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WSOPC Tallinn 2023 Live Blog

WSOPC Tallinn 2023 Live Blog

€660 PLO HI/LO – 43 players 22.09.2023 13:07 by Christoffer Karlén

43 players have entered the PLO HI/LO so far, with one player busting out so far.

€660 PLO HI/LO – The event has begun! 22.09.2023 12:29 by Christoffer Karlén

WSOPC Ring Event #9 has begun in Tallinn, being the €660 PLO HI/LO tournament. So far, 31 players are registered.

But wait, there’s more! 22.09.2023 10:30 by Christoffer Karlén

Even though we will focus maily on day 2 of the €1 500 Main Event, we will bring you live updates from the €660 PLO Hi-Lo ring event which starts at 14:00. There is also the €350 Texas NLH Online Ring Event which is played on Olybet at 20:00 tonight.

€1 100 PLO 4&5 – Jon Kyte wins is the winner! 21.09.2023 08:29 by Christoffer Karlén

It was around 4 am last night when Norway’s Jon Kyte won the €1 100 PLOC WSOPC Tallinn Ring Event! Except the ring, Jon also collected the paycheck of €34 780.

Jon Kyte.
€1 100 – We’re in the money! 20.09.2023 21:18 by Christoffer Karlén

As chip leader Jon Kyte knocks out Mohammad Halafi in 18th place, the remaining 17 players are now in the money!

Jon Kyte is seeking to bring the WSOPC Ring home to Norway.
€1 100 PLO 4&5 – We’re on the bubble to two tables! 20.09.2023 21:11 by Christoffer Karlén

17 players are left in the PLO 4&5 Event. When 16 players, a full redraw and chip count will be made by the tournament officials.

€1 100 PLO 4&5 – Seat draw & Chip count 20.09.2023 20:11 by Christoffer Karlén

For the 22 remaining players in the €1 100 PLO, seat draw and chip count is as follows:

Table 1:

1Nurmisto, Niki Juhani154 000
2Kalenius, Jari Petteri243 000
3Svanberg, Markus Elof399 000
4Knaapinen Matias Manuel150 000
5Parkkinen, Seppo Paavo187 000
7Lehto, Kai E. J.134 000
8Kokko, Olli Johannes210 000

Table 2:

1Koistinen, Jose M. H.97 000
2Okada, Ken90 000
3Pihela, (Jr) Igor259 000
4Halafi, Mohammed H. S.189 000
5Koplimaa, Markku145 000
6Kyte, Jon Kristian668 000
7Koivurinne, Riku Matias148 000
8Helppi, Juha Ilmari137 000

Table 3:

SeatPlayer ChipsChips
2Petrovs, Vladislavs97 000
3Rummukainen, Olli Juhani44 000
4Kurko, Kimmo Matias116 000
5Antikainen, Henri Ilmari131 000
6Peltoniemi, Janne Petteri270 000
7Leinonen, Santtu Kalevi106 000
8Grönvik, Mikael200 000

€1 100 PLO 4&5 – Late registration closed; 45 players are remaining! 20.09.2023 17:12 by Christoffer Karlén

45 contendants for the WSOPC Ring returned to the €1 100 PLO 4&5 after the dinner break. The tournament will see its champion being crowned tonight.

When three tables remain, a seat draw and chip count will be made and we will start to follow the event until it is finished.

€1 100 PLO 4&5 – Dinner break 20.09.2023 16:01 by Christoffer Karlén

The €1 100 PLO 4&5 players are now on a one hour dinner break. 46 players are still in, and it’s possible to register for the tournament during the break. Norways Jon Kyte is currently chiplead with around 275k.

€1 100 PLO 4&5 – We will follow the conclusion 20.09.2023 14:48 by Christoffer Karlén

58 players remaining in the PLO 4&5! We will continue to update from the event from time to time, but when we are down to the final two tables (and flight 1B of Main Event has ended), we will follow the PLO 4&5 action very closely!

€1 100 PLO 4&5 – 72 entries so far 20.09.2023 12:40 by Christoffer Karlén

So far, 72 players have entered the €1 100 PLO 4&5. 58 players are remaining, one of them being Aki Pyysing, who finished third in the €1 100 Texas NLH earlier this week.

Finnish legend Aki Pyysing.
€1 100 PLO 4&5 – 13 players thus far 20.09.2023 10:18 by Christoffer Karlén

13 players have registered in the PLO4&5 so far. The late registration period will close after the dinner break following level 10, and the aim to finish the tournament today.

Results gallery updated 19.09.2023 19:48 by Christoffer Karlén

The “results” tab has been updated with the €660 Mystery Bounty payouts.

€660 Mystery Bounty – Ranno Sootla wins it all! 19.09.2023 18:11 by Christoffer Karlén

Yusuke Tanaka looked down at A Q and went All In preflop. Unlucky for him, Estonia’s Ranno Sootla held A K and quickly called.

With the board revealing 10 J 10 7 2 , the tournament is over: Ranno Sootla is the winner of the €660 Mystery Bounty WSOPC Tallinn Ring Event!

