George Danzer: “Online Series Are Harder Than WSOP”

George Danzer
George Danzer has more SCOOP cashes than you.

Over the past 12 months no one has dominated big poker online series like German MTT machine George Danzer.

Danzer finished second on the overall 2013 SCOOP leaderboard with 600 points and third on the 2012 WCOOP leaderboard with 315 points. 

The German PokerStars Pro cashed 36 times in those two COOPs for hundreds of thousands of dollars in profit all from the comfort of his home in Passau.

His secret? Play a ton of events.

“I play a lot of them,” he said while on break at the 2013 WSOP.

“The last two online series on PokerStars I played nearly all of the events. I really only skip the high roller heads-up tournaments.”

Besides volume, Danzer believes his preparation for an online tournament series is part of what sets him apart from the rest of the field.

“I go in well-prepared,” he said.

“I have my routine. Before the tournament series starts I play a lot of sports because I have no time at all during the series. My girlfriend wakes me up at 4 p.m. The tournaments start at 5 p.m. and I grind until 8 a.m. in the morning. I try to eat something when I can.”

Motivation is Key to Winning in Online Tournament Series

George Danzer
George Danzer

Beyond preperation, Danzer says that to succeed while grinding a huge online series you need to maintain emotional control.

“Keeping yourself motivated is the most important part,” he said.

“You’re going to bust out of a lot of events. You cash around 14-15% and you’re good. The rest of the time you bust out and immediately start another event. You have to forget what just happened to you.”

While some may see the WSOP as the ultimate grindfest, Danzer says that it’s a breeze compared to his online schedules.

“[Online tournament series] are harder,” he said. “There are a lot more tournaments and you only have a five-minute break. It’s two weeks where I have no days off. Here I bust from an event and I can choose to not play the next event.”

Danzer admitted he didn’t even bother trying to crack the WSOP POY thanks to the 400-point head start that Daniel Negreanu picked up by winning the WSOP APAC Main Event in Australia.

Despite the difficulty of online poker series, Danzer said that he prefers them to something like the WSOP.

“I actually like the constant grind and pressure every day,” said Danzer. “Plus it’s pretty hot in Las Vegas!”

Danzer two cashes at the 2013 WSOP with a final table finish in the $2,500 Omaha/Seven-Card Stud Hi-Lo event for $34,348.

He’s currently attempting to turn a decent WSOP into a fantastic one with a deep run in the $50,000 Players Championship. You can follow along live here.

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