JudasBlue wins WSOP seat at Full Tilt Poker

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There are a lot of perks to being a PokerListings.com player. Just ask JudasBlue, who won a World Series of Poker seat during a freeroll exclusively for PokerListings.com players at Full Tilt Poker.

He, and other players who had signed up at Full Tilt Poker through PokerListings.com, were eligible for the freeroll after earning 300 points during the qualification period. All they had to do at that point was show up to play, and one of them would walk away with a $12,500 WSOP prize package.

That player ended up being JudasBlue, from northern California. He topped a 101-player field to earn the prize.

"I was honestly quite surprised by how small the field was for this tournament. Only 101 people for a $12.5k prize on a freeroll seemed pretty insane to me," JudasBlue said. "It was great, but just very surprising. And most of the players seemed quite good. I just got lucky fairly early and went into the final table as chip leader."

At the final table, JudasBlue said he took out the player with the second-highest chip count within the first 10 hands, giving him more than half the chips in play. All he had to do was just coast to a win.

"When we were down to heads up, fane427 had around 20k chips, and I had 130k or so, but it still took around 45 minutes to finish up," JudasBlue said, "and fane427 got close to even a couple of times. I blow chunks at heads-up play and really need to work on it."

The final was pretty much a blind-out according to JudasBlue. fane427 was sitting with only 6,816 in chips and the blinds were $1,500/$3,000.

JudasBlue raised him all-in with K-6 suited against fane427's 7-8 suited. The board brought a pair of jacks, and JudasBlue won it with the pair and a king kicker.

"This is my biggest poker win ever, and I look forward to going to the Main Event of the WSOP courtesy of FTP and PokerListings.com," said JudasBlue, who has been playing poker since his father and brother cheated him out of his allowance when he was six.

Now 42, JudasBlue transformed from an occasional player into someone who's been playing poker regularly for the last couple years.

"What interests me in poker the most, I think, is that the name is amazingly close to polka, and who doesn't like polka?" JudasBlue joked. "While I play on Full Tilt, I like to get out my large collection of bootleg Lawrence Welk VCR tapes and have them running continuously in the background."

If that's the secret to his success, perhaps JudasBlue will need to load up some Welk onto an MP3 player before he heads out to take a shot at the WSOP this summer.

His $12,500 package includes the $10,000 buy-in for the WSOP Main Event as well as money for travel and accommodation, giving him a chance to take on the most prestigious event of the poker circuit and some of the world's top pros courtesy of Full Tilt Poker and PokerListings.com.

"As for PokerListings, well, there are only three sites I visit in relation to poker: FTP, Official Poker Rankings and PokerListings," JudasBlue said. "I get all my news from PokerListings and really like your site."

JudasBlue probably isn't the only player at Full Tilt Poker singing the praises of PokerListings. Several players have walked away with cash in the weekly $3,000 freeroll the past couple weeks as well.

All it takes for players who signed up at Full Tilt Poker through PokerListings.com to qualify for the weekly freeroll is to earn 150 points during the qualification period the week before.

This week, 96 players took advantage of the freeroll, with timmyk4 taking down the event. The final table played out as follows:

Place Name Prize
1st timmyk4 $960
2nd TX FLOW $585
3rd lwsmith25 $420
4th baldfatloser $330
5th MikeGrasso $240
6th Rizzovich $180
7th Nealian $120
8th soarsoar $90
9th jjraider $75

The previous week it was 45caliberT who walked away with the first-place prize. The final-table results were:

Place Name Prize
1st 45caliberT $810
2nd B REIT $510
3rd schlingminho $382.50
4th bitER_2swalO $300
5th laptop 1946 $225
6th Nealian $165
7th soarsoar $112.50
8th LADYDANE $90
9th lokmon $67.50

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