Ranno Sootla, winner of the €660 Mystery Bounty WSOPC Tallinn Ring Event!
€660 Mystery Bounty – Vilius Zabarauskas goes out in third place 19.09.2023 16:46 by Christoffer Karlén

Dream spot for Vilius Zabarauskas as he finds the A Q in the Small Blind. However, Ranno Sootia looks down at J J in the Big Blind and calls Vilius’ All In bet.

We see a 7 J 9 Q 4 board and Vilius Zabarauskas is out in third place.

Vilius Zabarauskas leaves in third place.
€660 Mystery Bounty – Current chip counts 19.09.2023 16:38 by Christoffer Karlén
1.Raano Sootla2,6M (51BB)
2.Yusuke Tanaka1,8M (35BB)
3.Vilius Zabaraouskas600K (12BB)
€660 Mystery Bounty 19.09.2023 16:34 by Christoffer Karlén

Urmo Velvelt puts in his last Big Blind from Under the Gun with A 8 . He gets called by Yusuke Tanaka from the Button 6 4 and Vilius Zabaraouskas J 3 from the Small Blind.

This is when Raano Sootla finds J J in the Big Blind and raises to 325k. Yusuke and Vilius folds.

The board runs out 10 4 9 8 5 and Urmo Velvelt is out in 4th place.

€660 Mystery Bounty – Raano Sootla doubles up 19.09.2023 16:30 by Christoffer Karlén

We’re playing blinds 25k/50k. Raano Sootla (1,1M) calls from the Small Blind with 7 6 . Urmo Velvelt plays 1M and raises from the Big Blind to 175k with A 10 . Raano then shoves and gets snap-called by Urmo.

The board runs out 9 5 5 6 6 and Sootla doubles up.

Ranno Sootla.
€660 Mystery Bounty – “What a move!” 19.09.2023 15:40 by Christoffer Karlén

Yusuke Tanaka plays 1,5M on blinds 15k/30k and finds K 9 on the Cut-Off. He raises it up to 60k and Vilius Zabarauskas (who also has 1,5M in chips) calls from the button with Q Q .

The blinds get out of the way and we’re treated with the A J 3 flop. Yusuke bets 70k into the 195k pot and Vilius calls.

The turn is another ace, the A . Yusuke keeps on betting and puts in 125k. Vilius isn’t going anywhere with the queens and calls once again.

The river is the 10 and Yusuke showes his 1,3m into the 585k pot. Vilius did not find the call and Yusuke takes it down. Andreas Höglund screams “what a move!” from the commentator’s booth.

€555 Eight Game – 56 players remaining out of 64 19.09.2023 15:26 by Christoffer Karlén

The late registration period of the €555 Eight Game Event is still open for about one hour. 56 of the so far 64 registered players are still in.

€660 Mystery Bounty – Marco Baglioni is out in 5th after a rollercoaster ride 19.09.2023 15:24 by Christoffer Karlén

Marco attempts to limp in from the Small Blind with A 9 . Yusuke Tanaka wakes up with A Q in the Big Blind and re-raises. Marco won’t be pushed around and moves All In. He gets called by Yusuke.

The board is quite the rollercoaster ride with J 9 4 Q J and Marco goes out in 5th place.

€660 Mystery Bounty – Yusuke Tanaka did not hate that flop 19.09.2023 15:07 by Christoffer Karlén

After defending 4 2 from the Big Blind against Urmo Velvelt’s opening from the button, Yusuke Tanaka flops a straight at 6 3 5 . The board ran out 7 5 and Yusuke got some decent value being called on the turn, before Urmo folded to the river value bet.

€660 Mystery Bounty – Björne Lindberg goes out in 6th 19.09.2023 14:56 by Christoffer Karlén

Björne Lindberg had 6 Big Blinds when he went all in with A 5 . He got called by Urmo Velvelt who held 6 6 .

We got to see J 8 K 4 4 and we say goodbye to Björne in 6th place.

Don’t worry, Björne: there will be more tournaments.
€660 Mystery Bounty – Martin Sedlak bids farewell 19.09.2023 14:53 by Christoffer Karlén

Martin Sedlak went all in with 4 4 from the Button, getting called by Marco Baglioni with 5 5 from the Big Blind.

The board 8 9 10 3 K did not help Martin and he is out in 7th.

Martin Sedlak.
€660 Mystery Bounty – Yanis Sahli out in 8th 19.09.2023 14:34 by Christoffer Karlén

Yanis Sahli is the first one to exit from the €660 Mystery Bounty.

There is three-way All In action between Yanis 10 10 , Yusuke Tanaka A Q and big stack Vilius Zabarauskas 6 6 . The board 5 K Q 3 9 sees Yusuke collecting Yanis bounty and we are now seven players remaining.

€660 Mystery Bounty – We have a final table! 19.09.2023 14:07 by Christoffer Karlén

We have eight players on the final table of the €660 Mystery Bounty Ring Event!

