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Easy Game Episode 3: Shaun Deeb (Video Mini-Doc)

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28 November 2012
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We're proud to present Episode 3 of our ongoing documentary video series Easy Game and even prouder that we were able to do it with the legendary Shaun Deeb.

From an early age Deeb was a rounder, taught by his grandmother to play cards before most kids learned to ride a bike. Now he's one of the most successful online poker players on the planet and an inspiration to a new generation of online grinders coming up through the ranks.

We flew to Playa del Carmen, Mexico where Deeb has relocated to continue playing poker after the US lockout on Black Friday.

Join us as Deeb shares his story, a story of a college dropout from New York who went on to win millions playing poker from his laptop computer.

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buc 2013-01-14 16:54:46

still a douche for playing in ladies event

blitz 2012-11-19 20:40:52

motherf---in shaun f deeb guy is a king

acesacesaces 2012-11-19 09:23:50

hahaha "I get money and I spend money, I'm not like, aware of how much money I have at any given time"

the attitude that leads to someone leaving $10k in their laundry when they drop it off at the cleaners ;)