George Danzer: "I Always Come Prepared and Ready for a Long Grind"

George Danzer
George Danzer in the 2015 $10K Razz

Last year, George Danzer won the World Series of Poker Player of the Year and became the sixth person to win three WSOP bracelets in a year.

While Danzer says it’s still too early in the summer to decide whether he’ll try to defend his title, he’s not ruling out the possibility.

“I always come prepared and ready for a long grind,” Danzer said.

“I just play tournament to tournament, but I always think I can make some deep runs. The hopes are there.

“I know how hard it is because I’ve played for so many years and to even get a chance for Player of the Year last year I had to get some good results.

“I’ll wait until the middle of the WSOP, then I’m going to look at the leaderboard and figure out if it’s worth the really, really hard grind.”

Even three cashes and a Main Event win put Martin Jacobson in 3rd for WSOP Player of the Year.

Battling for the Title

To win the WSOP Player of the Year, Danzer accumulated 923.50 points with 10 cashes, five final tables and three bracelets.

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It was a close race that played all the way to the last event in WSOP Asia-Pacific in Australia.

Danzer was neck-and-neck with Brandon Shack-Harris and the two switched the lead a few times in Australia before Danzer finally pulled away by winning the A$5,000 8-Game Mixed Event.

While Danzer has a myriad of titles to defend, he has his eyes set on a different tournament.

“I want to win the $10K stud this year because I got the Razz and the Stud-8 last year,” Danzer said. “It would be great to complete the triple stud crown.”

“I’m probably the worst at stud high out of those variations though, but to get lucky at that one that would be perfect.”

All of Danzer’s bracelets and seven of his 10 cashes came in non-Hold’em events. They key, Danzer says, is nothing more than volume.

“I constantly play those games and they don’t get out of my system,” Danzer said. “And I don’t focus as much on improving in Hold’em as other players, because you can’t do it all.

“You have to focus on some games.”

Danzer's Games

Danzer’s main games are 7 Card Stud Hi-Low, Omaha Hi-Low and 2-7.

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“My best game is the No-Limit 2-7,” Danzer said. “Actually, I want to win that one.

"Yeah, let somebody else have the Stud high, I want the $10K No-Limit 2-7 because I made 2 thirds in that tournament already and always thought I could win it.

“That’s the one that’s missing on the resume.”

Regardless of whether he’s in contention for Player of the Year, Danzer says he won’t miss out on WSOP Europe in Berlin this year.

“There’s so much stuff to do in Berlin,” Danzer said. “It’s one of the greatest cities in the world.

“It would be nice if I had a shot at Player of the Year though.

“Even if I have to make two final tables or something, I can manage that, I have the home crowd advantage.”

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