Five Most Underwhelming 2011 WSOP Performances

1 July 2011, Created By: Arthur Crowson
Five Most Underwhelming 2011 WSOP Performances

As much as we love to give credit where credit is due, it’s getting around time to call a spade a spade at the 2011 WSOP.

We’ve compiled a completely subjective list of five players who have been less than impressive at the 2011 WSOP.

We should add that we’re actually pretty big fans of the following players but their results have simply been unacceptable for how skilled they are at poker.

The 2011 WSOP is not finished, of course, with about 10 more bracelets to be awarded and the mega $50k Players Championship and $10,000 Main Event yet to be played.

Will any of the following players be able to prove us wrong in our assessment? We hope so.

Daniel Negreanu: 2 Cashes, $29,940 Earned

Daniel Negreanu is one of the best poker players in the world but you wouldn’t know it if you just looked at his 2011 WSOP.

The 2010 WSOP wasn’t spectacular for Negreanu either but he did cash four times and earn over $100k.

In 2011 Negreanu has only two cashes with just under $30k in winnings.

Negreanu, who was so frustrated by his WSOP he snapped a pair of headphones in a tournament, has readily admitted on Twitter it hasn’t been his summer. This was one of his most recent Tweets:

“Glad the WSOP prelims are over its been a complete disaster. Fresh start with the 50k and the main event on the horizon.” @RealKidPoker

Best of luck, Kid Poker.

Shannon Shorr

Shannon Shorr: 1 Cash, $4,743 Earned

In many ways Shannon Shorr is the ultimate grinder.

He has nearly $4 million in lifetime live tournament earnings and an exceptional online pedigree.

Shorr cashed five times in last year’s WSOP for over $50,000 but even that was a relatively quiet Series for the Alabama native.

The 2011 WSOP, however, has been a train wreck for Shorr. He’s played well over 20 events and he has just one cash for a paltry $4,473.

Considering Shorr has over 18 cashes since he started playing the WSOP in 2006, it's safe to say 2011 has been a very underwhelming year.

We hope Shorr makes some noise in the 2011 Main Event or he may have to take the whole “There’s always next year…” cliché to heart.

Annette Obrestad

Annette Obrestad: 0 Cashes

Annette Obrestad burst on to the poker scene in 2007 by winning the WSOPE for $2 million. Just months later she finished second at EPT Dublin for $429,181.

By that point it was safe to say the hype train was running pretty high for the one known as Annette_15 online.

Since then she’s had a handful of significant cashes including the Aussie Millions final table and a deep run in the EPT Grand Final.

Her success, however, has not exactly translated into results at the WSOP and 2011 isn’t proving to be an exception.

The young Norwegian has zero cashes and has earned exactly nothing at the 2011 WSOP.

On the bright side she did finish second in the Wynn Classic earlier this Spring for $215k so her Series was pretty much paid for.

Frank Kassela: 2 Cashes, $22,169 Earned

Let’s be honest: Frank Kassela has not had the worst WSOP.

He’s cashed a couple times and he’s picked up over $20,000. He even finished 13th in the $1,500 NLHE Shootout Event just missing the final table.

Not bad. It's definitely better than a lot of players at the WSOP.

When compared to last year, however, Kassela is having an incredibly soul-crushing WSOP.

Last year Kassela cashed six times, made three final tables, won two bracelets and earned over $1.1 million.

Then to top it all off he picked up 2010 WSOP Player of the Year honors, which means there is still a banner of him in the Rio hallways.

So yeah, a somewhat disappointing year for the Tennessee native.

Allen Cunningham

Allen Cunningham: 1 Cash, $8,191 Earned

There was a time when Cunningham absolutely crushed the WSOP.

Back in 2006 Cunningham put in one of the most impressive performances ever recorded at the WSOP with six cashes, three final tables, one bracelet victory and appearance at the Main Event.

In total he raked in over $4.2 million for his efforts and won WSOP Player of the Year.

Things have changed.

At this year’s WSOP Cunningham has cashed once for a total haul of $8,191.

All is forgiven, though, if he can just win the Main Event this time around.


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