Vertefeville Felts Mertz

Level 6: 200/500 (500)
Entries: 86/114

Jesper Mertz had crumbs left in his stack and they were already in the pot by the time we caught up with the hand with the 4 5 2 on the flop.

There was a bigger side pot between Thomas Lindstrom and Ian Vertefeville and both players checked after the 7 came on the turn. Lindstrom check-called a bet by Vertefeville for 3,000 after the 3 completed the board on the river.

Mertz turned over Q 5 and his pair of fives was better than the pair of fours held by Lindstrom with 10 4 . However, Verteville won both the main and side pots after he turned over A K for a wheel.

Thomas Lindstrom - 55,000
Ian Vertefeville - 40,000
Jesper Mertz - 0

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