1. Marco Baglioni250 000
2. Yusuke Tamaka275 000
3. Vilius Zabarauskas1 490 000
4. Yanis Sahli210 000
5. Björne Lindberg220 000
6. Ranno Sootia1 185 000
7. Urmo Velvelt945 000
8. Martin Sedlak345 000
Final table of the €660 Mystery Bounty.
€660 Mystery Bounty – 10 players left 19.09.2023 13:19 by Christoffer Karlén

There are currently 10 players remaining in the €660 Mystery Bounty:

Zabarauskas, Vilius
Velvelt, Urmo
Sootla, Ranno
Sedlak, Martin Michael
Baglioni, Marco
Tanaka, Yusuke
Sahli, Yanis Mehdi
Lindberg, Björne Stefan
Wahl, Sebastian
Bielskis, Andrius
€660 Mystery Bounty – Sick three-way hand! 19.09.2023 13:09 by Christoffer Karlén

Björne Lindberg finds himself All In pre-flop three-ways holding the K K . He’s up against A 8 and A 9 , and is a huge favourite for a 1,5M pot! The flop 3 A 6 though otherwise and Björne didn’t improve after the board ran out 7 10 .

Although losing the hand, Björne Lindberg is still alive.
€660 Mystery Bounty – Payouts 19.09.2023 12:57 by Christoffer Karlén

Except for the Mystery Envelopes, the biggest one containing €10 000, these are the payouts for top 16:

PositionPayout (€)
110 000
27 020
35 100
44 060
53 054
62 500
72 040
81 670
91 390
101 170
€660 Mystery Bounty – Players left 19.09.2023 12:52 by Christoffer Karlén

Play recently commenced in the €660 Mystery Bounty with the following players:

Zabarauskas, Vilius
Velvelt, Urmo
Sootla, Ranno
Sedlak, Martin Michael
Bielskis, Andrius
Baglioni, Marco
Tanaka, Yusuke
Sahli, Yanis Mehdi
Lindberg, Björn Stefan
Wahl, Sebastian
Ikonen, Pekka Samuli
Suokas, Jarkko Juhani
Norkus, Stanislovas
Chun, Jun Beum
Väisänen, Henri Mikael
Holmberg, Joel O. I.
€555 8-Game – Let’s play! 19.09.2023 12:33 by Christoffer Karlén

Ring Event number seven, €555 8-Game, has officially begun with 38 players registered so far.

€660 Mystery Bounty – 16 players left; redraw and Bounty Tombola 19.09.2023 11:40 by Christoffer Karlén

We’re down to 16 players in the €660 Mystery Bounty, which means two things: a complete table redraw will be made, and the 9 players who busted in day 2 will draw a mystery envelope for the tombola. The biggest envelope contains €10 000.

€660 Mystery Bounty – The bubble has bursted! 19.09.2023 11:29 by Christoffer Karlén

We are now ITM in the €660 Mystery Bounty!

On table 11, Joel Holmberg goes all in from the Hi-jack. It folds to Kriss Riekstins who goes all in with his even shorter stack.

Joel: J 10
Kriss: Q J

Joel spikes the flush on the 3 A 4 Q A board and Kriss is eliminated. However, there was a bust over at table 12 simultaneously, so two players share the 20th place payout.

€660 Mystery Bounty – Chip Counts for the final day 19.09.2023 09:51 by Christoffer Karlén
1.Zabarauskas, Vilius501 000
2.Suokas, Jarkko Juhani359 000
3.Sootla, Ranno345 000
4.Chun, Jun Beum323 000
5.Tanaka, Yusuke301 000
6.Bielskis, Andrius284 000
7.Wahl, Sebastian284 000
8.Sahli, Yanis Mehdi224 000
9.Martinez, Ucero Jesus223 000
10.Norkus, Stanislovas212 000
11.Holmberg, Joel O. I.199 000
12.Väisänen, Henri Mikael171 000
13.Pastor De Ramon, Josep168 000
14.Ostrowski, Dominik163 000
15.Tarmi, Roope O. O.159 000
16.Ikonen, Pekka Samuli156 000
17.Sedlak, Martin Michael124 000
18.Velvelt, Urmo119 000
19.Meckovskis, Vladimiras114 000
20.Metsla, Mark101 000
21.Lindberg, Björne Stefan99 000
22.Rumba, Roberts93 000
23.Baglioni, Marco60 000
24.Riekstins, Kriss49 000
25.Riskevicius, Alius32 000
Vilius Zabarauskas is the chipleader of the €660 Mystery Bounty going into day 2.
Welcome to day three of PokerListings’ live coverage from the WSOPC Tallinn! 19.09.2023 09:44 by Christoffer Karlén

It’s Tuesday the 19th and the first day of the Main Event! Today, we will follow all three Ring Events: the conclusion of the €660 Mystery Bounty, the €555 8 Game, and of course, day 1A of the €1 500 Main Event.

Except our live reporting here, we’re also doing live footage on our social media; make sure you follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!

