Marked aces? Polish Open sees hint of scandal

Casino Poland's Matt Showell is feltside at the European Poker Tour's Polish Open today and play, at one table at least, has been tainted: Finnish pro Juha Helppi discovered a fingernail mark on an ace, spurring his table mates to fess up to noticing similar marks and Showell to ask "Are there no morals in poker?"

As reported in our Live Tournaments Section, Helppi and fellow pro Jani Sointula were among the players at the table in question when Juha called one of the other player's hole cards as an ace based on a fingernail mark.

The floor was called over and, in fact, it was an ace.

No one at the table fessed up to the marking, though a few did say they had noticed similar marks on aces they had held.

The situation was rectified immediately, however, and play rolled on around them, with eliminations intermittent and some of the best action actually coming from a simultaneous cash game involving the already tournament-axed Andy Black and Barny Boatman.

A very nice €325,633 is still on the table for the winner, however, and the rest of Day 1b and beyond is sure to have its fair share of great poker, with pros Helppi and Marcel Luske among the stars still in contention.

Tune in for up-to-the-minute updates, interviews and hand details for the EPT Polish Open in the aforementioned Live Tournaments Section.

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