesofpoker.com

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The Home Stretch

These three HORSE specialists are still busy jockeying for position in the heads-up match to come. Freddy Deed was dangerously low not long ago but has managed to get himself back in this event. Bruno Fitoussi, meanwhile, has seen his stack wilt a little as he repeatedly ships pots to the other two players at the table.

Deeb's Comeback

Freddy Deeb was down to less than $400,000, very little in a tournament where the total number of chips in play is an astounding 14,800,000, but has managed to build his stack back up to more than $3 million.

#img: freddy-deeb_9642.jpg:right: Nightmare on HORSE street.#

Deeb picked up a nice pot when he raised from the button and was raised by Fitoussi from the small blind. Deeb made the call and they saw a flop of J T 7. Fitoussi bet out and Deeb made the call. They checked down the turn and river which came 6 9 and Freddy showed 9-6 for two pair. It was good for the pot and Deeb begins to rebuild his stack.

He was able to scoop a nice pot shortly after, again at the expense of Bruno Fitoussi, bringing his count up to it's current amount. On a board of 8-5-4-6-J, with three hearts, Deeb showed A-2 for the nut low and a ten-high flush. Both were good against Fitoussi's 2-3 for the low and straight for the high.

Current Counts

Here are the counts for our three final competitors, courtesy of www.worldseriesofpoker.com of course:


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Filippe Flipped (4th)

Amnon Filippe has been elimianted after getting in a huge three-way pot with Freddy Deeb and Bruno Fitoussi. Fitoussi brought it in and got calls from both Deeb and Filippe. Amnon drove the action all the way to sixth street, betting at every opportunity.

On sixth street Filippe bet out and was raised by Fitoussi. Deeb folded and Filippe called all-in. The two players turned over their hands and we saw that Amnon was in need of some help.

Fitoussi: 7 4 9 7 5 3

Filippe: A T Q 6 Q 6

#img: squeeze-it_9646.jpg:left: The big squeeze!#

Fitoussi had made a club flush but Filippe had plenty of outs to stay alive. Any queen or six to fill up or any spade to make a higher flush. He squeezed his river card with all his might but was unable to produce a winner. The T was of no help and Amnon Filippe is out in fourth, taking $586,080.

These three players are now that much closer to the end, but Bruno Fitoussi has taken an even more commanding lead with this latest elimination.


Chip counts provided by www.worldseriesofpoker.com

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Back from Dinner; Tran Busted

The five surviving HORSE-men returned from their evening meal and, not surprisingly, the shortstacked Kenny Tran has been sent to the rail. Crippled to next to nothing, Tran was all-in on the first hand of the level.

The game was Razz and Amnon Filippe was able to make a 7-6 low to send Tran packing. Kenny will receive $444,000 for his finish.

Amnon at Risk but Doubles

Amnon Filippe came close to becoming our fourth place finisher when he was all-in with the worst of it against Freddy Deeb. It was not Amnon's time to go though as he managed to make his low draw and double through the now somewhat depleted stack of Freddy Deeb.

Change of Venue

We've switched games once again and are now playing in the key of Seven-Stud. Antes and bring-ins are $30K with betting limits of $120,000/$240,000.

The Count

Here is the latest in chip count technology:


Counts courtesy of www.worldseriesofpoker.com

The best photo captions in the business courtesy of PokerListings.com

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Tran Crippled, Well-Fed

On the last hand before the dinner break and in the Razz stage, Kenny Tran and Freddy Deeb dust it up with Deeb winding up showing A-2-2-A to Tran's 8-9-9-8 and having bet out on every street. Tran flat-called every street but folded when Deeb bet out $240,000 in the dark on Seventh after tanking for a few minutes, leaving himself with only $30,000 behind. Deeb raked the pot and showed 9-5-3 for the A-2-3-5-9 low and Tran was left crippled.

Crippled or not, Tran will go to dinner with the rest of the contestants. The action will resume at 9 p.m.

Here are the chip counts as the players stuff their faces:


Chip counts courtesy www.worldseriesofpoker.com

Words crafted so well they crumble in your mouth like eclairs courtesy www.PokerListings.com

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Deeb Rebounds

The Prelude

Bruno Fitoussi, John Hanson and Freddy Deeb get into a messy situation in the Omaha 8 stage that sees Deeb all-in on the turn with the board showing K 7 5 6. Both Fitoussi and Hanson call and the river is the 3, prompting a $200,000 bet from Fitoussi and a call from Hanson, who mucks when Fitoussi shows A K 10 2 for the ace-high flush and the A-2-5-6-7 low. Deeb shows A Q 2-x for a share of the low and he takes a quarter of the main pot while Fitoussi rakes the rest of the $3 million pot. Deeb is left with under $500,000.

The Double-Up

Still in Omaha, Deeb gets all-in in a hand with Kenny Tran with the board showing Q J 5 5. Tran turns up A Q T 2 after he makes the call, and Deeb tables A 5 5 3 for quad fives. The river is a meaningless A and Deeb doubles up with his fives.

The Just-About-Triple-Up

After the players switch to Razz, Deeb continues his assault on chip-count greatness by moving all-in on Sixth Street in a hand with Kenny Tran and John Hanson. Tran calls the all-in and shows 7-3-A-K-8-9 to Deeb's Q-2-A-5-7-4. Tran is drawing dead going to Seventh Street and Deeb has just about tripled up.


