Photo By Numbers: Seven Sharks and a Mark at WSOPE Main Event

19 October 2011, Created By: Matthew Showell
Photo By Numbers: Seven Sharks and a Mark at WSOPE Main Event

You know that old poker saying, “If you can’t spot the mark in your first 30 minutes at the table …”?

We're on location at the 2011 World Series of Poker Europe main event and this table brought that old adage to mind.

Connect the numbers with the explanations below and see if you can figure out who's sitting at this table with a target on hsi or her forehead.

We’ve done it before but when we see a table like this in a major tournament we feel the need to break it down for you by the numbers.

1. Chris “Moorman1” Moorman: Chris Moorman is not just one of the best online MTT players in his home country of England, he’s one of the best in the world.

His online accomplishments are too many to number and total over $7.4 million in earnings.

This summer Moorman had his biggest live cash yet - a runner-up finish  in the $10k Six-Max Hold’em Championship for $716,282. He also bagged a third-place finish in the $2,500 Six-Max event worth $271,800 plus two other small cashes.

With well over $1 million playing live tournaments this year alone, Moorman should always be considered a threat.

Hoyt Corkins
Hoyt Corkins, Alabama's most recognizable poker pro.

2. Hoyt “Alabama Cowboy” Corkins: Hoyt Corkins is a bona fide old-schooler but that doesn’t mean he can’t hang with the best of the new generation.

Corkins has over $5.5 million in live tournament earnings and a record that includes two WSOP bracelets and two WPT titles.

This is his 32nd time cashing in a WSOP event and he’s made an astounding six WPT final tables.

3. “Fast” Freddy Deeb: Freddy Deeb is respected by the best live players in the game as a wily opponent, as evidenced by his more than $7.6 million in live tournament earnings.

Deeb has two WSOP bracelets including a win in the $50,000 HORSE event in 2007. He won the WPT’s Ultimate Poker Classic in 2005 for $1 million and took down the WPT Celebrity Invitational in 2009.

He’s also got WSOP cashes going all the way back to 1990.

4. John “johne147” Eames: John Eames has been a successful online player building more than $1.5 million in earnings since 2007.

While he’s also built a long list of significant live scores, totaling over $1.2 million, he’s yet to secure his first major title. He has had three six-figure paydays in his young career however.

He won a €2k side event at EPT Vienna for $172,000, placed second in a €2k side event EPT Barcelona for $107k and finished third at this year’s EPT Copenhagen main event for $257,011.

Jake Cody
Jake Cody, proud owner of poker's Triple Crown.

5. Jake Cody: To say Jake Cody has had a successful few years in poker would be an understatement.

In just two years Cody has completed poker’s Triple Crown, the honor bestowed upon those who have won titles on the EPT, WPT and WSOP.

Cody won EPT Deauville in 2010 for over $1.2 million, WPT London for $426,000 and the $25,000 Heads-Up Championship at the 2011 WSOP for $851,192.

6. Melanie “Callisto 5” Weisner: Melanie Weisner hails from Houston, Texas and has earned close to $600,000 playing online poker since 2007.

Weisner is an up and comer and perhaps most telling about the young pro is the respect she gets from some of the best online poker tournament specialists in the world.

With almost $400k in live earnings, Weisner is just getting started.

7. Maria Ho: Maria Ho has the distinction of taking down the single biggest score by a woman in the history of the World Series of Poker.

She holds that record thanks to a runner-up finish this year in the $5k No-Limit Hold’em event for $540,000.

Previous to that windfall her biggest result was 38th in the 2007 WSOP Main Event. That earned her over $237,000.

With over $1.1 million in earnings and a turn on the popular reality show The Amazing Race, Maria Ho is already one of the most recognizable females in the game.

8. Giuseppe “Random Itali-Donk” Sammartino: Listen, we’re not here to badmouth anyone but with just a single min-cash in a $1k donkament at the 2011 WSOP we’re thinking this guy’s the target

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Ronald H. Witt 2011-10-21 23:19:04

It would be nice to see a woman win good for pokr.

Lee 2011-10-19 17:42:13

These tournament here in London holds some of the best poker players in the world. I love to watch Chris Moorman play because he is a fierce competitor.

Ronald H. Witt 2011-10-19 07:50:04

some great players here

Kyle 2011-10-19 05:00:16

No money in massive 10k mtts everyone's solid

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