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On the 2006 WSOP broadcast poker pro Prahlad Friedman famously rapped “Poker is fun, for everyone, except my opponents, who should’ve practiced …” what?

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We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again.

There’s no more essential accessory for the live poker player than a good pair of stylish, comfortable, great-sounding headphones.

OK; cash is also important.

But once you’ve bought into the game you will need headphones: part noise reducer, part music/podcast/Rosetta Stone deliverer and 100% savior for those who spend 12-14 hours sitting through tank-fold after tank-fold.

PokerListings is here for you again this month with a pair of awesome Skull Candy headphones up for grabs.

Stylish, high-performance and easy to carry around there’s a reason everyone’s got them. Here’s your chance to get yours.

Just submit your answer to our quiz to the right. Get it right and have your entry drawn at random at the end of the month and they’re all yours.

Good luck!

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