Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop: Bojang’s Incredible Cashing Streak at WSOP

Over the last couple years Ismael Bojang has cashed more times at the WSOP than most poker players will manage in their entire lives.

In total the German multi-game master has picked up an astounding 16 cashes in WSOP events over the last two years to win hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Bojang has already cashed three times at the 2015 WSOP including a third place finish in the $10k 2-7 event and 137th in the $1,500 NLHE 6-Max tournament.

This weekend Bojang came in eighth place in the $10k PLH championship for $37k. The thrill of the hunt hasn’t worn off for Bojang and PokerListings caught up with him the day after he came in eighth.

“That’s why I play tournaments,” said Bojang. “You get this adreneline rush when you make a final table or go deep. It’s fun having that hope of a win.”

Bojang Might Be Best Player Without a Bracelet

Ismael Bojang

At this point Bojang is starting to make a serious claim as the best poker player without a major title.

It doesn’t seem to be getting to Bojang, however.

“I’m probably a bit more on the conservative side,” said Bojang. “It’s maybe a little bit harder for me to win than some other players.”

Bojang explained that he’s been short-stacked at a number of his final-table appearances so that’s part of the reason he hasn’t picked up that big score yet.

“Even so, it doesn’t matter how short you are — you have a shot at winning the tournament,” he said. “I think I’ve had a little bit of bad luck that I haven’t won anything.”

Fantasy Poker MVP

There are plenty of pros who are better known than Ismael Bojang but if you play fantasy poker it’s hard to think of a better pick.

Bojang pretty much plays all the games and he plays them well.

“Usually I just play all the events and just player whatever is next,” he said. “I don’t care if it’s a $1,500 or $10,000.”

He does have his favorites, however.

“The game I like the most is probably Omaha Hi-Lo,” he said. “I’m really looking forward to the $10k Omaha Hi-Lo this summer.”

“I think it will be my best shot at a bracelet but I’m probably a little better at PLO. In Europe all the good cash games are in PLO and a lot of the tournaments too so I have a lot of experience in that game.”

Bojang is actually taking on a bit lighter schedule this year (he’s taking a two-week break in the middle of the WSOP) but that hasn’t kept him from picking up three cashes and a ton of POY points.

Eyes on the Prize

Ready to win.

Despite his considerable number of cashes, Bojang said right now he’s fully focused on winning a major title.

“I’m over [just cashing],” he said

“Obviously I’m not going to do bad ICM stuff or bust the bubble if it’s an unnecessary spot but I don’t fold my way into the money. If I have a +EV spot I’m going to take it.”

At this point in Bojang’s career a big tournament win is pretty much all he’s missing.

“Hopefully I can win one,” he said. “I made a small mistake at final table yesterday but it was more on the variance side. I took a risk, which I want to be doing. I want to play for the win.”

Interestingly if Bojang can’t pull off a victory this summer then he’ll head to the WSOPE this fall with hopes of winning one on home soil in Germany.

When asked where he’d rather win a bracelet, Bojang was torn.

“That’s a tough one!” he said. “Depends on the tournament I’d have to say. Winning a big tournament in Europe with friends watching would be great.

“Who could complain here though? You can have big parties. There are like a 100 players from Germany here.

“I can’t even imagine what I’d do if I won. The party would be off the hook.”


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