Qualify Online for the World Series of Poker 2024

Qualify Online for the World Series of Poker 2024

The Main Event of the World Series Of Poker (WSOP) is the holy grail of the entire poker industry. The 2024 Main Event edition is planned between July 3 to 17, at the Horseshoe and Paris Casino in Las Vegas. Players from all around the world have the ambition to compete at this Main Event, but where can you qualify online for this event?

The Main Event of the 55th Annual World Series of Poker (WSOP) promises to be the biggest in history. The WSOP and GGPoker once again joined forces to achieve this goal. The record of the biggest Main Event in history dates back to 2006, when good old Jamie Gold surprised everyone by taking home the World Title.

Where seasoned pros go to Vegas for the entire series of the WSOP, there are also many recreational players out there who are going to try to follow the steps of previous winners like Chris Moneymaker. The buy-in of $10,000 might be an obstacle, unless you manage to qualify online for the event. And these online qualifications are exactly what we are going to discuss in a bit more detail.

Qualifier Guide for Ontario

To qualify for the WSOP Main Event on GGPoker from Ontario, first, ensure you have access to the GGPoker platform tailored for Ontario residents. Create and fund your GGPoker account with real money. Then, participate in qualifiers such as step-satellites and freerolls, with buy-ins starting from $20.

Progress through the qualifiers to win a package to the WSOP Main Event, which typically includes the buy-in, accommodation, travel expenses, and exclusive perks. Once you win a package, redeem it according to GGPoker's instructions, prepare for the Main Event, and enjoy the experience of competing in one of the most prestigious poker tournaments in the world.

Ontario WSOP 2024 Package

  • CAD $13,500 WSOP Main Event Buy-in
  • CAD $1,350 for Accommodation
  • CAD $1,350 for travel expenses
  • Exclusive GG Platinum Lounge access
  • Special Gift Package by GGPoker/WSOP

Qualifier Guide for Regulated US States

It's possible to qualify for the WSOP 2024 Main Event online in a handful of US states. Currently Michigan, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Delaware, and New Jersey, are all open for players to qualify through WSOP.com. For as little as $1 you can make your way up to the gambling capital of Las Vegas. Every Saturday and Sunday, depending on which state you reside in, you have the chance of winning a full event package.

Once you win an online satellite for the event, you will be given $10,000 worth in chips. This means that you can also use them for other purposes than the Main Event. Take for example 10x $1K events or 2x $5K events, it's all up to you. This online opportunity only hosts the tournament buy-in, so it excludes accommodation or travel expenses.

On top of the usual tournament-structured online qualifiers, you will also have the chance of competing in the so called 'Seat Sprints' and other 'All-In Satellites'. The last option gives you a chance of competing for the Main Event Entry by playing rake-free games.

Regulated US States WSOP 2024 Package

  • $10,000 in chips (to be used for any of the WSOP events

Head to the World Series of Poker With GGPoker

GGPoker is once again part of the WSOP, and it's doing it bigger than ever before! Players from the UK, Canada, and all other countries where GGPoker is available have the opportunity to qualify online through the poker client of GGPoker.

We already mentioned the Road to Vegas promotion before, where players can grind their way up from as little as $1, or even freeroll tournaments. The satellite tree consists of several steps, all leading up to the grand package for the WSOP 2024, worth $12,000. Not only is the Main Event entry included, you will also have funds left for travel and accommodation.

WSOP 2024

GGPoker has also stated that if someone who qualifier through their online client ends up winning the WSOP 2024 Main Event, they will add another $1,35M to the brand-new World Champion's bank account. Where last year hundreds of players managed to qualify online through GGPoker, they are aiming to double the numbers for this year's campaign!

GGPoker Road to Vegas WSOP 2024 Package

  • $10,000 Main Event buy-in
  • $1,000 for accommodation (transferred to player's account)
  • $1,000 for travel expenses (transferred to player's account)
  • Promo discount for accommodation at Ceasars Entertainment properties
  • GG merchandise
  • No-queueing direct registration pass
  • Exclusive GG Platinum Lounge access

ClubGG offers Great Value for WSOP Main Event

ClubGG is offering their players a chance of joining the WSOP 2024 Main Event through their own platform. From all over the world players can sign up for ClubGG and participate to be in the running for several WSOP Packages. The WSOP 2024 ClubGG Main Event package is similar to the package for GGPoker qualifiers, covering the buy-in, travel expenses, access to the GGPoker Lounge, and a special gift packages of GGPoker and WSOP.

ClubGG WSOP 2024 Package

  • $10,000 Main Event buy-in
  • $2,000 for travel expenses
  • GG merchandise
  • Exclusive GG Platinum Lounge access
Espen Uhlen Jorstad

NB: Players who qualify through GGPoker/ClubGG for the Main Event have a chance to win a $1,000,000 bonus on top of the first-place prize. To be eligible, they must visibly display a GGPoker/ClubGG patch at all times. In 2022, GGPoker sent 129 players and ClubGG sent 49 players to the Main Event. Espen Uhlen Jorstad, a GGPoker qualifier, won the Main Event and $10 million. With GGPoker committing to send at least 1000 qualifiers this year, the chances of another success story are high.

WSOP Main Event 2024

Wednesday, July 3Day 1A
Thursday, July 4Day 1B
Friday, July 5Day 1C
Saturday, July 6Day 1D
Sunday, July 7Day 2ABC
Monday, July 8Day 2D
Tuesday, July 9Day 3
Wednesday, July 10Day 4
Thursday, July 11Day 5
Friday, 12Day 6
Saturday, July 13Day 7
Sunday, July 14Plays down to 9 players
Monday, July 15Day Off
Tuesday, July 16Final Table
Wednesday, July 17Final Table

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