€660 Mystery Bounty – Day 1 completed 18.09.2023 20:34 by Christoffer Karlén

Play in the €660 Mystery has concluded for the day, seeing 25 players getting some sleep before day 2 tomorrow at 12:00. The players are not yet ITM (20 will be), but tomorrow the “mystery envelopes” are introduced for the 25 remaining: bust and claim you envelope! The biggest envelope will contain a €10 000 paycheck.

€350 – Kaur Ajamaa is the winner of Ring Event number three! 18.09.2023 16:42 by Christoffer Karlén

Igor Pihela showed J 10 and gets called by Kaur Ajamaa’s 2 2 . We have a huge flip!

The board reads 9 6 4 3 9 and that settles it: Kaur Ajamaa is the winner of the €350 WSOPC Tallinn Ring Event!

Kaur Ajamaa, winner of the €350 Texas NLH WSOPC Tallinn Ring Event!
€350 – Michela Tocci out in third place 18.09.2023 16:32 by Christoffer Karlén

After Kaor Ajamaa min-raised from the Button, Michela Tocci jams A 7 from the Small Blind. Igor Pihela Sr. folds from the Big Blind before Kaor calls with K J and we go to the flop.

The board runs out J 8 4 2 7 and Michela is eliminated. We are now Heads Up!

€555 Deuce to Seven – Rafael Lategui is the winner! 18.09.2023 15:37 by Christoffer Karlén

Rafael Lategui beats Aleksandr Arutjunov in the Heads Up of the €555 Deuce to Seven Ring Event and is the winner of the event! For this, he takes home €6 300!

Both players “stand pat” on the last round. Rafael held 8 7 5 4 3 and Aleksandr 9 8 5 4 2 .

Winner winner, chicken dinner! Rafael Lategui wins the €555 Deuce to Seven WSOPC Tallinn Ring Event!
€660 Mystery Bounty – 150 people registered this far 18.09.2023 15:28 by Christoffer Karlén

Let’s have an overview of what’s left for today: we’re Heads Up in the €555 Deuce to Seven, we’re three-handed in the €350, and then we also have the €660 Mystery Bounty.

The last mentioned one currently has 150 people registered, with latereg lasting for maybe 30 more minutes.

All of these tournaments are Ring Events.

After todays action, we will update the “result” tab with all Ring Events finished thus far.

€555 Deuce to Seven – Petteri Kalenius out in 3rd; we are Heads-Up! 18.09.2023 14:43 by Christoffer Karlén

In the €555 Deuce to Seven Ring-Event, Petteri Kalenius has recently busted and Heads Up will now commence between Rafael Rategui and Aleksandr Arutjunov.

Petteri Kalenius busted in third place. Photo: Tambet Kask.
€350 – Merida Tanel is out in 4th 18.09.2023 14:35 by Christoffer Karlén

Unfortunately we missed the action, but we see Merida Tanel leave the €350 Ring Event in 4th place, cashing €6 400.

Three players are now remaining, playing for the WSOPC Ring.

€350 – Josh is eliminated in 5th place 18.09.2023 14:33 by Christoffer Karlén

The short-stacked Joshua Stewart finds himself all in with 2 5 against Tocci Michele’s Q 10 . The board runs out 6 8 4 K J and Joshua is eliminated.

Thanks for everything, Josh!
€350 – Vilius Zabarauskas takes farewell in 6th 18.09.2023 14:24 by Christoffer Karlén

Vilius Zabarauskas is eliminated from the €350 in 6th place, but he is €4 349 wealthier.

Vilius Zabarauskas.
€350 – Nils Kollandsrud leaves in 7th 18.09.2023 14:19 by Christoffer Karlén

Norwegian’s Nils Kollandsrud busted in 7th place. He takes home €3 600.

Nils Kollandsrud.
€350 – Dominik Ostrowski is out in 8th place 18.09.2023 13:58 by Christoffer Karlén

Dominik Ostrowski shoves from UTG+2. He gets called by Kaur Ajamaa.

Kaur: J A
Dominik: K Q

The board reveals 10 J 5 J 10 and Dominik takes home €2 900 for his 8th place finish.

Kaur Ajamaa has a good stack.
€350 – AK vs AK 18.09.2023 13:50 by Christoffer Karlén

Joshua Stewart opens UTG+2. Kaur Ajamaa shoves from the Hi-Jack for about 1M (blinds 25k/50k). Joshua calls.

Joshua has A K and Kaur A K . No one hits the flush and the chop the pot.

€350 – Evely is out in 9th 18.09.2023 13:42 by Christoffer Karlén

Evely Pihela is the first player to bust from the final table. She moves All In from UTG with roughly 250k (blinds 25k/50k) holding K 5 . Joshua Stewart calls from the Big Blind with A 10 and we head to the flop.

A 9 8 2 K sees Evely being eliminated.

€350 – Almost a Royal Straight Flush! 18.09.2023 13:37 by Christoffer Karlén

Viljus Zabarauskas moves all in from the Cut-Off with K 10 and gets called by Dominik Ostrowski in the Big Blind who holds A 9 .

