Jamie Rosen - Can I Rebuy?

But despite the fact that you can't rebuy here in the Main Event, the biggest poker tournament on the planet has a lot in common with your average rebuy - there are a ton of chips in play and deep stacks on the tables.

Rosen got off to his usual fast start here on Day 1a and sat down with PL.com to tell us about it just before the final level of the night.

So Jamie, this is your first Main Event; tell me about how the day started out.

Um, real rough. Right off the bat I have $14k and a guy hit a flush on the river on me and I paid him off. It was real rocky right off the bat. After the first break I had $14.6k and I went out and calmed myself down in the parking lot before the second level started and I was feeling a little bit more like myself. I got back in the groove, you know?

One funny hand was when a guy opened up to $1,000 at $150/$300 and I flatted with 8 5 and the flop came Q-J-5 with two diamonds and with $2,300 in the pot the guy bets out $3k - standard [sarcastically]. I jam for like $25k; he snap-calls with queens - top set. 3 on the river - easy game. That put me up to like $45k-ish.

So then you got it up to like $75k before losing half your stack a little later?

Oh my god. The only limped pot of the night, obviously because I suck at limped pots - that's how I busted out of the $1k rebuy. I limped in with Q-J, flop comes Q-Q-T and we went back and forth until we were all-in. He had Q-K and it held and then the next hand a guy hit a boat on my flush and he check-raised me on the river. It was just a weird vibe you know.

So what are your first impressions of the field here at the Main Event?

It's a joke. The standard raise is like 5x at my table.

So you can smell the fish a mile away?

Oh God. It's like a dream. It's like playing the $5 rebuy on [Poker]Stars live. [laughs] There's so many of them it's great.

Jamie Rosen
This Rosen has few thorns.

So tell me Jamie, with your one final table and one final-table bubble in the $1k rebuy prelims here this year, how come you are so good at rebuys? Do you play that standard rebuy style of getting as many chips on the table as possible, then outplaying everybody for them?

Well the first rebuy I was like top 10 the whole time, but the second I had just a little more than the starting stack at the end of the first level. Then the second hand back I made a sick call when a guy pushed me all-in with 6-4 off and I just went up from there.

Usually in rebuy periods I'll open a lot more pots and play a lot more because I can't get out. So I will take a lot more chances, but I'm not the type of person that puts in like 10 rebuys. I play pretty good. I may play a little bit laggy, but I'll never commit myself unless I have it.

People think I'm so crazy ...

But you still have to play with some sense ...

Yeah, I mean I'll open up like every pot, but I won't put a chip in after that flop if I see that they'll call me down.

And then in the deeper stages of rebuy tournaments it's really about playing deep-stack poker, right?

There's so much play in rebuy tournaments, but I feel like three or four double-ups and you'll make the final table. You don't have to go crazy. You have to calm down because people drop fast. I'll be laggy, but I'll tighten up a little when I start to get a feel for the table. I'll wait and then I'll open up again and then I'll stop and people get confused.

I've just been real fortunate in rebuys. I don't know why and it's so weird. I told myself I'll never play another freezeout tournament again because like the two $1k Rebuys are the only tournaments I cashed in the whole series. Then the next night after I bubbled the final table I took down the $200 Rebuy on PokerStars and then last night I took down the $100 Rebuy.

Perhaps you've found a niche?

Jamie Rosen
All ball.

Yeah; my backer says I'm the No.1 rebuy player in the world right now. The last six final tables I've made have all been rebuys and I've made the $200 Rebuy final table the last three times I've played it.

I put in the volumes and play as many as I can; I play a lot of freezeouts too, I just haven't been as fortunate. I don't know why because play is basically the same as soon as the rebuy period ends. Poker is poker.

I suppose it's just that you are deeper-stacked in the rebuys. Kind of like here at the Main Event ...

Yeah, here these people have no concept of M or BBs. It's like the guy with the queens who hit top set and way overbet the pot. He said to me "There was a flush draw - if you had top set, wouldn't you overbet the pot?" I was like "Not a chance sir."

They know how to play poker and they know what hands beat what but they have no strategy and nothing that takes them deep in every tournament. They don't know what works and what doesn't work. I basically have a play for every hand I have and that comes with experience. A lot of these people don't really take that approach.

So what's your plan now that the day is almost through? You're back up to $70k. Are you going to go broke trying to make a big stack or go to bed to end Day 1a with that $70k?

Naw, I'm going to calm down now. I have a really loose image at my table right now.

So if I asked anyone there, you never have a hand?

Yeah, [when I doubled up again with] kings. It was literally the only hand I had. Every time I raise there's one guy at the end of the table who's like "Oh, raising with nothing again. Here comes the three-bet." And every time I'll insta-fold. Next time I'll guarantee I'll have a hand and he'll fire out and I'll flat him. He'll fire out again on the flop and I'll put him all-in and he'll call me and I'll have the nuts. That's the way it goes.

But with one level to go and a decent stack, you aren't really looking to get into too much trouble are you?

This is my first World Series so yeah, this is living the dream.

So do you get a little nervous being a Main Event rookie?

Yeah I was real nervous today. And it's so weird because I'm never nervous, but today I felt like I was about to get in a fight or something. I had butterflies in my stomach. This could be life-changing. Any bracelet event is, but this is more so. A couple hundred thousand you'd be good for a couple of years, but a couple million, you are good for life.

But when I tell myself I'm the #$%@, I'm the $%#@. I'll go deep. Both those rebuys I knew I was going deep right off the bat and I'm feeling it today. I'm in the groove. I'm in the zone.

* * * * * * * * * * *


The zone brought Jamie to around the $70k mark at the end of Day 1a and he'll come into Day 2a feeling uber-confident. It's just too bad you can't rebuy here at the Main Event or we'd be betting our own bankrolls that he'll go deep.

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jordan rosen 2008-08-31 05:28:00

your the shit brochem, and you will be wearing a bracelet soon rock the shit in the europe games of the world series, i know you can
love you brochem

jlb 2008-07-09 04:48:00

Thats my cousin Jamie... keep rockin that shit!

Steve Rosen 2008-07-06 06:03:00

Good job brochem, mad proud of you! The main event bracelet is already on your wrist as far as I'm concerned. :-)

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