Daily 3-Bet: Staszko Kidnap Plot, Make Bet Kazakhstan, Poker Robotrons

Martin Staszko
I will hunt you down like dog.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a roll of duct tape, a makeshift ransom note and a twisty, surprisingly pleasant drive in the afternoon poker news trunk.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find a bizarre kidnapping plot surfacing around 2011 WSOP runner-up Martin Staszko, the World Poker Tour stretches its boundaries into very foreign territory and writer Colson Whitehead takes a stab at capturing poker's new wave zeitgeist.

1) Staszko Eyed in Kidnap Plot?

Note to self: Don't take calls from a "Robert Keiner."

So this is pretty crazy -- 2011 WSOP runner-up Martin Staszko was reportedly the target of a failed kidnapping scheme.

According to a report in PokerArena.cz Czech police, who have now pressed charges against seven people in Prague on related crimes, say a crime lord by the name of Michael Šváb contacted the president of the Czech Poker Association to set Staszko up for a private home game in Cannes just 13 days after his big score.

Using the pseudonym "Robert Keiner," Šváb supposedlt told Staszko he wanted to "treat his father to an unusual Christmas gift" with a game against the new poker hero.

Staszko smartly declined and was reportedly unaware a kidnap plot was afoot until reports surfaced this week of six similar plots.

The gang "tricked several Czech bussinessmen into meeting them at different places abroad," the paper says. Those that took the proposed trips "ended up kidnapped and blackmailed" and, in two cases, they "even never returned back to their families." Yikes. More from PokerArena here.

2) World Poker Tour Lands in Kazakhstan Next Week

Deal up and shuffle!

Poker is dying, you say?

Tell that to the World Poker Tour, which is about to add another sweet stamp to its poker passport next week with the arrival of WPT Kazakhstan.

What kind of poker community is there in Kazakhstan, you ask?

Well, there's these guys. This guy. And we can't forget about this guy.

They definitely have enough to run a $500+$50 (WPT National 500) and $1500+$150 (WPT National & EAPT 1500) main event, anyway, so that seems like plenty.

Also what the hell were we wasting our time on when qualifers for this were running on partypoker? This sounds like the best tournament ever.

More details from the WPT here.

3) Robotron: Nails New Wave Poker Zeitgeist?

We've already written about the new Colson Whitehead book Noble Hustle, about his foray into the 2011 World Series of Poker, so we won't get back into it too much.

Ryan Lenaghan and Amanda Musumeci
Ryan Lenaghan: Not exactly, but we get where you're going.

But we did listen to the NPR Fresh Episode Whitehead was on this week and we did very much enjoy hearing him dub poker's new generation of four-betting, hoodie-and-headphone-wearing young guns "robotrons."

He used Ryan Lenaghan, who went super deep in that ME and sat at his table for awhile as an example, which we're not altogether sure captures it perfectly, but still.

Robotron does hit it pretty well. Cause Robotrons can be heroes, too, right?

Check the Fresh Air apisode here. More on the book here.

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