All Hail Hellmuth at WSOP Main Event Day 1c

Phil Hellmuth

Phil "Poker Brat" Hellmuth made his biggest entrance ever at the WSOP on Day 1c of the 2009 Main Event.

Hellmuth, who is notorious for over-the-top entrances at the Main Event, decided to enter this year's event dressed as Roman Emperor Julius Caesar, with nearly 100 supporting characters decked in Roman gear.

"I came here to conquer like Caesar!" said Hellmuth as he entered the Rio. "I'm here to win my 12th bracelet."

The Poker Brat was carried by four Roman Guards to the red carpet at the convention room entrance as he waved to fans from atop his platform.

The production also included 11 female gladiators in body paint (to represent each one of his WSOP bracelets), two male trumpeters, one male announcer and 50 female muses dressed in white togas.

Phil Hellmuth
Phil Hellmuth in the heart of the Rio.

The procession, which began at 1:45, went all the way through the Rio hallways, with the muses dropping rose petals wherever Hellmuth walked before he finally took his seat in the Amazon Room with his 11 gladiators still standing next to him.

Hellmuth was one of approximately 2,000 runners on Day 1c of the 2009 Main Event.

This is the third time Hellmuth has staged an elaborate entrance to the Main Event. In 2007 Hellmuth came dressed as a race car driver with 11 models in tow.

In 2008 Hellmuth came dressed as a general as part of the UB Army promotion that was going on at the time. There was some minor controversy at the time due to the ongoing U.S. war in Iraq.

Despite the controversy, Hellmuth had a very successful Main Event, going deep but eventually bowing out in 45th for $150,000.

Hellmuth wasn't the only player to use theatrics on Day 1c. Although it was much more subtle, Dennis Phillips had about 20 friends and family decked out in his now-famous white shirt and red St. Louis cap.

The "Phillipians," as media scribes called them, sweated Phillips throughout the day.

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Dave 2009-07-14 17:20:00

Hellmuth is the greatest No Limit Holdem player in the world! Most poker players are dull and lifeless, but Phil makes it interesting and poker is better for it.

CJ 2009-07-12 22:19:00

Both Alejandro and PokerMan are "dead-on"! I was playing on Day1C and saw his entrance. He is an image promoter who knows that his brand is his other income. Of course he is going to play to it... it makes him money! Besides, I hear he is a nice guy off the felt and deserves props for his victories. Either way, he seems to have fun at the game and keeps things interesting.

PokerMan 2009-07-08 23:25:00

Phil plays it up for the camera. He is a great player and seems like a good guy off camera, but he knows that media attention is good for the image and is good for the brand he promotes.

Rif 2009-07-08 20:13:00

wuts wrong with a little razzle lol...Its all in good fun

Alejandro 2009-07-08 02:38:00

Let him be Maz, I don't agree at all with what you are saying.
Have fun, period.

maz 2009-07-07 18:44:00

What a friggen moron. Although some have come to expect this from him, and maybe some of it is staged by UB, but this is probably the dumbest self promotion I've ever seen. To me, this also gives poker a bad name. Here comes Hellmuth the Crybaby on his chariot.
To all new poker players.. if you ever become famous, please note this is what you shouldn't do. It's unprofessional, distracting, and complete nonsense. It's too bad there isn't some poker commission that can ban him from events for doing this crap.

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