Paul Sokoloff

Paul Sokoloff

About Paul Sokoloff

Current ResidenceCalgary, AB, Canada
Birth PlaceLondon, UK
Total Winnings$1,340,150

Paul Sokoloff Trivia

  • 3 WSOP Circuit Rings
  • 2 3rd Place Finishes in WSOP Bracelet Events
  • Best Live Score $183,784 for 3rd in 2012 $10k HORSE at WSOP
  • Nickname: Bicycle
Side Games9
Steam Control7
Against Strong Players8
Against Weak Players9

Paul Sokoloff is one of the most familiar faces on the Canadian poker circuit lately. The dual UK-Canadian citizen was born in the UK, but moved to Canada with his family as a youngster. He grew up in Ontario, and cut his teeth early in the underground Toronto poker scene before breaking onto the official live poker circuit in the mid-2000s.

A Master of All Forms of Poker

Sokoloff splits his time between Canada and the UK, but lately has been playing a lot in western Canada. He is a master of all forms of poker, with two deep runs in HORSE bracelet events at the WSOP. While he is yet to win his first bracelet, he was third in the $10k HORSE in 2012, 3rd in a $1,500 NLHE event in 2014, and he also bagged 6th place in the 2022 $10k HORSE.

Paul Sokoloff smiling at a poker table sitting with a big stack.
Paul Sokoloff

Sokoloff has really shone on the WSOP Circuit however. In 2014 he set the record for the most cashes in a year on the Circuit, and he then beat his own record in 2017. In total, he has cashed 83 times on the Circuit, and 65 times at the WSOP proper. (Image Credit: Lyle Bateman, Fall Super Stack, Deerfoot Casino, Nov 2022).

Sokoloff Not Letting the Game Consume His Life

Sokoloff spends a lot of time at the poker table, but he doesn’t let the game consume his life. He regularly takes time away from the game for side projects and to clear his head, and describes himself as a part-time player and semi-retired.

Even as a part-time player, Sokoloff is a fierce opponent at the tables. He is a master of short stack play and is never out of the game no matter how short his stack is. In one of his most recent cashes, he parlayed the shortest stack at the start of the final table into a third place finish and that was hardly an exception. (Image Credit: Lyle Bateman, WSOP Circuit Calgary, Deerfoot Casino, May 2022).

Paul Sokoloff chilling at a poker table wearing sunglasses.
Paul Sokoloff

Tournaments and High-Stakes Mixed Games

When he is not on the tournament circuit Sokoloff enjoys playing high-stakes cash mixed games in Vegas and elsewhere. He finds mixed games both a bigger challenge and a bigger money-maker because the edges tend to be greater in mixed games compared to Texas No-Limit Hold'em.

Sokoloff is among the toughest competitors on the Canadian live poker circuit right now. Even as a part-time player, he is someone you don’t want to see on your left regardless of the kind of poker in question.

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