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Which brand of beer is Scotty Nguyen famous for drinking at the table?

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Update: PokerListings' monthly competition(s) will resume in February 2016. More info will be announced shortly!

Mixing a cocktail and having a drink is the quintessential way to cap off your poker session.

If you win, it’s obviously the perfect way to celebrate your newly robust bankroll. If you lose, it’s the quickest and easiest way to forget it ever happened.

See the win/win?

Our PokerListings Competition of the Month prize for December is an exclusive cocktail set you can use to accomplish both missions with verve and style.

Mixing glass, shot glass, strainer, spoon, shaker … the tools every poker player knows unlocks the looking glass for proper hand analysis.

All you need to do win it? Submit the correct answer to the quiz up there on the right and have your name drawn at random.

We’ll notify the winner at the end of the month. Salud!

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