PokerListings Competitions


About Our Competitions

Do you like winning cool, high-end prizes just by being social and clicking a few buttons?

We do, too. Or, more accurately, we like giving the prizes away.

Our PokerListings Competitions are all about rewarding our readers with cool stuff just for being a part of the PokerListings community.

All you need to do? Have your FB-liking, selfie-taking, Twitter-retweeting and hashtag-typing fingers ready.

Whatever it is we guarantee it'll be fun, easy and rewarding - at least for one lucky winner!

We kicked off 2016 by offering up one of the coolest new personal technology gadgets released on the consumer market over the past few years, the Go Pro camera. But that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Check back to this page frequently to see what's coming next and just what you need to do to take part!

Thanks for joining us on PokerListings, and may fortune (and social media) be with you!