Viljus wasn’t far from a Royal Straight Flush on the 2 6 J Q A , but an ordinary straight was enough to win the hand.

Vilius Zabarauskas doubles up.
€555 Deuce to Seven – Kimmo Kurko is out 18.09.2023 13:22 by Christoffer Karlén

Kimmo Kurko leaves the event in 4th place, as he lost to fellow Finn Petteri Kalenius.

Petteri stand pat before the last draw with 8 7 6 3 2 . Kimmos 9 7 5 4 2 was not good enough to extend his tournament life.

€350 – Final Table draw and chip count 18.09.2023 13:11 by Christoffer Karlén
1. Igor Pihela Sr.1 110 000
2. Joshua Stewart1 065 000
3. Evely Pihela475 000
4. Kaur Ajamaa1 005 000
5. Vilius Zabarauskas435 000
6. Tanel Merida875 000
7. Michele Tocci1 400 000
8.Dominik Ostrowski865 000
9. Nils Kollandsrud410 000
Final table.
€350 – We have a final table! 18.09.2023 12:46 by Christoffer Karlén

With Martin Piik busting out in 10th, we have nine players left and a final table. We will return with the new seat draw as soon as possible.

€350 – Juho Härkönen takes farewell 18.09.2023 12:41 by Christoffer Karlén

The €350 Ring Event will not see a Finnish player taking the title, as the nation’s lasst hope Juho Härkönen busted out in 10th. 10 players are left.

€350 – Final table payouts 18.09.2023 12:36 by Christoffer Karlén

Even though there’s still 11 players left in the €350 Ring Event, let’s take a look at what the top 9 players will fight for:

PlacePayout (€)
1.24 150
2.14 900
3.10 100
4.7 400
5.5 700
6.4 349
7.3 600
8.2 900
9.2 400
€555 Deuce to Seven – Juho Heiska take farewell in 5th place 18.09.2023 12:33 by Christoffer Karlén

Juho Heiska has busted the €555 Deuce to Seven WSOPC Ring Event in 5th place.

Juho Heiska.
€350 – Nils Kollandsrud doubles up 18.09.2023 12:27 by Christoffer Karlén

It’s up to Nils Kollandsrud, if the €350 WSOPC Ring will see a Norwegian owner. He doubled up his short stack just before the break with K Q against Q J . The flop brought a scare with 5 8 7 , but after turn and river revealed 7 K , Nils could breathe out and is one of the remaining 11 players.

Nils Kollandsrud. Photo cred: Tambet Kask.
€350 – Lots of action at table 24 18.09.2023 12:04 by Christoffer Karlén

We visit one of the two remaining tables in the €350, when Topi Palenius moves all in from UTG with 90k. Chipleader Kaur Ajamaa calls from UTG+1, before Jonas Ruginis moves All In from the Button. Kaur folds and we go to showdown.

Topi: J 8
Jonas: A Q

The board runs out 8 Q K K K .

This saw Topi leaving us in 14th place.

€350 – Two tables remaining 18.09.2023 11:34 by Christoffer Karlén

We are now down at two 8-handed tables in the €350 Ring Event.

€350 – 19 players left 18.09.2023 11:27 by Christoffer Karlén

We’re on the bubble for two tables. Vilius Zabarauskas has one of the biggest stacks.

€350 Deuce to Seven – Payouts 18.09.2023 11:17 by Christoffer Karlén

The five remaining players in the Deuce to Seven-event har competing for the following:

PlacePayout (€)
17 350
24 750
33 650
42 700
51 850
€555 Deuce to Seven – Nevalainen out in 6th 18.09.2023 11:13 by Christoffer Karlén

Janne Nevalainen was the first person to bust from the €555 Deuce to Seven Ring Event Final Table.

Janne Nevalainen, out in sixth.
€350 – 27 players left! 18.09.2023 11:07 by Christoffer Karlén

In the €350 Ring Event, we are down to the final three tables.

€660 Mystery Bounty – Event has started 18.09.2023 10:49 by Christoffer Karlén

There is a third WSOPC Ring Event today, that being the €660 Mystery Bounty. 45 players are currently registered in the tournament.

€350 – 27 players left! 18.09.2023 10:43 by Christoffer Karlén

Several people already busted out of the €350 NLH Ring Event. 27 players are still fighting for the third WSOPC Ring of the week.

