Tobias Matuschek Eliminated in 6th Place (€18,000)

Level 32: 200,000/400,000 (400,000)
Entries: 5/1,326

Tobias Matuschek open-jammed from the hijack and was called by Thomas Harnes from the big blind.

Tobias Matuschek: 7 7
Thomas Harnes: A Q

Harnes pulled out ahead in the flip after pairing his queen on the 9 9 Q flop. Andrew Cutajar at this point began relaying the hand to the Maltese rail. Neither the 6 turn nor the 2 river was able to save Matuschek and he wished his opponents a good game on his way to the cashier.

Thomas Harnes - 22 million
Tobias Matuschek - 0

Tobias Matuschek
Tobias Matuschek

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