Hansen toasts PLO for $1 million

Gus Hansen
Great Dane pondering how he can blow his stack and get back online

Wherever Gus Hansen is on the planet, he's never more than arm's length away from his one true love - Full Tilt Poker.

And few could find fault with his infatuation: Another epic 24 hours at the Full Tilt Pot-Limit Omaha tables last week resulted in yet another million dollar payout for the Great Dane - in this case from the depths of Australia, where he's been promoting the Australian Poker League.

He didn't take a lot of huge hands, keeping his opponents' stacks in check for most of the session according to the Web site highstakesdb.com. But the bulk of his winnings came from PLO regulars KaiBuxxe, Jumper17 and DaFool - who've been tearing up the PLO tables this month themselves - in a few key hands.

The biggest pot was for $101k against KaiBuxxe (reportedly Niki Jedlicka, an Austrian pro), with Hansen hitting runner-runner jacks to make quads and best kaibuxxe's flopped flush and all-in push before the turn.

Hansen also took a nice $88,000 haul from wins_pot, hitting his flush on the river to beat wins_pot's straight.

The million-dollar day was Hansen's second record-setting session in less than two months. Despite some middling 2007 World Series of Poker results - although he came on strong for a 61st-place Main Event finish - Hansen's WSOP would likely have been disappointing for him, save for another killer session on Full Tilt early in June.

This week's payout capped a big week in general for Hansen, which saw him take an additional $167k from another high-stakes regular at Full Tilt, "Ziigmund" (reportedly Finnish pro Ilari Sahamies) - even though Hansen may have come out the worse for wear in the chat box.

Among the slags Ziigmund threw Hansen's way while they played: "gus is fish," "gus is singer from romania," and the more-fully fleshed out dis "czech rebuplic singer from eurovision gay bar GUSTAV HANSEN."

Hansen bit his lip for the most part, with a simple "no i dont think so," in reply to the eurovision crack and another simple "no thx," when Ziigmund offered up a coin flip for $280k.

Next up for Hansen, according to his blog: a gig as a commentator for the World Series of Backgammon in London. He also says he's signed on already for all three events of the inaugural WSOP Europe and will play the opening EPT event in Barcelona.

For more on the latest online exploits of Hansen and all the other Full Tilt Poker high-rollers, visit www.highstakesdb.com.

Note: As is always the case in the high-stakes online poker world, Hansen was struck by the easy come, easy go bullet yesterday, handing $515k right back to his opponents - including KaiBuxxe and fellow poker pro Nenad Medic - at the Full Tilt PLO tables.

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