Congressmen request trade settlement details

Barney Frank
Barney Frank

Representatives Barney Frank and Ron Paul have joined forces to request the details of trade agreements the U.S. Trade Representative made with the European Union, Japan and Canada to compensate them after the U.S. started the process of withdrawing its online gambling trade commitments with the WTO.

A letter from Frank (D-Mass.) and Paul (R-Texas) to U.S. Trade Representative Susan Schwab was posted on the House Committee on Financial Services Web site last week.

The letter, dated March 14, reads:

"We are writing to request details of the trade agreement between the United States and the European Union, Japan and Canada that was negotiated in December to compensate these nations for withdrawing our GATS gambling commitments under Article 21.

"Press reports have indicated that new trade opportunities will be provided in the postal and courier, research and development, storage and warehouse, and testing and analysis sectors, but no dollar amount has been attached to these new concessions, and very few specifics have been provided.

"Furthermore, as indicated in the New Hope for U.S. Net Gambling Regulations

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