High Stakes Poker: record win for Doyle

Doyle Brunson
Doyle Brunson went crazy and won an $800k pot.

Doyle Brunson and Guy Laliberté clashed in an $800k pot in the latest episode of TV show High Stakes Poker.

Cirque du Soleil billionaire Guy Laliberté has been one of the most active players at the High Stakes Poker table since the minimum buy-in was raised to $500,000 a few weeks ago.

Brunson, on the other hand, has played more cautiously, and not been involved in that many big pots.

In this particular hand, Brunson raised to $11,200 with Ad-Td, and got called by four players, including Laliberté who sat with Ah-5h.

The flop came Ac-Js-4d. Brunson bet $40,000 and only Laliberté called.

"The Godfather of Poker" fired another bullet when the 2d fell on the turn. This time the bet was $110,000.

High Stakes Poker announcer Gabe Kaplan didn't think Laliberté would call such a big bet, and he didn't.

Instead, the Canadian, who had picked up a gut-shot straight draw in addition to his top pair, raised to $310,000, almost putting Brunson all-in.

Brunson wasn't going away, however, and moved all-in for a total of $340,500. Laliberté called.

When Brunson showed his hand, Jamie Gold, who was also seated at the table, noticed the flush draw and said "He's got outs."

Little did Gold know that Brunson didn't need any outs; he was actually a 75% favorite to win the hand at this point, and everybody at the table was absolutely stunned when Laliberté turned over his hand.

The players decided to run the river twice, but Laliberté didn't get any help either time, and Brunson took home the biggest pot in High Stakes Poker history - $818,100.

"When you don't make a pair for eight hours, you go crazy," Brunson said after the hand.

The record wasn't to stand for very long, however, as Sam Farha and Patrik Antonius clashed in a $998k pot a few minutes later.

Antonius moved all-in when he flopped top pair (nines), and Farha called with a king-high flush draw and two overcards.

This time the river was played four times, with Antonius winning three of them, taking home almost $750,000.

High Stakes Poker airs on Mondays at 9 p.m. (EST) on the GSN network.

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