€555 Deuce to Seven – Final Table 18.09.2023 10:30 by Christoffer Karlén

We will also follow the final table from the €555 Deuce to Seven-event which begins in just a minute with the following players:

Juho Heiska329 5001
Rafael Lategui294 0003
Aleksandr Arutjunov149 0006
Janne Nevalainen132 5002
Kimmo Kurko124 5005
Petteri Kalenius95 5004
€350 – Day 2 started! 18.09.2023 10:20 by Christoffer Karlén

It’s day 2 of PokerListings live coverage from the WSOPC Tallinn! Day 2 of the €350 NLH Ring Event has just started with 49 players. They are all ITM:

Norkus, Stanislovas352 00017-3
Stewart, Joshua James346 00017-1
Pihela, Igor SR329 00016-4
Tocci, Michele316 00015-5
Korsunskyy, Dan314 00023-8
Hanstvedt, Kjetil306 00024-2
Ajamaa, Kaur296 00022-7
Saveikis, Algirdas291 00024-1
Zabarauskas, Vilius274 00021-6
Ostrowski, Dominik260 00022-3
Leppik, Andres241 00022-2
Lindberg, Björne Stefan241 00023-7
Ruginis, Jonas240 00017-8
Härkönen, Juho Oskari236 00016-3
Topilskiy, Vladislav202 00023-2
Pihela, Evely196 00016-2
Kollandsrud, Nils176 00023-3
Piik, Martin175 00024-4
Merida, Tanel161 00024-6
De Almeida Rolim, Celso Luiz149 00021-5
Salomen, Jarmo Juhani144 00017-4
Morel, Marius140 00017-6
Külanurk, Artur130 00017-7
Palenius, Topi Johannes126 00015-7
Gorélik, Albert Hanush124 00015-3
Kviecinskas, Lukas123 00021-7
Ostrovskij, Albert118 00022-1
Sedlak, Martin Michael118 00022-5
Lasanen, Matti Tapani117 00023-5
Kulli, Joonas114 00023-4
Piipponen, Maksim113 00021-4
Suokas, Jarkko Juhani106 00015-8
Pihela, Igor JR101 00017-2
Wahl, Sebastian99 00021-1
Tori, Mairo87 00016-6
Gaines, Glen Nicholas85 00016-8
Fraczek, Lukasz Pawel83 00024-3
Mägi, Viktor77 00023-1
Lönngren, Ville Matti68 00024-7
Lundström. Rasmus Jon Mikael65 00021-3
Selgeveer, Marek65 00016-1
Krumins, Eriks63 00015-6
Zamzickas, Vilius62 00022-6
Bittger, Stefan60 00016-7
Kaljulaid, Keito57 00024-5
Aaltonen, Tapio Ilmari55 00015-1
Brikker, Priit34 00015-2
Alen, Johan Erik30 00022-4
Keto-Tokoi, Veikka Väinö27 00021-2
€350 – Day 1B finished! 17.09.2023 21:35 by Christoffer Karlén

The bubble just burst in day 1B of the €350 Ring Event! 24 players advanced and will play day 2 tomorrow, alongside the 1A survivors.

Deuce to Seven Triple Draw: The Ring Event has begun 17.09.2023 17:18 by Christoffer Karlén

The last Ring Event of the day, the WSOPC Tallinn €555 Deuce to Seven Triple Draw, has just begun with 14 registered players. The late registration is open until the break after level 7 has ended (which will be approximately 22:15). They will play down to the final table, which will be played tomorrow (18th) at 12:00.

€350 – Bubble burst for day 1A 17.09.2023 17:15 by Christoffer Karlén

The bubble burst for day 1A and 25 players are moving on to day 2!

We didn’t get the names on the players in the final hand of day 1A, but we got some of the action. The smaller stack held two aces and called All In against A K preflop. A K found a third spade on the river which cracked the aces.

€350 – Day 1A & 1B update 17.09.2023 17:04 by Christoffer Karlén

As we mentioned before, Day 1A and 1B of the €350 Ring Event is also played today. Day 1A started 12:00 and is right now on the bubble with 26 players left. 200 players entered Day 1A.

Day 1B currently has 155 players registered and there’s still about 40 minutes left until the late registration closes.

Top 13 % from each flight is ITM and will move on to day 2. Day 2 will be played tomorrow (tuesday 18th) 12:00 GMT+3.

€1 100 – Aleksei Smirnov wins it all! 17.09.2023 16:19 by Christoffer Karlén

Santtu Leinonen finds 3 3 on the Button and raises to 130k. Aleksei Smirnov finds A J in the Big Blind and goes All In. Santtu’s thinking for a minute or two before he calls for his tournament life.

The board runs out 7 8 J 10 K , and it’s done. The Estonian Aleksei Smirnov is the winner of the €1 100 WSOPC Tallinn Ring Event!

€1 100 – Leinonen doubles up 17.09.2023 16:11 by Christoffer Karlén

Aleksei Smirnov puts Santtu Leinonen All In with K 9 . Santtu calls with A 10 .

The board reveals 10 6 10 K 5 and Santtu doubles up.

Santtu Leinonen. Photo: Elena Kask.
€1 100 – Aleksei Smirnov improves his stack 17.09.2023 16:08 by Christoffer Karlén

Aleksei Smirnov attempts a limp with 9 7 preflop, but Santtu Leinonen raises with A 10 . Aleksei calls and we go to the flop.

We’re treated with 6 4 9 . Santtu bets 150k in the 460k pot. Aleksei then raises to 400k, a big enough raise to make Santtu fold.

Aleksei Smirnov is currently the chip leader in this Heads Up-battle. Photo: Elena Kask.
€1 100 – A deal has been made 17.09.2023 15:44 by Christoffer Karlén

Before Heads Up play started, the two remaining players made a deal. The winner will get €25 430 and the runner-up will recieve €21 710.

