Pros confirmed for 2008 Canadian Open

Antonio Esfandiari
The Magician plans to take on the Canadian Open Poker Championship main event.

The 2008 Canadian Open Poker Championships, put on by HeadsUp Entertainment Inc., will get some star power this year as celebrities and pro players have confirmed they'll be heading to Calgary for the event.

Greg Mueller and others have already registered to play in the main event of the tournament.

"We are extremely pleased with the response from international players participating in our event," said Kelly Kellner, HeadsUp Entertainment president and CEO.

"With a tax-free prize pool in Canadian casinos, the ability for anyone over 18 years of age to play and the strength of the Canadian dollar, many pros have told me this is an event they wouldn't miss."

The series is taking place March 5-9, with the $5,000 main event set for March 6. It has a 128-player cap.

The schedule is:

  • March 5: $500 Freezeout Charity Event (250-player limit)
  • March 6: $5,000 Heads-Up Main Event (128-player limit)
  • March 7: $1,500 Short-Handed Event (200-player limit)
  • March 8: $1,000 Freezeout Event (300-player limit)
  • March 9: $500 Freezeout Event (300-player limit)

The main event will also be televised internationally through a series of six, one-hour shows being produced by HeadsUp Entertainment. The programs will be hosted by Bart Hanson and Adam Schwartz.

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