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What electronic device is forbidden at World Series of Poker tournaments once players are in the money?

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How can we follow up the sweet August Competition of the Month where the winner scooped a full 2014 BOM package?

Well, we can’t really. That might be the greatest Comp of the Month prize of all time

Still, buck up friends. We're still giving away something good this month, too.

How do you feel about an iPad mini with Retina display, advanced wireless and iOS 7 integration?

Everything the iPad has, the iPad mini does too – including a million pixels more than an HDTV. It’s also just 0.29 inches thin and weighs less than three-quarters of a pound.

Not that bad, right? Just answer the question up to your right and submit your email.

Get it right and you’re in the random draw at the end of the month. Win the draw, it’s all yours!

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