Matt Stout Talks WSOP and Post-Black Friday Plans

8 June 2011, Created By: Alexander Villegas
Matt Stout Talks WSOP and Post-Black Friday Plans

Despite great results live, poker pro Matt Stout spent the bulk of his time playing poker online.

All that changed when Black Friday hit and he was no longer able to play on the three biggest online poker sites in the world.

Right now Stout is at the World Series of Poker and we spoke with him about what he's going through post-Black Friday.

How many World Series have you attended?

This is my sixth.

How has Black Friday changed your strategy as opposed to other years?

The only real shift I made is instead of playing the $3,000 PLO event I’ll play a $2,000 NLHE at the Venetian. I’m not chasing bracelets quite as much and I’m more worried about EV and what I think the best tournament is, moneywise, to play for the day.

So I’m playing a couple less events for the series. But my schedule hasn’t changed all that much. Depending on how things go in poker, not just for me personally, but with the tournament fields and everything else post Black Friday.

I may change my buy-in strategy more down the road then it is now.But for now I’m not changing it up that much, I haven’t done anything drastically different.

I’m still playing all the big stuff. I mostly just cut out some of the things I’m not quite that great EV in, like the mixed game, PLO, 8-Game and 10-game.

So yeah, basically those are the only shifts I’ve made, I’m playing a few more of the big Venetian no-limits on those days where I would chase bracelets.

Have you noticed a surge in online players this year?

Yeah, a little bit I guess. But mostly online grinders were coming to the WSOP every year. I think the other events, circuit events, random WPT prelims, all those other types of events will have the impact of having more good online grinders show up for them.

As for the WSOP they were already showing up.

How have you seen other online players affected by Black Friday?

A lot of them are super stressed out, worried, thinking about moving or thinking about going into other avenues like going back to school or taking jobs.

The more they played online and weren’t as confident online, the more they were stressed out about it and felt like it was the end of the world.

How has your daily routine changed after Black Friday?

Instead of grinding online tournaments all day almost every day that I’m not on tour I hang out with my dogs, drink a lot of beer, I went to a glass blowing class. I’ve just been chilling.

I mean everyone else freaked out, I was like ‘I’m just going to hang out for a while, wait for the WSOP, see how that goes and then go from there.’

I’m in a lot better position than a lot of people though. I’ve already play live a lot, I’m planning on doing more poker coaching and training.

And I have the possibility of getting a second apartment, if I need to, in Vancouver or wherever, so I can still play online. So I mean, it affected me a lot, a lot of my play was online and I also had some vested interest in some other players online.

But it’s not going to kill me, I’m not running for the hills or looking to leave poker. I may go back and finish school but I would still be playing a lot of poker. I don’t plan on leaving the game anytime soon.

How likely are you to relocate to Vancouver?

I would never do it permanently. I’m not going to give up my U.S. citizenship at this point. I wouldn’t say I would never give up my citizenship, I just don’t feel it’s that drastic to make that move at this point in my life.

It also depends on how difficult it is to set up in Canada. I’m just about coin flipping right now, based on how this WSOP goes and some other things I have lined up and planned. Depending on how those things go, those are my main determinants.

But I’d say I’m coin flipping right now as to whether or not I’m going to have an apartment right now.

So what are some of your WSOP goals this year?

Win a bracelet, as usual. I really don’t set too many goals for myself, obviously we all want to win bracelets, that’s why we’re here. The money’s good too, but it’s one of my life goals to win a bracelet.

That and the money all go together. I hate all the debates about whether it’s about the money or the bracelet.

It’s about both.

We want to eat and we want to have bracelets. We use the money to buy food and we bling with the bracelet.

So that’s what we’re all trying to do.

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