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You’ve already got the Beats by Dre headphones -- the essential tool every poker player needs to grind out 12 hours at the live poker table.

Now what’s the ultimate complementary accessory for the long night after the grind as you replay all your hands in your head?

PokerListings Competition of the Month for July is offering up a shot at the Beats by Dre "Pill” – compact bluetooth wireless speakers that let you take calls and listen to music all with the freedom of wireless.

Pill speakers are loaded with four 1-inch drivers and an internal battery with capability for seven hours of listening.

With an onboard mic you can share your bad beats via speakerphone as you pace around your hotel and the quality sound you expect from Beats will sooth you to sleep once you’ve got your frustrations out.

Just answer the simple question up there to your right and a winner (with the correct answer) will be drawn at random at the end of the month.


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