Spin&Go Poker: What Is It and How to Play

Spin&Go Poker: What Is It and How to Play

Spin&Go, Twister, Spins, and other similar tournaments are all united by one idea: giving poker players the experience of playing short and fast tournaments with a chance to win large prizes sometimes exceeding 1,000 buy-ins.

In this article, you’ll find all you need to know about the format!

Disclaimer: The article uses the term Spin&Go, originally from PokerStars, as a general term for this type of poker because this is the most recognizable term at the moment.

How Spin&Go Works

In the simplest of terms, Spin and Go is a Sit&Go type tournament where the prize pool is determined by a randomly picked multiplier. Usually, online poker rooms use the same range of multipliers for all Spin&Gos — the most common range being between x2 to x1,000.

How the Spin&Go format look at the poker table on PokerStars.

Still, a few rooms give players additional prize pools in the form of jackpots, pushing prizes further than just the maximum multiplier.

At the moment, most poker rooms offer versions including No-Limit Hold’em 3-max Spin&Go. Still, others also have Pot-Limit Omaha Spin&Go, Open Face Chinese Spin&Go, and 6-max Spin&Go of NLH and PLO.

While multiple versions of the game exists, the mechanics of every Spin&Go are the same:

  1. Players pay buy-in registrations and the room randomly seats them into a Spin&Go of the appropriate buy-in;
  2. Before the first hand, the software randomly determines the multiplier and the size of the final prize pool.
  3. Depending on the poker room, either one or multiple players are awarded a prize at the end of the tournament .

The Spin&Go format is thought of as preferable for people who don't have much time for MTT or classic Sit&Go, but still enjoy a game and want a chance to score big. So, if you're looking to hone your Spin&Go poker skills, you need to study short-handed tournaments with a short stack and especially heads-up. 

Types of Spin&Go Tournaments

Every self-respecting poker room has its own version of Spin&Go, with a unique name and design. Below, you'll find the most popular types of Spin&Goes in 2024:

How Do Poker Rooms Encourage Spin&Go Players?

Poker rooms usually encourage Spin&Go players with leaderboards that offer prizes for the most active participants. They all function with more or less the rule basis — points are calculated taking two factors into account: tournament buy-in and player’s finishing place. Sometimes, poker rooms also add the size of the multiplier as an additional factor.

Take rooms from the iPoker Network as an example. They have Weekly €12,500 Twister Leaderboard where players are awarded tournament tickets.

Twister race on the Redstar application.

By the way, this isn’t the only Spin&Go promotion on iPoker at the moment. From May 8th, 2024 players can also use the Twister BOOST functionality in specific Twisters to exchange additional buy-ins for increased prize pool. Thus, players can randomly add not only real money but tickets and physical rewards as well.

How twister table looks on the RedStar poker room.

The GGPoker Network also awards players in the $50,000 Daily Leaderboard and Daily Gold Challenge. The latter gives players Gold Mining challenges for a chance at higher payouts. After choosing the specific challenge you need to play and — ideally — finish as the winner to mine for gold and receive more money.

Sping and Gold game on the GGPoker.

What Is the Spin&Go Pool?

The Spin Pool, also known as the Spin&Go Pool, is a poker community that unites people regularly playing Spin&Go tournaments. The idea is for players to help each other succeed and minimize losses.

Some of these communities only help players with backing, while others work as schools or funds to give proper strategic training and coaching.

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