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WSOP Tweet Relief: Hell of a Run, People

While Antonio Esfandiari was busy captivating the poker world with his epic run in the Big One for One Drop, another epic story was playing out on the other side of the Rio in Event 54, $1,000 No-Limit Hold'em.

Twitter platform engineer Ian Chan (@chanian), a poker enthusiast but far from a pro, bought in along with 3,221 other hopefuls on July 1 with the plan to live tweet his experience out to his followers.

It turned out to be a lot more than he bargained for when he made it all the way to Day 3 and the top 15.

Chan, who codes the "cards" used for extended tweets, eventually busted out in 14th for just over $22k.

Along the way, he also gave his Twiiter co-workers and followers - including Twitter CEO Dick Costolo - an amazing real-time look into the World Series of Poker.

Check out his full tweet report here; some highlights below:

I'll be live tweeting my status at the WSOP tomorrow, follow along if you like poker or want to see tweets/pics of me losing money. #wsop— Ian Chan (@chanian) June 30, 2012

My office for the next 3 days, $2,500,000 on the line. WSOP let's do this... twitter.com/chanian/status…— Ian Chan (@chanian) July 1, 2012

First pot win, bluffed $450 into a missed flush on the river. Scooped $550 #progress (hope opponent isn't reading this)— Ian Chan (@chanian) July 1, 2012

With late entries, there's a total of 3,138 players . A $3,138,000 pot, by far the biggest poker game of my life ;-D #wsop— Ian Chan (@chanian) July 1, 2012

Moving to new table, escorted to my new seat with chips sealed in a bag twitter.com/chanian/status…— Ian Chan (@chanian) July 1, 2012

Bleeding chips, down to $5.5k and getting bullied by the king/bad guy from the Hunger Games twitter.com/chanian/status…— Ian Chan (@chanian) July 2, 2012

First A-A in 9 hours of play, scary 4-way but I scoop another 2K. Now at $10,325 - less than 950 players remain.— Ian Chan (@chanian) July 2, 2012

Just flopped a Royale Flush draw against chip leader, bet each street, made nut straight on river. I win 10K more.— Ian Chan (@chanian) July 2, 2012

Holy shit, very next hand, 2 people just went all in in front of me, I look down a this: #runningHot #allin twitter.com/chanian/status…— Ian Chan (@chanian) July 2, 2012

There are 9.6 million chips in play, I have 33k. The top 320 of the 3,221 entrants get some of the $3Million, depending on how they place.— Ian Chan (@chanian) July 2, 2012

IN THE MONEY! *the room erupts with applause*— Ian Chan (@chanian) July 2, 2012

Bagged and tagged, $70,200! Play resumes at 1pm tomorrow, and the fight for $3,000,000! #wsopDreams twitter.com/chanian/status…— Ian Chan (@chanian) July 2, 2012

And Day2 begins. Looks just as messy as my desk at work #wsopDreams twitter.com/chanian/status…— Ian Chan (@chanian) July 2, 2012

Guy at my table has $180k, I'm getting pushed around, now at $83K, need to be more patient. (138 remain)— Ian Chan (@chanian) July 2, 2012

Observation: many players at the table here at the #WSOP are glued to their phones reading tweets. Just like a dinner out in SF with techies— Ian Chan (@chanian) July 2, 2012

Tips for live tweeting a 72hour poker tournament: external battery pack #wsop twitter.com/chanian/status…— Ian Chan (@chanian) July 2, 2012

Gotta stop tweeting unexposed hands, just saw a guy across the room reading my timeline. Hah!— Ian Chan (@chanian) July 3, 2012

And this, friends, is what $250,000 chips looks like. #funsies #gogogo twitter.com/chanian/status…— Ian Chan (@chanian) July 3, 2012

No matter what happens, sharing this experience realtime has been as incredible as playing it. I owe it all to Twitter twitter.com/chanian/status…— Ian Chan (@chanian) July 3, 2012

I suppose calling in sick for work tomorrow might not work...[cc @dickc] jk I'm wfh.— Ian Chan (@chanian) July 3, 2012

If you are one of the other 38 players remaining in this WSOP, and you are reading this: I have pocket Aces. #TweetBluff— Ian Chan (@chanian) July 3, 2012

Also, there are 3 players at my table tweeting. Lol, they look like pros, so probably to private accounts.— Ian Chan (@chanian) July 3, 2012

For anyone interested, I started playing poker in 2002, played every day in University, that might explain why my code always breaks twitter— Ian Chan (@chanian) July 3, 2012

Made it through day 2.Time for some sleep, thanks all for following along and for all the support!15 remain.— Ian Chan (@chanian) July 3, 2012

And here we go again. Wish me luck folks! #wsopDreams twitter.com/chanian/status…— Ian Chan (@chanian) July 3, 2012

@chanian good luck, have fun & remember to throw a massive tantrum at some point because those always end up on TV #thingsilearnedfromespn— dick costolo (@dickc) July 3, 2012

Player at table: *looks at table full of players reading tweets, looks at my twitter shirt* "<jokingly> Look what you've done to the game!"— Ian Chan (@chanian) July 3, 2012

When you are the short stack, seeing the Big Blind come around is like watching the grim reaper moving around the table. #intense— Ian Chan (@chanian) July 3, 2012

His Queens hold up.Busted out folks. 14th place of 3,221#wsopDreams— Ian Chan (@chanian) July 3, 2012

Hell of a run people! Thanks to all those who followed and cheered me on!An incredible adventure, so glad you all could tag along.— Ian Chan (@chanian) July 3, 2012

And now, I enter tax hell as the casino tries to figure out how to tax a resident alien who is a Canadian citizen #ExtremeFirstWorld :-)— Ian Chan (@chanian) July 3, 2012

Flying home, end to an awesome + hilarious #chanian2012 WSOP Vegas trip. /w @chenosaurus @nolanbrown @Abel @Abbott twitter.com/chanian/status…— Ian Chan (@chanian) July 4, 2012

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