Swift Spin-Up Begins

Level 9: 1,000/1,500 (1,500)
Entries: 171/318

We noticed Katie Swift was down to about 20,000 in chips.

"Oh no," we said to our friend before we asked what happened.

Swift shared she opened from under the gun with ace-king before two players shoved with ace-jack and ace-deuce. Another player that had about 40,000 also got it in with kings and Swift, who had the table barely covered, made the call.

Nothing came on the board to help anyone and Swift was down to just 8,000 in chips.

Swift then shared the start of her comeback. She jammed with king-seven offsuit and was looked up by a player with deuces. Neither her king nor her seven connected with the board but she won the hand anyway thanks to her king-kicker after board double-paired with eights and nines.

"Continue the spin-up," we told Swift.

"That's what I do," Swift replied with a smile.

We wish the Grosvenor Poker ambassador the best of luck, especially since it will be difficult for her to get back into the Main Event since she will be busy as the host of the €100 Ladies First! event taking place on Saturday.

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