Annette Obrestad takes second at EPT Dublin

Annette Obrestad
Annette Obrestad is just getting started.

Online poker wunderkind "Annette_15" narrowly missed out on the chance to take down her second major live tournament in a matter of months on Saturday.

Annette Obrestad entered Saturday's final table as the chip leader with 788,000 chips and many poker pundits had her pegged to win the entire tournament.

Things sure started out well for Annette_15. She managed to eliminate Casper Hansen, Michael Durrer, Trond Eidsvig and Reijo Manninen all by herself.

Obrestad went into heads-up play with 2.6 million to Reuben Peters' modest 700,000. After having the slight edge in the first 10 hands that were played Obrestad's aggressive style began to hurt her.

She moved in with top pair and was called by Peters who had two pair. It was a quick double-up for Peters and he was on his way up.

Crucial Double-Up for Peters

Reuben Peters
This time spoils go to Peters.

In a pivotal hand Obrestad bet 420,000 on a flop of K J 9 but Peters re-raised all-in. Obrestad instantly folded and suddenly Peters was in the lead.

The final hand Peters bet big with A T pre-flop and Obrestad re-popped with pocket sevens. The flop went T 6 3 and Obrestad bet $230,000. Peters re-raised all-in and Obrestad called. The board finished out 4 3 and Obrestad herself was finished.

Although not winning first was likely a bitter pill for the Norwegian player to swallow she did win €297,800 for her runner-up finish.

Her second-place finish at EPT Dublin combined with her first-place finish at the WSOPE Main Event catapults her into the top three all-time female winners. With Obrestad's reported live tournament winnings total now nearing $2.5 million she trails only Annie Duke, in second with over $3.4 million, and Kathy Liebert, in first with over $4 million.

Obrestad, who came to fame online as Annette_15, would likely be the all-time female winner if you included her online cashes. Amazingly Obrestad has never put any of her own money into poker and never even made a deposit into her online account.

Perhaps most impressive about Obrestad's two gigantic cashes is that she is only 19 and will have a lot of time to catch up with, and probably pass, both Liebert and Duke. Because of her age Obrestad won't even be able to compete in the WSOP for a couple more years.

To learn more about Obrestad's second-place finish at the EPT Dublin check out Matt Showell's exclusive recap blog here.

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