Jungleman to durrrr: “Nobody Wants to Continue When They're Getting Crushed”

Dan Cates
Dan Cates says Tom Dwan is being unresponsive about the durrrr Challenge.

Dan Cates and Tom Dwan have been firing back and forth this week about the ongoing durrrr Challenge but, according to Jungleman, Dwan just doesn't want to play.

“He doesn't really want to play based on his actions so I thought if I called him out on Twitter he'd feel more pressure to play,” Cates told PokerListings.com's Thomas Hviid.

Last Monday Cates sent a tweet to Dwan asking why he was choosing to play other people on Full Tilt Poker, while the durrrr Challenge was still less than halfway done.

“I texted him right before I tweeted that and he didn't respond to me. So I was sort of like 'What the hell' because I keep seeing him playing other people online,” said Cates.

“He just wasn't playing the challenge so I felt like my only option was to go public with my disapproval with him not cooperating.

“It seems like he'd rather just stall until 2020 or something and never finish,” he said.

Last week Dwan told PokerListings.com that he had been in contact with Cates, and that the challenge would be resuming soon.

In the last two days both Cates and Dwan have posted in an ongoing thread on Two Plus Two.

Communication Breakdown Stalls Challenge

Dwan argues that he's been available to play the challenge, and has told Cates as much on multiple occasions.

Cates continues to assert that he's been ready to play since FTP was relaunched, and that Dwan has repeatedly been unresponsive.

Tom Dwan
Tom Dwan tells a different story.

But despite both players claiming they're ready and willing to pay, no new hands have been logged at the $200/$400 durrrr Challenge tables on Full Tilt Poker.

Cates is still chalking that up to Dwan's lack of confidence.

“I think part of him just won't be convinced that he's worse than me, necessarily, but he seems to think he's going to lose the challenge,” said Cates.

“Nobody wants to continue when they're getting crushed.”

Less than 20,000 of the proposed 50,000 hands have been completed in the durrrr Challenge with Cates currently up over $1.2 million.

If Cates is ahead, even by $1, when the 50,000 hands are over Dwan must pay him $1.5 million, in addition to Jungleman's profits.

If Dwan is ahead when the challenge is over Cates must pay him $500,000.

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