Felix Stephensen: 2014 WSOP Main Event November Nine Bio

Felix Stephensen
Felix Stephensen

Felix Stephensen is an online poker pro from Oslo, Norway.

Stephensen is the first Norwegian to make it to the November Nine in its current format (Tormod Roren made the Main Event final table in 1997, but that predated the N9)

The Norwegian currently lives in London, England.

Stephensen says he’s been playing poker professionally for about five years now. He primarily sticks to online Pot-Limit Omaha cash games.

“I wanted to make it big,” he said. “I saw there was a lot of money in poker. I always wanted to do things the best that I could. I don’t like doing things half-assed.”

Stephensen said he lost money at first but just got better and better as time went on.

With only two live cashes to his name Stephensen came out of nowhere to make the final table. This is only the second time he’s played the Main Event but he admits some of his opponents likely have an edge on him but he’s been incredibly successful thus far.

Stephensen was wearing a San Diego Chargers ball cap for much of the 2014 Main Event but he’s actually a NY Giants fan. He just liked the Chargers logo better and picked up the hat while on a road trip that started in San Diego.

He’s already locked up the biggest live tournament career cash no matter where he finishes in the November Nine.

Click here to read PokerListings.com's live coverage of the 2014 WSOP Main Event to find out how Stephensen made it this far.

  • Nationality: Norway
  • Age: 24
  • Hometown: Oslo
  • Online Nickname: FallAtYourFeet/ZhipOHoy
  • Career Live/Online Earnings: $22,118/$300k+
  • Biggest Previous Live Cash: $16,989 (92nd - 2013 EPT Barcelona)
  • Twitter Handle: @bucovinas

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