Brown: Not amused by Mr. Been

Chad Brown
I am a man. Who will fight. For your honor.

Heads-up matches were all over the place at the World Series of Poker yesterday but the most anticipated - either on the felt or with wild fisticuffs high above the Strip on the Bellagio-to-Bally's walkway - never materialized.

Chad Brown and online pro Aaron Been, involved in a hallway altercation over an incident with Brown's girlfriend Vanessa Rousso, did, eventually, end up side-by-side though.

The original incident played out like this:

Rousso got involved in a hand shortly after being moved to a new table during the $2,500 No-Limit Hold'em Short-Handed Event.

As Owen Laukkanen of reported, with the board showing A-A-2-10 and one player already all-in, Rousso went in the tank.

After some lengthy deliberation, during which she either said the rather innocuous "I think you have kings," or the rather more confrontational "You could just be some idiot with kings," the dealer called the clock on her, and Rousso eventually laid down an ace face-up (she later said she had A-J), deciding instead the player had pocket tens and had hit the two-outer on the turn.

She was right. And the player in question showed the tens, leading her to indicate to the table that was pretty sick and that she had made a good call.

As the dealer commenced with the next hand, Rousso continued to say so.

And this is where things got heated.

Online pro Aaron Been, who was at the table but not in the hand, decided to pipe up, telling Vanessa she was awful, misplayed every street in the hand and could not possibly have played it any worse.

Vanessa was, to say the least, unimpressed. Infuriated, she was eliminated a short time later and stormed from the room, later seen animatedly recounting the incident to Brown in the Rio hallway.

The hallway then became the center of the action a short time later, when Brown, Rousso and Been ran into each other.

Brown approached Been, and either demanded an apology, asked for a Rio floor manager to throw Been out or threatened Been with some man-on-man fisticuffs in the Rio parking lot.

Been declined, and he and his friends walked away, heading for the Bellagio.

And that was seemingly that - until the online forums got wind of it.

As word of the altercation filtered through the online community, people logged on to the 2+2 forum to find out what went down. Some regulars, poker pro Alex Jacob and Been himself made entries to the effect that was what had occurred.

Things really got going however when Rousso herself logged on, at 4:48 a.m., with an elaborate post detailing her side of the story.

Among other things, she vehemently defended the way she played her hand and the time she took, suggested Been called her an "idiot" and "pathetic," asserted Brown had simply asked Been if he had a problem he'd like to address and was only supporting his girlfriend as she hoped anyone would do in that situation, questioned Been's poker career earnings-wise and suggested the only thing "pathetic" at that table was Been himself.

A lengthy series of posts from 2+2ers of course followed, including one from Been in which he said he did in fact tell Vanessa she couldn't have played the hand any worse, but never used the words "idiot" or "pathetic." He also reiterated Brown had indeed called him out for a fight.

The rest of the posters then proceeded to weigh in with a series of photoshopped pictures with homemade captions, many references to Rousso's past table etiquette issues and posts that questioned Rousso's physical attractiveness.

Also, there were many suggestions that regular posters "weren't getting any."

Nothing, however, seemed to come of it yesterday. As the heads-up tournament progressed and both Been and Brown advanced, spectators were licking their chops at a potential match-up between the two on the felt.

But it never materialized. They did however end up at adjacent tables, although by then it seemed the tension had dissipated.

You can read each of their detailed accounts in the 2+2 forum.

We'll keep you posted on any developments, and any and all acrimony seeping from the Amazon Room in anyone's direction.

We're only about halfway through the 2007 WSOP, but things are definitely heating up.

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