Zackarisson Shows His Bluff

Level 2: 100/100 (100)
Entries: 54/54

The field has already grown beyond 50 players when Mikael Zackarisson showed a bluff on Table 33.

It was a five-way pot with close to 2,000 in the middle when two players checked. Zackarisson fired out for 1,700. Christian Arstad called before the other three players that saw the flop folded.

Zackariasson then fired out for 3,500 on the 3 turn. Arstad quickly folded. Rather than mucking his hand, Zackariasson showed that he was bluffing players off the pot after revealing he was holding 10 9 .

Mikael Zackariasson - 37,000
Christian Arstad - 32,000

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