Regular Bonus: $500

Appeak Play Money Mobile Poker

Appeak Poker is one of the numerous free poker apps available for iPhone, iPad or Android but Appeak separates itself from the rest of the pack with a bared-down interface that goes light on the annoying advertising that usually infests games like Zynga Poker or Jawfish Poker.

Appeak Poker offers fast, simple No-Limit Hold’em action with a variety of different stakes to play and even Multi-Table Tournaments.

You’ll always find plenty of play-money games running as Appeak Poker is one of the more popular free-to-play mobile poker apps.

One of Appeak Poker’s greatest features is the ability to play without registering an account. It’s great for players just looking to get some poker basics before a home game or making a deposit on a real-money poker client.

Once you start up Appeak you’ll be able to get into a game instantly using the Play Now feature or you can view the full lobby where you can take your pick of the tables currently running.

While Appeak is a simple app there are some unique features. One is the frequently running duels where you can take on someone from a competing country in a heads-up battle. It’s a fun way to get in a quick game.

There’s also a popular leaderboard that’s fiercely competitive with local, Europe, North America and Asia categories.

Overall Appeak Poker is an easy download if you’re looking for some fun, free-to-play poker on your mobile device.

Bonus Details

Bonus Bonus Requirements
Max Bonus $1,000
Regular Bonus $500
Match Bonus 0%

Tournaments and Freerolls

Appeak Poker doesn’t have a loyalty program but it does have a fun achievement system. The achievement system rewards players for accomplishing small tasks such as winning a certain number of hands. Players can than move up reward levels.

Software and Graphics

Appeak Poker offers a very simple but effective aesthetic.

You won’t see the flashy gimmicks of Zynga Poker but that’s not a bad thing. The focus here is poker and it shows. Appeak Poker scales well to many devices with different screen sizes.

The cards look particularly good and it’s easy to make out the different suits and values.

The software is very functional with everything you’d expect from a poker app with check/fold, check, fold and bet buttons along with a betting slider. It’s easy to see exactly how much is in the pot at all times.

Soft Competition

As with most free-to-player poker apps the competition on Appeak Poker is quite bad because many of the players are learning to play.

If you want to try some tougher competition just go to the higher-stakes games where there is a small community of players who pride themselves on being amongst the leaders on Appeak Poker.

Of course if you want a real challenge or want to make some money you might be better off downloading a real-money poker client.

US players welcome!

  • Free poker app for Android, iPhone and iPad
  • Simple easy-to-use interface
  • No need to register



Hits and Misses


  • Fun play money app
  • Available in most jurisdictions
  • Incredibly easy to get in the game


  • Only No-Limit Hold’em
  • Not very many big MTTs
  • Slightly dull looking software



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