€1 100 – Chip count before the Heads Up commence 17.09.2023 15:34 by Christoffer Karlén
PlayerChip stacks
Aleksei Smirnov 2,2M (43BB)
Santtu Leinonen 1,1M (22BB)

The blinds are 25k/50k.

€1 100 – Pyysing out in third 17.09.2023 15:30 by Christoffer Karlén

Aleksei Smirnov shoves 6 6 from the Small Blind and Aki Pyysing calls All In from the Big Blind with K J .

The board A 5 9 5 Q did not help Pyysing and Aleksei is now Heads Up against Santtu Leinonen.

Aleksei Smirnov.
€1 100 – Pyysing doubles up! 17.09.2023 15:22 by Christoffer Karlén

Our short stack Aki Pyysing called quickly from the Big Blind with A J , after Aleksei Smirnov put the Finn All In from Small Blind with 10 6 .

We were treated with 2 4 J 9 2 and Aki doubles up.

€1 100 – Battle of the Finnish players 17.09.2023 15:03 by Christoffer Karlén

Santtu Leinonen goes raises to 85k (Blinds 20k/40k). Aki Pyysing wakes up with queens in the Big Blind and re-raises to 250k. Santtu folds and “the Terminator” take down a nice little pot.

€1 100 – Stewart is out! 17.09.2023 14:58 by Christoffer Karlén

Joshua Stewart leaves the €1 100 Ring Event in 4th place. Aleksei Smirnov put Josh all in Blind VS Blind with K J and Joshua called with 5 5 .

Aleksei hit the king on the 9 K 2 2 A seeing Joshua busting in 4th place.

Joshua Stewart. Photo: Elena Kask.
€350 – Day1A 17.09.2023 14:49 by Christoffer Karlén

While we’ve been following the €555 and €1 100 final tables, Day 1A of the €350 also kicked off 12:00 today! This tournament has two start flights with 1B also being played today (started one hour ago). Day 1A ended on 200 entries and the late-reg is still open for 1B.

Viktor Mägi, one of the players in WSOPC €350 Ring Event day 1A. Photo: Tambet Kask.
€555 – Viacheslav wins the €555 WSOPC Tallinn Ring Event! 17.09.2023 14:06 by Christoffer Karlén

Viacheslav Sultanov goes all in with A 5 and Lukas Fraczek, with his short stack, calls with Q 4 .

The board runs out A 5 K 8 6 . Viacheslaw Sultanov is the winner och the €555 WSOPC Tallinn Ring Event!

Both players previously made a deal and locked up €25 750. They played the Heads Up with another €3 500 and the WSOPC Ring on the line.

Viacheslav Sultanov, winner of the €555 WSOPC Tallinn Ring Event! Photo: Elena Kask.
€555 – Viacheslav Sultanov takes over the chiplead 17.09.2023 14:00 by Christoffer Karlén

Viacheslav raises to 300k (Blinds 75k/150k) from the button with K J . His Heads Up-opponent Lukasz Fraczek 3-bets to 1,2M with A Q . Viacheslav makes the call.

The flop comes 4 J K . Lukasz C-bets 700k in the 2,5M pot and Viacheslav calls with his two pair.

The turn brings 7 . Lukasz goes all-in and Viacheslav quickly calls. The river blanks out with 7 and Viacheslav is now a massive chip lead.

€555 – Larsen out in third place 17.09.2023 13:28 by Christoffer Karlén

Torbjörn Larsen shoves his small stack from the Small Blind with A 10 . Lucasz Fraczek is priced in for the call with 7 8 from the Big Blind.

With the board J J 6 7 8 , Torbjörn is eliminated in third place. Lucasz is now Heads-Up against Viacheslav Sultanov.

Torbjörn Larsen.
€1 100 – Chip count on the five remaining players 17.09.2023 13:21 by Christoffer Karlén
PlayerChip stack
Aki Pyysing1 280 500
Joshua Stewart920 000
Santtu Leinonen521 000
Aleksei Smirnov390 000
Steponas Venckus155 000
€555 – Lundström out in 4th 17.09.2023 13:02 by Christoffer Karlén

A short while before the previously reported hand, we lost Rasmus Lundström in 4th place in the €555 Event.

Rasmus went all in with his remaining 1.4M from the small blind with J 9 . Viacheslav Sultanov called him off from the big blind with A 10 .

We witnessed a 2 5 K 3 10 board and Rasmus got a €12 650 pay check.

€555 – Sultanov’s tens are best 17.09.2023 12:57 by Christoffer Karlén

Viacheslav Sultanov finds 10 10 on the button and raises to 250k (Blinds 50k/125k). Lucasz Fraczek defends 9 8 from the Big Blind.

The flop comes 6 9 3 . Viacheslav bets 400k after Lucasz checks, and Lucasz then calls. Turn brings Q and the action goes-check-check. The action repeats itself on river 2 and Sultanov takes down the pot.

