Visser Doubles Through Mazumdar with Quads

Level 12: 1,000/2,000 (2,000)
Entries: 60/171

Frank Visser four-bet jammed for 36,000 and was called by Akash Mazumdar, who traveled to Bratislava just for The Festival Series from the New York City metropolitan area.

Frank Visser: 9 9
Akash Mazumdar: A K

"Ace, please," asked Mazumdar.

Not only did Mazumdar not get his requested ace but was already drawing dead after the J 9 9 flop improved Visser to quad nines.

The 3 turn and 6 rive officially completed the hand for Visser to double his stack during the final blind level of Day 1b.

Franke Visser - 75,000
Akash Mazumdar - 50,000

Akash Mazumdar
Akash Mazumdar

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