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Published On: 18 June 2011 / Modified: 21 June 2018
Created By: BJ Nemeth
03 3439 Mike Sexton Waits

Mike Sexton came painfully close to his second WSOP bracelet this afternoon in Las Vegas but Chris Viox had other ideas.

The two returned to the ESPN stage to battle it out heads-up in the $1,500 Stud Hi-Low event and we've got the story for you right here in picture form.

Look at the photos and read the captions underneath for a little context.

Mike Sexton Just Misses 2nd WSOP Bracelet

01 3398 Norman Chad Miami John Chris Viox

As Chris Viox unbags his chips, Miami John Cernuto (center) and ESPN Commentator Norman Chad wish him good luck. Cernuto finished 43rd in this event, while Chad finished 12th -- his second cash in this event in the last three years.

02 3392 Mike Sexton and Fans

Meanwhile, Mike Sexton poses for photos with fans on the rail. Sexton is known for being one of poker's greatest ambassadors.

04 3418 Chris Viox and Bracelet

The gold WSOP bracelet waits for the eventual winner. Viox may not be well known, but this is his 14th WSOP cash, and his third WSOP final table. This was Sexton's 21st WSOP final table (with many more cashes), and he won a bracelet in this exact same event back in 1989. Could he win it again 22 years later?

03 3439 Mike Sexton Waits

Sexton could neatly fit all of his 640,000 in chips in two stacks, small enough to be concealed by his hands. Sexton waits patiently while Viox stacks his 2,090,000 in chips.

05 3446 Good Luck Handshake Viox vs Sexton

After a quick good-luck handshake, play begins.

06 3692 ESPN Arena

The ESPN final table arena wasn't packed, but there was a much larger crowd today than there was last night at 3:00 am. Most of the stadium was rooting for Mike Sexton, though Chris Viox had the support of about a dozen friends on the rail.

07 3556 Sexton Folds to Viox

On sixth street, Sexton checked his 6 J 6 9 (pair of sixes showing), and Viox bet his 5 10 7 6. Sexton tanked for a long time before he folded, leaving himself with just 360,000 -- just three big bets.

08 3605 Sexton Folds to Viox

Things were not going Sexton's way early. When Viox picked up a pair of tens and bet on fifth street (showing 4 10 10), Sexton tanked once again before he folded his (Q 2 5). Sexton was critically low on chips at this point.

09 3708 Center Stage

Practically down to the felt, Mike Sexton got it all in on third street with the 7 showing to Chris Viox's 3. Sexton turned over a split pair of sevens, while Viox had A-8-3 rainbow. Viox improved to a pair of aces on fourth street, putting Sexton in a hole, but Sexton caught two pair (queens and sevens) on his last card to stay alive and double up.

10 3762 Sexton All In

With Sexton showing the 3 and Viox showing the 6, they reraised each other a few times until Sexton was all in, once again putting himself at risk. Sexton showed pocket eights in the hole, which put him ahead of Viox's split sixes.

On sixth street, Sexton still had the eights but no draws, while Viox picked up a diamond flush draw to go with his sixes. When the dealer dealt seventh street, Viox followed etiquette and showed first -- he caught the lowly 2 to give him two pair, sixes and deuces. Sexton would need to pair one of his cards to stay alive.

11 3793 Sexton and Viox Shake Hands

Sexton's last card was the J, which didn't help him, and Viox won the final hand with two pair. Viox was overwhelmed by the moment, dropping his head down for a few moments before standing up to receive a congratulatory handshake from Sexton.

12 3811 Mike Sexton and Chris Viox

Mike Sexton quietly discusses things with Thor Hansen (left), while Chris Viox celebrates in the background with his friends on the rail.

13 3861 Chris Viox

Chris Viox shows off his first bracelet in 14 WSOP cashes, along with a photo of his kids, as his friends chant "Three-one-four! Three-one-four! Three-one-four!" in the background. Viox's nickname is "PiMaster," and his friends were chanting the first three digits of pi (3.14159 … etc.) in his honor.

Chris Viox won $200,459 and his first WSOP bracelet.


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Rory 2011-06-28 06:27:12

it was a great fight!! geez!

Tim 2011-06-20 20:46:31

Quick correction, Chris Viox's nickname is "Mullet" or "Watermelon Man"


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