Daily 3-Bet: Hellmuth Radio, Canseco Diary, Best Tumblr Ever

Phil Hellmuth
Once had a sandwich of caviar and lobster between two pieces of mink stole.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Phil Hellmuth sharing his verbal rolodex with the radio listeners of Madison, Wisconsin, a heart-wrenching day (or two) in the life of Jose Canseco and the best poker tumblr ever.

1) Phil Hellmuth Drops Names, How Much Things Cost on Wisconsin

Phil Hellmuth fans that have longed to hear his dulcet tones carry them through the post-supper hour have now got their wish.

Phil Hellmuth
I tell you about the time I had dinner with Dom DeLuise and Yakov Smirnov?

Hellmuth has signed on to do the “Poker Brat Radio” show on ESPN once a week on FM 100.5 in Madison, Wisconsin, replacing the show his friend Mark “PokerHo” Kroon used to do.

The show only airs live on the actual radio in Madison, not nationwide, but you can still stream it live online here.

The first edition aired last week and the early reviews from 2+2 users are, well, 2+2ish:

"I'm listening now, i'm not that impressed so far," said TrailerParkBoy. “That guy loves to drop names,” said Daniel Ocean.

“He needs a vocal coach,” said synth_floyd.

Some fans are into it though: “Love Phil,” said OJsBludyNife.

Always the voice of reason, BludyNife. Still, great for Phil fans who can check in on how much Phil’s new BMW Alpina cost ($44,500) and who he had dinner with in Palo Alto recently.

If you’re in Madison, tune in to FM 100.5 on Tuesdays at 8 pm EST. Follow PokerBratRadio on Twitter here.

2) Jose Canseco: Welcome to the Poker World

Jose Canseco
MLB pariah.

Former Oakland A’s Bash Brother and current Major League Baseball steroid pariah Jose Canseco has been slowly inching his way into the poker world over the last few years.

Now living in Vegas, we’re guessing we’re only going to see more of him and we truly hope to see him do well.

In particular we hope to catch up with him after he wins a bracelet at the this amazing piece on Sportsnet.ca by Kristina Rutherford will have to suffice.

It's not pretty, and the talk of poker is marginal (“Canseco may live in Vegas, but he doesn’t live the Vegas life. If it’s not working out, baseball, golf, poker or eating, he’s not interested.”), but the story itself is astounding and definitely worth a read.

Other, better parts:

“Canseco is full of surprises and contradictions. He isn’t stupid or crazy, despite what his misspelled rants suggest. At the heart of it, Canseco is honest, he’s endearing, he’s likeable, even kind. He’s also sad and lonely.”

“He plots a Twitter death and decides he’ll tweet that he was found dead in a bathtub with 14 penguins, then reconsiders. ‘That’s too many. Two penguins is more realistic.’”

Again, check the full piece here.

3) life with face cards Tumblr Feed = Massive Win

We use the Internet for essentially four things:

  • Playing poker
  • Making comments on YouTube videos
  • Researching B+Bs for our next vacation and
  • Digging around for hilarious animated gifs of babies, pets, celebrities and nut shots.

Given those predilections, the life with face cards tumblr that’s been bouncing around Twitter feeds for the last couple of days is virtually perfect.

Much, much win is to be found including gems like:

"When I misclick call and flop the world"

When i misclick call and flop the world

Get more here.

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