Want to Play Against the Legend Kevmath?

The two-day The Hendon Mob €225 Championship will kick off soon at 4 p.m. The Hendon Mob team is here in full force and the team plans to play their event.

Last time The Hendon Mob Championship took place The Hendon Mob's Hans Kleinsman earned his first The Hendon Mob flag. The Hendon Mob's Roland Boothby is also a formidable player and already bagged more than 30 big blinds in the Grand Event during yesterday's Day 1c. Boothby can often be seen playing at various events throughout the year and is always fun at the tables.

However, it is truly a special honor that Kevin Mathers, better known as Kevmath on Twitter, has made the journey from the United States to chill with his crew and also enter the event. This is a rare opportunity to play with one of the legends of the industry.

Best of luck to The Hendon Mob crew and everyone else playing in The Hendon Mob Championship.

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