Inebriated Player Gets Booted from $1.1k Little One for One Drop

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It turns out you can have too much fun in a poker tournament.

A player in the $1.1k Little One for One Drop, who claimed to be named Cory A. Cunningham, got belligerent and had to be escorted off the tournament floor by security Thursday night.

Cunningham was eventually disqualified from the tournament but received his buy-in back.

The incident began after Cunningham and an opponent at his table had been sparring back and forth. There was a disagreement over spending too much time in a hand, which led to Cunningham yelling “Time! Time! Time!”

Security Called to the Floor

Tournament director Jack Effel tried to reason with Cunningham but he got progressively more aggressive as time went on.

By this point a crowd had gathered around Cunningham’s table and action grinded to a halt in the tournament. Security was called to the table. Cunningham screamed at security to “get the f*** away.”

Cunningham was yelling at the dealer to show him what his opponent had but she put the cards into the muck.

Eventually Cunningham had to be physically dragged away from the table by a couple players while security assisted.

Poker player Sam De Silva captured this footage of the incident:

Standstill in the Hallway

IMG 5713
Cory Cunningham refused to move for a period of time.

After security got Cunningham into the hallway at the Rio, he sat down for a moment and refused to leave.

“Take me to jail!” exclaimed Cunningham. “I can’t not play this tournament. You can’t kick me out.”

Security told Cunningham to get moving as a crowd began to form in the hallway.

Cunningham was escorted outside the building where he was asked to wait while his friends calmed him down.

Initially Cunningham was told that he would be disqualified from the tournament and never be allowed back at the WSOP.

TD Jack Effel Helps With Resolution

Roughly 10 minutes later, however, Jack Effel returned to have a discussion with Cunningham.

“Things got out of hand in there,” Effel told Cunningham.

“You got really loud. The good thing is that you didn’t hurt anyone, except for yourself. We’re gonna ask that you leave for the rest of the summer.”

Effel told Cunningham that he wanted to end the WSOP on positive note and he was willing to refund his buy-in and let him back at the WSOP next year so long as he cooperated and left quietly

“I think that’s pretty reasonable considering I have metro police officers here,” said Effel.

Cunningham reluctantly agreed.

“This is bullshit,” he said.

Finally Cunningham’s friends helped him leave the property and the crowd dispersed.

Meanwhile the tournament continued as usual.

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