The players are now on a short break!

€555 – Fraczek doubles up; becomes huge chip leader! 17.09.2023 12:44 by Christoffer Karlén

Rasmus Lundström opens up K Q . Lucasz Fraczek shoves Q Q from the Big Blind and Rasmus finds the call.

The board treats us with Q J 5 4 7 and Fraczek wins the biggest pot of the tournament this far.

Lucasz Fraczek.
€555 – Skarparis busts 17.09.2023 12:37 by Christoffer Karlén

Georgios Skarparis shoves with the 2 2 and Viacheslav Sultanov finds the call with A 5 from the Big Blind.

The board runs out J 10 K 9 Q giving Viacheslav the straight on the river. Skarparis leaves us in fifth place.

€555 – Larsen dances with Lundström 17.09.2023 12:30 by Christoffer Karlén

Torbjörn Larsen opens A K on the button and Rasmus Lundström defens K Q from the big blind.

The flop comes 2 5 J . Rasmus checks and Torbjörn bets 325k. Rasmus calls and the turn brings 10 . The action goes check-check and the river shows J . Rasmus this time leads out for 550k. Torbjörn folds his ace-high hand and Rasmus is improving his stack even further.

€1 100 – Latest chip count 17.09.2023 12:25 by Christoffer Karlén

The latest updated chip count from the €1 100 Ring Event:

Aki Pyysing1 550 000
Joshua Stewart810 000
Aleksei Smirnov350 000
Santtu Leinonen326 000
Steponas Venckus201 000
Vidar Assersen155 000
€555 – Aleksi Naski out in 6th place 17.09.2023 12:05 by Christoffer Karlén

Aleksi Naski’s J 9 couldn’t do it against Lukasz Pawel’s Q Q on the 10 5 7 A K . The players were all in pre-flop and Aleksi left the tournament in 6th place.

€1 100 – Six players remaining 17.09.2023 12:01 by Christoffer Karlén

Filho Manoel D’Assuncao (9th), Evert Tanel (8th) and Dominik Ostrowski (7th) have all been eliminated from the €1 100 event. Six players are remaning with Aki Pyysing being the chip leader.

Final table of the €1 100 WSOPC Tallinn. Photo credit: Elena Kask.
€555 – Charles Benoit is out! 17.09.2023 11:50 by Christoffer Karlén

Torbjörn Larsen raises to 160k from the Cut-off with A J and Charles-Eric Benoit showes his 1,1M stack from Big Blind with A 9 . Torbjörn calls.

The board reads J 10 6 5 2 and Charles-Eric leaves the tournament in 7th place.

€555 – Boguzas is eliminated in 7th place 17.09.2023 11:38 by Christoffer Karlén

Rimantas Boguzas finds himself all in pre-flop against Viacheslav Sultanov!

Viacheslav: Q J
Rimantas: K 10

The board is quite a rollercoaster ride: K 10 9 5 4 sees Boguzas leave in 8th place.

Charles-Eric Benoit shoves from the Small Blind 17.09.2023 11:33 by Christoffer Karlén

Torbjörn Larsen opens up A 5 to 160k (Blinds 40k/80k) from the Hi-jack and Charles-Eric Benoit goes all in for almost 700k from the small blind with 10 8 . After the Big blind folds, the decision is on Torbjörn who eventually decides to fold.

€555 – Mandara is out 17.09.2023 11:24 by Christoffer Karlén

Ryan Mandara was the first person to be eliminated from the final table in the 9th place. He cashed €4 150.

€555 – Skarparis doubles up! 17.09.2023 11:17 by Christoffer Karlén

Georgios Skarparis shoves from the Small Blind with Q 5 and gets quickly called by Big Blind Rimantas Petras with A K .

The board runs out 10 5 3 9 6 and Georgios doubles up.

€555 Final Table 17.09.2023 11:10 by Christoffer Karlén
Naski, Aleksi Mikael995 0001
Fraczek, Lukasz Pawel1 640 0002
Benoit, Charles-Eric1 400 0003
Lundström, Rasmus Jon Mikael555 0004
Sultanov, Viacheslav1 115 0005
Mandara, Ryan Jonathan M210 0006
Skarparis, Georgios550 0007
Boguzas, Riamantas Petras555 0008
Larsen, Torbjörn2 445 0009
WSOPC Tallinn: Let the live reporting commence! 17.09.2023 10:26 by Christoffer Karlén

We’re kicking off our live coverage from the WSOPC Tallinn! We start following two final tables; the €1 100 NLH as well as the €555 NHL.

€1 100 Final Table:

Pyysing, Aki. T. O.1 273 0001
Stewart, Joshua James573 0007
Venckus, Steponas323 0009
Leinonen, Santtu Kalevi312 0004
Assersen, Vidar S.299 0008
Smirnov, Aleksei185 0006
Ostrowski, Dominik171 0005
D’Assuncao Ferreira Gomes, Filho Manoel91 0003
Tanel, Evert45 0002

We’ll soon return with the €555 Final Table seat draw!

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