WSOP 2011 By The Numbers

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WSOP 2011 By The Numbers

The show has begun!

The 2011 World Series of Poker has started at the Rio in Las Vegas and, as always, it will be a numbers game.

Who wins the most bracelets. Who wins the most money. How big are the prize pools. How big is the field for the Main Event. How many Michelob Lights Scotty Nguyen will drink.

Numbers numbers numbers. Always with the numbers.

But before following the upcoming events live on PokerListings, here are a few WSOP numbers to keep in mind.

The amount in USD that Jamie Gold won for his 2006 Main Event victory. Gold remains the winner of the single biggest prize in WSOP history.

Close behind him on the money list are fellow Main Event winners Peter Eastgate ($9,221,395 in 2008), Jonathan Duhamel ($8,987,310 in 2010) and Joe Cada ($8,575,258 in 2009).

Jon Duhamel

Amount in USD won by Canadian Jonathan Duhamel in the Main Event in 2010. Duhamel’s back for more this year as reigning World Champion.

More than 525,000 poker chips are used each year to keep the WSOP running smoothly.

Total number of players in 2010, with 7,319 entering the Main Event.

If the number has more or less consistently grown/leveled off since 2003, things might change this year thanks to Black Friday.

In dollars, the cheapest buy-in (Event 1, the Casino Employee’s event) at this year’s WSOP. At the opposite end of the spectrum, the $50,000 Players Championship is the highest buy-in.

The number of countries represented in 2010. Considerably more than the 82 represented in the Olympic Winter Games the same year.

The number of days the November Nine will have off between making the final table of the Main Event on July 19 and returning for the playdown to a winner Nov. 5-7.

The number in years of how old Jack Ury, who passed away this year, was when he played his last WSOP. Ury holds the record for oldest WSOP participant.

His presence will surely be missed at this year’s tournament.

Phil Hellmuth

The number of WSOP cashes Phil hellmuth has over his career, leading all poker players.

Following Hellmuth are Men Nguyen (70), Chris Ferguson (63), Berry Johnston (61), Erik Seidel (60), Humberto Brenes and Chris Bjorin (58), TJ Cloutier (57), Chau Giang (56), and John Juanda (55).

In terms of Main Event cashes, Berry Johnston is the leader (10), ahead of Humberto Brenes (8).

Mike Sexton, Jay Heimowitz, Bobby Baldwin, Phil Hellmuth and Doyle Brunson all have 7.

The number of events scheduled for WSOP 2011 over 50 days.

At 46 cashes without a bracelet, Tony Cousineau could be regarded as the best player yet to win one. Or for some maybe the opposite.

Either way, he’s miles ahead of Tom McCormick (33).

This is the 42nd edition of the World Series of Poker. Since 1970, WSOP prize pools have paid out more than $1.2 billion. Yes. That’s billion.

Phil Hellmuth also holds the record for final tables, but just by a sliver. He’s ahead of Men Nguyen (39), TJ Cloutier (38), Erik Seidel (32), and Chris Ferguson (30).

The United States dominated the bracelet count last year with 38 events won in 2010. Next closest was Canada (6), Great Britain (5) and, surprisingly, Hungary (2).

France, Russia, Norway, New Zealand, the Netherlands and Israel all had one.

Phil Ivey
Look for Ivey to surpass Hellmuth in total bracelets.

For the first time, ESPN will broadcast the World Series almost live, with just a 30-minute delay for each day of the Main Event July 14-19.

The delay could also be as little as 5 minutes for some events, with or without hole cards shown.

Phil Hellmuth is still leading bracelet count ahead of Doyle Brunson and Johnny Chan (10),

Following them are :

  • Johnny Moss (9)
  • Phil Ivey and Erik Seidel (8)
  • Billy Baxter and Men Nguyen (7)
  • TJ Cloutier, Layne Flack and Jay Heimowitz (6)
  • Gary Berland, Allen Cunningham, Chris Ferguson, Ted Forrest, Berry Johnston, Jeffrey Lisandro, Scotty Nguyen, and Stu Ungar (5)

The number of official bracelets to be won at the World Series of Poker Europe in 2011, taking place for the first time in Cannes, France.

The most bracelets won by a single player in 2010. American Frank Kassela was the only player to win more than one. Kassela was also awarded Player of the Year with a total of six cashes.

Five players won two bracelets in 2009, including Phil Ivey. The record is six players in 2003.

The most bracelets won in a single year is 3 (Puggy Pearson 1973, Ted Forrest and Phil Hellmuth 1993, Phil Ivey 2002, Jeff Lisandro 2009).

Stay up on all the action from the 2011 World Series of Poker in Las Vegas with out WSOP 2011 Live Coverage section.


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Chad 2011-06-02 07:23:04

LOL that is funny about Nguyen's Michelob lights I hope you track the numbers for that as well. I can't believe its here already, and the numbers did you get all that from the live coverage section? This is awesome, I am sad about Jack though.
Anyway you put together some good numbers here, I have only just started watching WSOP two years ago and just cant get enough. Keep up with the updates I will check back frequently.


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