WSOP 3-Bet: Cheong Song, Twitter Wars, Poker Party

Tiffany Michelle and Maria Ho
Ain't no party like a poker party.

Joseph Cheong domination, another social media flame war and party aftermath ruled Day 7 of the 2012 WSOP.

Today in the WSOP 3-Bet we take a look at Joseph Cheong steamrolling the $5k Mixed Max, Jon Aguiar flaming the WSOP over Twitter and the damage report from the Maria Ho, Liv Boeree, Vanessa Selbst and Vanessa Rousso party.

Check below for the complete scoop:

Joe Cheong
Joseph Cheong

Follow the Chips to Joe Cheong

We decided to use a simple premise in covering the $5k Mixed Max: pick one player and follow his or her chips.

Well we followed the chips to former Main Event final table finisher Joseph Cheong at the end of Day 2 and they’ve pretty much stayed with him.

Today the Mixed Max switched to Heads-Up and Cheong went on a tear defeating Brock Parker, Fabrizio Baldassari and Nabih Zaczac in rapid succession.

Cheong will take 1.5 million chips into the final 4 and has to be considered the odds-on favorite to win the tournament at this point.

Cheong will face Hugo Lemaire tomorrow and if he wins that match, he’ll go to the final heads-up match for a shot at a bracelet.

The other heads-up match will feature Aubin Cazais against the winner of the Marvin Rettenmaier/Warwick Mirzikinian match.

Follow the action in our live coverage section.

Jonathan Aguiar
Jon "FatalError" Aguiar doesn't pull any punches.

World Series of Flame Wars with Aguiar

There’s a good chance the 2012 WSOP hasn’t started quite as smoothly as organizers would have liked.

So far the WSOP has taken considerable heat for converting the women’s bathroom into men’s (changed now) and a live stream without commentators (they added them).

Now a visible outcry over the new "verbalize your actions" rule for final tables.

It began when Jon “FatalError” Aguiar took to Twitter to complain about the rule, calling it “…possibly the worst rule in poker history.” Aguiar busted fourth in the $1,500 Pot-Limit Hold’em event. Apparently tournament organizers didn’t enforce the rule until Daniel Negreanu busted.

That was fine, as a lot of players complain about the WSOP, but it was what the official WSOP Twitter account retweeted that truly caused an uproar.

RT @JonAguiar @wsop @wsoptd why are you the only one who cries all day every day about everything Adapt and stop sounding like a complete ****

— Shawn Daniels (@SHAWNIVEY_OBV) June 2, 2012

After the retweet, Aguiar mocked everyone inolved with the WSOP non-stop. A number of poker players, including Daniel Negreanu and David “Doc” Sands, have chimed in to mention their dislike of the rule.

The retweet is still up on the official WSOP Twitter account timeline but that could change within the next 24 hours.

Tiffany Michelle photo
This is how Tiffany Michelle's night went.

The Mother of All WSOP Parties

We never shy away from a good house party, we’ve even hosted a few in Vegas, but the one at the Rousso/Ho/Selbst/Boeree house last night may have been the best poker party ever.

First off, the digs weren’t bad, with volleyball, ping-pong, basketball and pool all available to hustle your friends out of money.

There was also a sweet hot tub and pool. And did we mention booze? Yeah there was a lot of booze.

In fact we’re pretty sure at least part of season 11 of the Real World was shot in the house.

Perhaps our only complaint would be the same issue we’ve had with every poker party ever held: it was at least 5-1 male to female ratio by the time we got there.

Regardless it was a rocking good time. Maybe too good. There ended up being multiple trips to the emergency room.

For those keeping track at home here’s a tally of the various injuries that occurred at the party:

  • Partially Severed finger (Tiffany Michelle)
  • Broken arm (Ryan “Golfa” D’Angelo)
  • Broken ankle (Liv Boeree)

Let’s just hope the multiple injuries don’t hurt the women’s chances of winning a bracelet this summer because they’re off to a fantastic start.

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