Mike Leah Wins First Bracelet in WSOP APAC $25K High Roller

Mike Leah caps amazing 2014 (Photo: WSOP)

It’s all over!

The final hand of the $25,000 High Roller has seen New Zealand’s David Yan eliminated as the runner-up.

That means Canadian Mike Leah has claimed his first WSOP gold bracelet!

Yan was short-stacked and all in holding K 4 and was up against Leah’s K 7.

It was going to be tough for Yan to win from here and the 9 5 T flop did him no favours.

The 3 turn and the A river were no good for Yan, but perfect for Leah as he had won the title.

Leah collects the $600,000 top prize and his long-awaited first WSOP gold bracelet.


Final Results

1st: Mike Leah - $600,000
2nd: David Yan- $360,025
3rd: Jesse Sylvia - $216,811
4th: Jonathan Duhamel - $145,003
5th: Sam Khouiss - $110,078
6th: Brian Roberts $85,027
7th: Sam Higgs - $65,035
8th: Andrew Hinrichsen - $50,021

Following his victory, Leah was clearly elated. It was a long time coming for the 40-year old who had accomplished just about everything in poker except winning a bracelet.

That changed today.

Following his victory Leah had one word to describe how he was feeling: “relieved.”

“I’m not sure if it has sunk in yet. I’ve been trying to accomplish this goal for so long. It’s just relief that I’ve finally done it.”

Yan Holds To Salter’s Delight

“Hollllllllddddddd!” yelled WSOP APAC Main Event final table chip leader Jack Salter.

It’s not his final table yet. That takes place tomorrow, but he is railing David Yan heads-up here in the $25,000 High Roller.

Salter shouted when Yan was short stacked and all in preflop holding A 3 against Mike Leah’s T 4 and the dealer had spread out a A 6 2 flop.

The 9 turn and K river were safe for Yan and he back up to around 1.3 million.

Leah still has a dominating chip lead. 

Jesse Sylvia - 3rd place

Sylvia Gone, Heads-Up Begins

2012 November Niner Jesse Sylvia has been eliminated in third place!

He was short stacked and all in preflop with 5 5 and was up against the K 3 of Mike Leah.

The 4 2 4 flop was safe for Sylvia.

When a K landed on the turn, Sylvia’s fellow 2012 November Niner and fellow member of 888, yelled out “No!”

Then, when a K landed on the river, it was all over.

For his third-place effort Sylvia picked up $216,811.

It’s now Canada Vs. New Zealand for the braclet.

Neither Leah nor his opponent David Yan have won a bracelet and so it’s going to be a tough battle.

Leah has the chip lead to kick off heads-up action.

Playing at the Televised Table


“Two minutes!” the production manager screams as the players get out of their seats to stretch their legs and talk to their rail.

This happens roughly every ten minutes.

It’s just part of a poker event being filmed for live television.

In many ways, this two minutes is crucial for everyone involved.

Firstly, for ESPN. They need that time so they can show commercials all around the world.

It’s also important for the production team so they can prepare the next set of shots and reposition the players at the table if they need to.

Of course, having a handy little break to refresh the mind, stretch the legs and get a drink is important for the players too. 

Double Knockout & Down to Three

It didn’t take long for the fireworks to erupt on the WSOP APAC $25K High Rollers final table.

Sure, the action kicked off fairly quickly with Brian Roberts sent home within the first few hands.

Sam Khouiss - 5th & Jonathan Duhamel - 4th 

But we probably didn’t expect to be down to three-handed play so soon.

That’s what happens when there is a double elimination.

The exciting hand started when Jesse Sylvia opened with a raise before Sam Khouiss moved all in.

Jonathan Duhamel moved all in over the top from the small blind and when action folded back to Sylvia he snap-called and tabled Q Q.

Khouiss had A 8 while Duhamel showed 9 9.

Sylvia had both players covered but Khouiss took the lead in the hand when the flop came down A 7 2. He improved further to two pair on the 8 turn, but the audience roared when the Q appeared on the river, giving Sylvia a set for the double KO!

As the short stack, Khouiss took home AU$110,078 for fifth place while Duhamel would have to be content with AU$145,003 for fourth place.

Just like that, suddenly we’re three handed!

Mike Leah is still way out in front with 2.8 million, Sylvia moves to 1.3 million with David Yan the short stack with 925,000.

Two Short Doubles

The two short stacks have doubled up.

First it was local Sam Khouiss. He was all in preflop for around 118,000 holding K J which was dominated against David Yan’s A K.

By the time the turn had rolled out on a Q 4 2 5 board, Khouiss was ready to get up and leave the table.

But then a J fell on the river and the miracle double was going Khouiss’s way.

“C’mon Sammy!” shouted a fan on the rail.

“Let’s Goooooo, Sammy!” they added.

There wasn’t quite as much rail fanfare for Jonathan Duhamel when he doubled, but he was certainly happy when his A 5 held up against Jesse Sylvia’s K Q

Brian Roberts First One Out

The first elimination has just occurred at the $25K High Roller final table!

The player to hit the rail in 6th place with an $85,027 score was Brian Roberts.

Brian Roberts - 6th Place

Roberts, of Two Months Two Millions fame, three bet all in for 163,000 from the small blind after David Yan had opened it up to 50,000 from the cut off.

Jesse Sylvia took quite some time before folding out of the big blind, while Yan made the call to put Roberts at risk.

It was Roberts with A J, well ahead of Yan’s Q J.

The Q Q 9 flop was just about as bad as it could get for Roberts and with no help on the 5 turn and the 4 river, it was all over.

Following his elimination, Roberts shook everyone’s hand and took his scarf back off Yan after having let the Kiwi borrow it seemingly due to the cold conditions of studio.

Roberts offered to pick it up later if Yan wanted to continue keeping his neck warm, but Yan humbly declined, instead sitting back, scarfless, stacking his new chips. 

Cards Flying at High Roller Final Table

The ESPN crew have readied the players, the cameras are rolling and the WSOP APAC $25K High Roller final table has begun!

Mike Leah has more chips than his five opponents combined and is looking relaxed as the first hand of the day is being dealt.

Access to the table is limited, but PokerListings will be doing our best to bring you any interesting action and colour stories from the rail all day long.

For now we can tell you that blinds are 12,000/24,000 to begin the day. That means there are quite a few short stacks and so we are expecting some early fireworks.

Stay tuned!

Stacked High Roller Final Table

The High Roller final table

What a star-studded final table!

Headlining the elite group of six coming in to the $25K High Roller final table is Canadian Mike "GoLeafsGoEh" Leah, who's in position to cap off a year to remember.

Among Leah's stunning accomplishments so far in 2014 are two WSOP-Circuit Rings in 24 hours, five outright tourney wins, nine final tables and five WSOP cashes.

All told he's racked up $1.58m in live earnings with a potential $600k add on if he can hold his chip lead tonight and hang on for the win.

His tablemates are no slouches however and include impressive young Kiwi pro David "missoracle" Yan, WSOP Main Event runner-up Jesse Sylvia, WSOP Champion Jonathan Duhamel, Brian "flawlessvictory" Roberts and Sam Khouiss

    As an added bonus ESPN2 will be broadcasting the event live (on a short delay) with commentary from the great Lon McEachern, Norman Chad and Antonio Esfandiari.


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