Ohio student wins PL.com, Full Tilt freeroll

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Though only 19 years old, Bendeekid turned four years of intermittent poker playing into a freeroll win last weekend from PokerListings.com and Full Tilt Poker.

The Ohio State University student isn't a serious, full-time player by any means, but he showed off his skills Saturday and walked away with $960 more in his wallet.

"I'm very streaky. I'll either play a lot, or I will go a long time without playing at all," Bendeekid said. "I didn't play at all this school year, but I've played a lot this summer."

Bendeekid was eligible for the freeroll after signing up at Full Tilt Poker through PokerListings.com and earning 150 points during the qualification period for Saturday's event. The qualification period for each Saturday freeroll is seven days, ending three days before the freeroll.

"[PokerListings.com is] very insightful and helpful," Bendeekid said. "It tells you a lot about each site and helps you realize what site is for you."

That's how Bendeekid found his way to Full Tilt Poker recently. He said he hasn't played there too much since he just started playing on the poker site, but he had positive things to say about it.

"I like it, especially the tournaments," he said.

The freeroll tournament certainly worked out well for the teen, who got into poker because he likes the combination of skill and luck and the ability to pick your spots in the game. He plans to use part of his freeroll winnings for Fantasy Football, but isn't sure what he'll do with the rest yet.

Perhaps he'll put it toward funding some more tournament play now that he's gained even more experience and confidence after conquering the 83-person playing field of this freeroll.

The final-table results of the freeroll were as follows:

Place Name Prize
1st Bendeekid $960
2nd Grizly_20 $585
3rd deadmoney722 $420
4th krazy_kp $330
5th AceyDavey $240
6th ericklm97 $180
7th PrestonAC $120
8th CMeKill976 $90
9th guggy10 $75
10th briand5 $0

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