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The Beach

When it comes to value it's hard to beat a PokerStars freeroll. Just ask love_2_flop.

Last Saturday love_2_flop outlasted 252 players to win $1,000 as well as a seat to PokerStars Caribbean Adventure. The total package is worth $13,000 and at least a few Caribbean sunsets. The tournament was offered exclusively to players who had racked up 500 FPPs in the month of November.

A retired computer programmer from Tucson, AZ, love_2_flop was understandably excited about his victory although he admitted there was a bit of luck involved.

"I was all-in before the flop early in the tournament but I had the better hand and it held up," he said. "Most of my all-ins held up. The one exception was a three-way all-in where I had AA while Player 1 had A-8 off-suit and Player 2 had A-9 off-suit. The A-8 player won after they hit runner-runner for the straight. Fortunately I had three times Player 1's stack and I also won a small side pot off Player 2."

love_2_flop is no stranger to poker and has been playing for over 50 years, although he picked up No-Limit Hold'em in the last two years. He was drawn to the game after watching adults play the game for nickels and dimes when he was growing up.

In the deciding hand of the tournament love_2_flop had $183,000 chips compared to his opponent's $195,000. The blinds were $3,000/$6,000 and love_2_flop found himself with pocket aces in the small blind. love_2_flop simply called for $3,000 more but his opponent raised $18,000. love_2_flop called and saw a flop of J-9-3 rainbow. love_2_flop checked and his opponent (who had KJ for top pair) bet $18,000. love_2_flop re-raised to $36,000 and his opponent shoved all-in. love_2_flop made the call and his aces held up.

The PokerStars Caribbean Adventure will be a new experience for love_2_flop because prior to his freeroll win the biggest tournament he'd ever played in was the PokerStars Sunday Million. He's only played a few live events.

Speaking of PokerStars, love_2_flop mentioned that he plays exclusively on the site four or five times a week

"I like it a lot," he said. "They have a good mix of tournament and cash games and there are always seats available."

love_2_flop often checks's odds generator after he suffers a bad beat and visits the site weekly to see what's going on in poker.

"I like the monthly e-mail with playing tips," he said. "It's concise and while I may be familiar with some of the topics it is always helpful to get the perspective of noted players. I also like the poker news section; it's nice to get all my poker news in one place."

Look for love_2_flop to make waves when he makes his EPT debut at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure this January.

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