Daily 3-Bet: Poker's Ellen Selfie, Nov. 9 by ICM, Neymar Life Hack

A little fuzzy, but all joy. (Photo: Kenny Hallaert)

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a shaky hand, a chaotic group hug and a special moment immortalized in afternoon poker news history.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find the ICM chop numbers for the 2016 November Nine, Kenny Hallaert has his Ellen moment and Neymar Jr raises the bar on life hacks.

1) Poker Gets an Ellen Moment

Remember when Ellen Degeneres nearly broke Twitter with her Bradley Cooper, Julia Roberts, Brad Pitt, Jennifer Lawrence et al selfie from the 2014 Oscars?

It's not quite the same star power involved - and it's currently about 3,320,700 retweets shy of Ellen's - but Kenny Hallaert's Nov. 9 selfie captures a lot of that same, boundless joy, no?

It's one of our favorite shots from this year's WSOP and really does reflect a pretty cool and positive vibe we get from this year's group. Nice people, nice moment, wonderful opportunity. We also enjoy this shot of the selfie itself from South American Poker:

Stay tuned for a photo blog on PokerListings with some of our own favorites photos from this summer.

2) Chop It Up

If you've played tournament poker for any length of time you're undoubtedly familiar with the Independent Chip Model.

Let's talk deal.

It's a fairly complicated calculation that takes into account stack sizes and payout structures to figure out the probability of each player finishing in a certain position.

With blinds high and variance/pay jumps throwing a poker player's ROI into doubt after a long haul it's a very common and fair way poker players split up the money at the end of a tournament.

While you'll see it a lot in the big online tournaments on PokerStars, or on the EPT, the WSOP famously doesn't allow (or officially facilitate) deals. So the recently set 2016 WSOP November Nine will play it out with a lot at stake.

9th-5th will pay between $1m and $1.9m, then the big jumps start with $2.5m for 4th, $3.4m for 3rd, $4.6m for 2nd and $8m for first. If they were allowed to chop it up, though, here's how it would look run through an ICM calculator:


Interesting, yeah?

3) Neymar & Ronaldo #RaiseIt Up with Drones

If you've been following PokerStars' ongoing #RaiseIt battle you've seen a lot of pretty amazing tricks from football icons Neymar Jr. and Ronaldo and a ton of fun, user-submitted one-ups in tennis, golf, pool and more.

This time, though, they've raised the bar even higher with some impressive life hacks delivered via drone:

Uh, nice house, Ronaldo. Want to submit your own? Do it right here via the NowRaiseIt page.

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