Tierro Tearing it Up

Level 6: 400/800 (800)
Entries: 236/283

There was a good amount of chips in the pot when Rolands Eversons checked the turn with the 4 K 5 2 on the board. Karmel Tierro jammed his massive stack and Eversons called off for about 20 big blinds.

Rolands Eversons: 4 2
Karmel Tierro: K 7

Eversons was ahead with his bottom two pair. However, his two pair was counterfeited after the 5 paired the board to give Tierro a better two pair to eliminate Eversons and to grow his stack to around 235,000 in chips.

Karmel Tierro - 235,000
Rolands Eversons - 0

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