Clooney's casino may boast dress code

George Clooney is currently investing millions of dollars in a $3 billion hotel and condo complex in Las Vegas called Las Ramblas and has reportedly suggested a dress code be implemented at the site.

When Clooney met recently with nightclub entrepreneurs Rande and Scott Gerber, billionaire Donald Trump, and fellow actor Brad Pitt to discuss their upcoming project - Las Ramblas - the actor apparently floated the idea of enforcing a European-style dress code in the casino.

Clooney and his partners are looking to establish a different sort of casino in Vegas, one that offers its customers an elegant and refined ambiance. It would not necessarily cater to high rollers, but to gamblers interested in spending time and money in a more intimate, comfortable setting as opposed to the behemoth casinos lining the Strip.

Las Ramblas' casino is slated to be a 30,000 to 40,000 square foot venue. The development will house 300 hotel rooms, more than 1,300 condominium hotel units, and over 2,700 condominiums.

The size of the casino is an indication as to the sort of venue this development proposes to be. Rather than focus on gaming, the complex will be largely residential and hotel oriented, with the casino serving as an amenity rather than a centerpiece.

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