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Update Summary for Event 39 Final Table

We've finished about an hour of aggressive but uneventful play with no eliminations or double-ups to speak of during the Razz, Stud, and Stud 8 stages of play.

Updated chip counts are as follows:


John Hanson built his chip stack during Razz by taking down a number of pots to take second place on the chip leaderboard while also adding to everyone's equity by busting David Singer.

The Stud stage saw Hanson continue to roll, taking over the overall chip lead while Amnon Filippi also built his stack. Trending downwards were Bruno Fitoussi and Freddy Deeb, who lost nearly $1.5 million in hands with Kenny Tran and the MMMBopper.

Stud 8 saw Bruno Fitoussi begin to make moves, taking down a nice pot with Amnon Filippi when his rolled up sevens gave him two-pair to take down Filippi, who was showing K-6-8-5. John Hanson, however, retained his chip lead.

Chip counts courtesy www.worldseriesofpoker.com

Highlights and analysis courtesy www.PokerListings.com

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Dragonfly Swatted

In the Razz stage, David Singer brings it in for $20,000 showing an eight and Bruno Fitoussi calls with an ten showing. The two men get to Fifth Street before Singer gets all-in and by the end of the affair the Dragonfly holds 8-4-10-5-J-5-4 while Fitoussi turns up 4-2-8-Q-A-9-7. Fitoussi takes the pot with a 9-8 low and David Singer has been eliminated in sixth place. The 2006 HORSE tournament finalist earns $337,440 for his efforts.
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Barry Manilow'd

That sound you hear is a thousand orphans crying; that's right, kidoos, Barry Greenstein has been eliminated. Poker's Philanthropist King fell during the latest Omaha stage after getting all-in preflop with Amnon Filippi and John Hanson for his last $125,000. Both players checked the flop, which came Q 9 9, but after the turn was the 9, Filippi bet out and Hanson folded. Filippi showed A Q J 6 to Greenstein's A T 5 4 and after the river was the 4, Fillippi took down the pot to send Barry G. to the rail. Father of Sebok busts in seventh place with a nice $259,296 for the children.
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Thor Hammered*

On the first hand of the final table (Stud 8), Thor Hansen pushes all-in for his last $40,000 and John Hanson chases away all comers by Seventh Street, showing down Q-Q-J-9-6-K-J to Hammertime's 7-5-3-3-7-2-5 in some hot Hansen on Hanson action. (John) Hanson takes the pot with queens-up, and (Thor) Hansen has been eliminated in eighth place for $188,256. We're down to seven, but don't expect every elimination to go down so quickly. Onward!


*with files from Arthur Crowson

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H.O.R.S.E. Underway

It's final table time from the ballingest tournament on record as the final eight contestants get ready for a fifth and final day of HORSE-ing around and the media gets ready for one more go around the nagging old horse puns before we send the tournament to the glue factory (hee haw).

Anyways, here are the final contestants who will be contesting contestedly for the $2,276,832 first prize:

1.Amnon Filippi$4,015,0007
2.Freddy Deeb$3,500,0005
3.Kenny Tran$2,455,0001
4.John Hanson$1,955,0004
5.David Singer1,330,0002
6.Bruno Fitoussi$895,0003
7.Barry Greenstein$750,0008
8.Thor Hansen$40,0006

Chip counts courtesy www.worldseriesofpoker.com

Terrible HORSE puns, Awesometown live updates courtesy www.PokerListings.com

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Event Name Event 39, World Championship H.O.R.S.E.
Venue Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas
Date 24 June 2007
Final Day 28 June 2007
Buy In $50,000
Entrants 148
Prize Pool $7,104,000
First Prize $2,276,832
Level Ante Blinds
Level 1 0 300/600
Level 2 0 300/600
Level 3 200 0/0
Level 4 200 0/0
Level 5 200 0/0
Level 6 0 500/1000
Level 7 0 500/1000
Level 8 300 0/0
Level 9 300 0/0
Level 10 300 0/0
Level 11 0 800/1500
Level 12 0 800/1500
Level 13 400 0/0
Level 14 400 0/0
Level 15 400 0/0
Level 16 0 1000/2000
Level 17 0 1000/2000
Level 18 500 0/0
Level 19 500 0/0
Level 20 500 0/0
Level 21 0 1500/3000
Level 22 0 1500/3000
Level 23 1000 0/0
Level 24 1000 0/0
Level 25 1000 0/0
Level 26 0 2500/5000
Level 27 0 2500/5000
Level 28 1500 0/0
Level 29 1500 0/0
Level 30 1500 0/0
Level 31 0 4000/8000
Level 32 0 4000/8000
Level 33 2000 0/0
Level 34 2000 0/0
Level 35 2000 0/0

Kassem "Freddy" Deeb

Event 39, World Championship H.O.R.S.E.

Top Money Finishers Prize
1. Kassem "Freddy" Deeb $2,276,832
2. Bruno Fitoussi $1,278,720
3. John Hanson $852,480
4. Amnon Filippi $586,080
5. Kenny Tran $444,000
6. David Singer $337,440
7. Barry Greenstein $259,296
8. Thor Hansen $188,256
9. Gabe Kaplan $131,424
10. Dewey Tomko $131,424